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  1. What are you doing to it ๐Ÿค• Is it lowered, or have a bigger sway bar?
  2. Where are you getting your links from ๐Ÿ˜จ
  3. Wheel alignments are done by the Racelign workshop in Mount Wellington, so they aren't included. The discount is off parts and tools not services. Just know that not everything you want will be in store on the day so send me a PM of what you want (and your rego) and I'll let you availability and if we can have it for the weekend. Sent you a PM
  4. Servicing is excluded from the day as it is done by our Racelign workshop. Also for quoting they need to have the shocks to check them.
  5. Autolign North Shore is having it's official grand opening Saturday 13th April from 9am to 3pm. 127D Target Road, Glenfield, Auckland The BBQ will be on all day, and this isn't being advertised but all sales on the day they will be doing at trade pricing, so come down and take advantage of that. There will also be a couple drifters with they're cars on show.
  6. These are pretty good to avoid speeding tickets
  7. Cambelt, tensioner, idlers and waterpump. Up to you if you do the cam and crank seals, rule of thumb is if they aren't leaking leave them. Tbh you might find winger has sharper pricing then partsouq (take freight into account with your pricing)
  8. Put the chassis into partsouq and it'll bring up the parts specific for the car
  9. Where are you planning on buying a kit from?
  10. Why sell it? Because the cambelt info you were given wasn't accurate and it isn't due for 60,0000km. IMO I think you just drop it and enjoy the car, you liked it enough to buy it and your'e letting a little thing tarnish your whole opinion of the car.
  11. As you just said they're just going off the dealership told them, so they haven't intentionally lied to you about it. Also bought 'as is where is' and you haven't signed anything. Not much of a case unfortunately, just knowledge for the next time.
  12. Some how I feel like you're taking the mickey If you're not then all good. Swamp - Locating your wiring is easy, you only need to get one ground (can just be a chassis ground) and then the 12v wire of each light you require. Just use a cheap test light and activate the light to see which wire is the live wire.