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  1. Hey all, its been just over a year now since I sold the dearest BL5. I have since overheard that she was involved in some incident. Wondered what the owner/ car was up to thesedays (hopefully still on the road!!) Car was sold in auckland. Assuming it's still roaming around here! Photos:
  2. im saddened i only just saw your tag @sobanoodle
  3. Not sure if this has been mentioned but the "edit" button seems to no longer be a thing. will this be changed? Not a biggie but i like to cross off mods done to the car (which are on the first post) but can't seem to do that anymore or im just blind as per usual and haven't looked hard enough
  4. only one for now, will upload some more in the coming week (hopefully!)
  5. Hey Guitar_Guy! thank you so much for this awesome writeup! with the help of 1randomkiwi I managed to wire up my old alpine unit to the car and work successfully!!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for your writeup! honestly!! Just need to get an adaptor for the antenna/ modify the faceplate and it should all be sweet!!
  6. My vehicle machine: 04 spec B Legacy (manual) Don't really have any pics on me atm (there are on my build thread, if you're nosy) but exhaust is as follows: - Subtech downpipe - Mine's high flow midpipe - GReddy Power extreme II mufflers Power difference VS stock is really quite substantial, much more low-mid tq Audio is eargasmic, though a tad on the loud side (will invest in some silencers for daily use) Yet to tune
  7. I'll take a look at those now thank you!!!! @ADIKT: seems to have been sold sadly
  8. can't see anything on search, so apologies if this has already been past addressed. What have people done to replace/ upgrade the subwoofers in the spec- b models? I'm wanting a working sub, but don't want a massive tube sitting in the boot. I figure there's space for one to go there (a tiny one yes) so might as well keep using that space. dont intend to remove the mcintosh system yet, so the factory amp will still be in place
  9. just poorly photoshop a subi badge on the hoondai. they'll never notice!!
  10. Finally went to snap that photo! excuse the dirty subi being dirty... Cox's bay park: Aaaaaaand new place! Made it easy for you guys:
  11. Thank you everyone for the advice so far! Right at this moment i'm thinking just upgraded pads/ brake fluid for the brakes, and either STI or type S tein springs. Don't want to become undrivable as the vehicle is intended to be a daily!! And obviously getting a cert right now for the car seems a bit silly. the stock 7" wheel is WAYYYY too narrow for my liking, despite handling decently It'd be a better peace of mind to have some wider wheels/tyres. So will start looking at the 8.5" config with the 44-46 offset @Invisible: what's your verdict RE the bracing? Not overkill? Did you source them through TM? or some alternate site?
  12. what's the ride like with the provas? nice and firm?
  13. Hey all, There is no doubt this has been answered elsewhere, but I'm lazy and my quick search of the forum returned no results (probably because i'm lazy) WHEELS: What width would be recommended for a "stock" legacy? I think the factory wheels are 7.5" wide, correct me if i'm wrong. I would like the rim to sit just shy of being flush with the guards, not a big fan of spacers.. SUSPENSION: Want a slightly lower/ stiffer ride, but wish to keep the Bilstein shocks. What springs would be recommended. Is there an STI variant that's available? what would the price range/s be? sway bars/ strut bars: Anyone selling some? BRAKES: Really just need to know what people are running pad wise. The brakes are nice on the car (as well as everything else) but bear in mind i'm used to cars with MASSIVE brakes. might upgrade the brakes altogether in the distant future but for now I'd just like to try upgrading the pads. What's everyone running and bang for buk, what is recommended? So much for keeping this car stock.... LOL