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  1. Yep this is the issue according to FB he has oil in the loom
  2. Had my new rolling body delivered to me. Will be ready for a clean once she runs.
  3. I've got some aftermarket rear 2 pots that bolt straight up to BE/BH hubs. Essentially the same as the Subaru 2 pot rears (same pads and discs) but "Axis" branded off the top of my head. Could be a cheaper option..
  4. Have you tried replacing the sensor? I had one that would "randomly" throw a code and lose power etc etc and ended up actually being the DPS.
  5. Gave the project car a bit of a tidy up inside and a vacuum, turns out under all the tools, dust, stones, rubber mats and the odd part I've replaced, there's a nice and tidy set of factory floor mats. With the drivers one looking even tidier than my old one.
  6. I have one in waikite valley, heading in to town on Friday.
  7. There's a guy on fb selling them + rear seats and floor mats for 2k ono
  8. Ended up buying an NZ new pre facelift spec B H6 manual with all the factory goodies and a few extras. It's certainly a big step up in comfort and smoother power delivery over an old BD legacy.
  9. Would the difference in the ECUs affect the fuel efficiency and power after tune or not enough of a difference to matter? My location is a bit sh*t for test driving cars as well as my time off. I'm more than happy to test drive one and if I like it then take it, knowing that I will be modding things here and there to make it handle better or sound/perform better post tune. $$$ and km's also matter to me and the pre facelift is a fair bit cheaper. [quote name='Semaphore said: @Skatieguy: I drove the 2.5T NZ New Spec B you linked, I'm not sure if you have driven it. I felt a hestitation/stutter in the turbo when on boost, so much so that even my wife who knows nothing about cars asked if I let off the accelerator. Exterior/Interior is far superior than the JDM GTs you get though, unless of course they had all the same options ticked. Nah I didn't test drive it, I've still got some vehicles to get rid of before I buy another one. Stuff like that is why I'd pick the 3.0 over either turbo model.
  10. I like the facelift look a little better but I think a longer 6th and smoother shifts trumps that. I think pre facelift will be the go if that's the case.
  11. After reading the comments the H6 manual still seems to be the go. Is the facelift version worth the extra coin or will I just be paying extra for stuff I won't/will hardly ever need? Any better handling etc?
  12. Yeah the price difference is hard to justify for the manuals really, I can then see myself modding it more (eg full exhaust vs just mufflers), if it's really that dull I could buy a cheap GC8 like I've always wanted as well and still come out better off than just a manual one. How rough of a BG5 are you looking for? I have a relatively rough one for cheap with a mint low ks 5 speed (my old BD5 one) in it if you're interested..
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