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  1. You can - just prepare for a little spray! Relay is driver side beside fuse box - easy to get to and ensures she won't blind you or set your engine alight.. its near right knee and is round as per picture.
  2. Pull the bottom relay out - did this to mine the other day - B4 have a fuel pump controller in boot as well (left side near screw jack mount)
  3. Just did mine - no probs with eBay bulbs (8000k)
  4. Changed oil and filter...scratched the crap outta my hands changing plugs...
  5. Replaced HID low beams with new 8000k bulbs and toothpasted lenses
  6. Had same issue with my B4 - check coil packs are tightened down securely - also ensure they have clean contact with block as they ground through the bolt that holds em down. Did you have an auxiliary grounding strap attached to any of the coil bolts? (assuming coil on plug - sorry not sure of setup on that model)
  7. Changed upper radiator hose before winter made it explode
  8. Pulled intercooler, found out what was causing the squeaks and thuds in the centre of the engine bay: Pitch stop mounting bold was loose and clip that holds heater hoses to pitch stop was broken (hoses were rubbing and squeaking). Cleaned out throttle body and maf sensor while I was at it.... Tied up a few wires with cable ties..all before 6am
  9. Not sure about batch/Blend quality control or whether its just daily temperature variation, but I do notice varying performance when fuelling from the same BP station (98 ) on Memorial here in CHC. Then again, mine starts getting pingy when I\'m caught in traffic (Heatsoak and Jap tune) so ECU probably backflipping constantly lol B4_685 via Tapatalk HD
  10. Re-wired fuel pump for a friend who flooded her 98 VW polo in that massive downpour a few weeks back (big puddle wet wiring loom). Pulled out her brand new sony head unit to check why it wasn\'t working and discovered melted power/antenna and ground cables. Off the shelf VW-Sony \'plug-in-adaptors\' nearly caused a fire.... Edit: Paid the rent with soldering iron burn on forearm when tidying up
  11. My 2001 BE5 does the same in cold weather. Once warm, smell goes away. When I get time, will pull manifold to have a look B4_685 via Tapatalk HD
  12. Thanks for the tip - I have a rattle on drivers side wheel,- might take cap off to eliminate it as source B4_685 via Tapatalk HD
  13. Sweet. Thanks for the info! B4_685 via Tapatalk HD
  14. Bought one about a year ago from the UK - Denso impreza one - ordered and delivered for around $170 - fit my 01 BE5 RSK B4 ( Pre-Cat on manifold). Let me know if you want details B4_685 via Tapatalk HD
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