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  1. sold my Legacy. Purchased a 2018 5.0 GT Mustang mmmmmmmm mustang. Thanks for all the help over the years. Ramjet
  2. At wingers, my 50k service (only done 30k) on my 2013 Legacy cost just under $1000. I did get a K&N filter supplied and installed.
  3. Installed a K&N air filter. Noticeable difference in performance yet somehow better fuel economy.
  4. Has anyone had a tune from tunetechnic? If so was it any good?
  5. Not wanting to hijack the thread, but has anyone had a subbie with SI drive tuned? If so did they change each of the 3 mappings or some sort of overall tune?
  6. It was a while ago. Robin had a guy called David. He did all my tunes. He left a few years ago.
  7. Had 3 of my cars turned at TP. 99 sti V5 type R, V8 STI, XR6 turbo. I have been really happy with the tunes.
  8. Had a '99 STI V5 Type R and a V8 STI. Never pulled over.
  9. Hi, I'm wanting to make the old legacy sound a bit better. I have some questions. Will a cat back give me the nice subbie rumble? On starting and at low revs, is it very loud? (I start 4:30 in the morning and dint want to upset the locals) Any suggestions of who to do the job in AKL? Cheers
  10. Had 4 of my cars turned by TP. They are very good. Been a few years since i had my last one down (XR6 turbo was getting 280kw atw)
  11. I run my Legacy in Sport for around town and sport # for cruse control (i-sight) on the Motorway or when i need to get away from the lights a bit quicker. I use to just run in Sport, but found sport # giving me smother uphill acceleration. Economy is about the same. Didn't buy the Legacy turbo for its fuel economy :-) I love I-sight. It took a while to get use the the car stopping and starting without me doing anything, be hard to live without it now.
  12. Used Dent Magician a month or so ago. Did a great job. About $130 a panel.
  13. Be careful, don\'t leave the dongle plugged in all the time. It is powered even when the car is off.