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    Hey guys I'm Damien the current club president which is a exciting time for me. I enjoy working on cars and being around cars and hanging with like minded people
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    Cars, Hanging with mates just the normal stuff
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  1. the new white bushes are black as i work for BNT in hornby and they will be an actual whiteline product
  2. contact zach00 as he is the area rep for you guys up there
  3. got my new BC last night and tonight i had taken the right front hub off as its poked ready for another 1 and but a front strut brace on
  4. Pick a part will be ur friend on this 1
  5. The thing is that CS is f**king huge so it takes time to switch the whole site over to the new server plus good things take time. so please be patience
  6. Contact sas or gotasuby on here and they will help you out
  7. Drove back from nelson and used just over half a tank of gas not to bad from a 24 yr old car
  8. Subaru doesnt denote the\'T\' as other car manufactures do
  9. its either the rack or the little computer that controls it but not to sure where it is located on the BG5