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  1. dual sprints at manfeild are awesome value called the surgery sprints find them on facebook.
  2. So its only getting hot under high load competition driving but not on dyno? and cools down when you stop driving? thats odd becuase you have more airflow whilst competing and none standing still other than fan? weird will be interested to hear what you find.
  3. why has nobody mentioned fuel starvation too?
  4. I will put a note here that I am a fully quailified mechanic with 10years experience . I’m happy to do a conversion on my shell for the new buyer if that’s what they want. Price will be fair and much cheaper than paying a shop to do it. Just supply a crashed wrx or sti or what ever and I’ll make it happen.
  5. It’s a 1995 prefacelift, pretty tidy. 1.5 manual 2wd. I’ll get pics tonight add me on fb richard Mcilworth i had it as a spare red shell for my race car but would rather it was used than sit in mums car port Has done 29x,xxx kms but not original motor. One kiwi owner before me
  6. I have a retna for sale, current wof and rego manual. let me know if you're still looking for one.
  7. It's a 3.0. Bought it at 143000 done 150000 now. Runs on 95 I'll pull afm and check it out. I priced a new genuine one which wasn't too bad just want to make sure it isn't going to be a waste. I've got a mate in palmy with the same car I'm seeing on Sunday I might try swap it briefly
  8. Hi all i bought a bpe earlier this year for baby duties and it's been a great car, only issue is it seems a bit down on power, has anybody experienced this? It is by no means slow it just doesn't feel quite as powerful as it should... I've scanned it for faults etc and it comes up fine. I gave it a huge service when we bought it (plugs, air filter, trans flush) so I know that's all good. Tempted to get the coils tested as a next step. Do these suffer from afm issues? Also the avcs filter issue are these affected? Is there any way to check the avcs is working correctly? I have a decent launch scan tool at my disposal which does a lot but haven't managed to find any data on cam position etc. is there a different system I can use? thanks in advance for any help Richard
  9. Cheers guys! Just noticed the title bloody auto correct... I'm in the same boat there Tony with the running between block and headers, I've got it mocked up now running through there but it hasn't been sitting right with me... if it's worked in your car for that long it must be ok, I'll just keep an eye on oil temp. Now I've just got to sort running them through to the front, the end tanks on my alloy rad seem a bit big in places might add an extra notch under headlights or though next to chassis rail and hope for the best
  10. so do you just run the hoses straight forward and over the exhaust? can somebody who actually has a cooler put up a pic of how the hoses run? When i had it mounted in the inner guard of the racecar i ran them backwards and around behind the sump so completely missed the exhaust, I'm just hoping there is a clean way of running them with it mounted up front.
  11. Hi all, I've started work on my car for the first time in about a year. I've got to mount an oil cooler and run some lines, I'd like to put the cooler between radiator and fmic on the drivers side. Only issue is how are people running the hoses around the exhaust etc? I'm having a bit of a mental blank with how I'm going to do this without cooking the hoses and defeating the purpose of the cooler. surely there is a simple way I'm just not thinking of 😀
  12. Have you checked clearance? i.e. measured cam journal and i.d. of bearing cap with it torqued up? on some other engines I've built these have been too tight and just a quick hone out has sorted it out.. also check you have the right cap as they're all different as they are machined as a set.
  13. Does anybody have experience with coupe seats? I've bought a coupe with no seats and want to know if sedan rears fit and what Model has a tilt mechanism to get to the rear seats?
  14. I have 2 sets of what I think are syms and located in wellington, if you want to have a look text me 0273891480
  15. Probably changed style with v4 facelift no? Mine was screws straight into bumper skin no brackets no nothing an it's a 95 ra
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