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  1. Replaced serpentine belt, idler pulley and tensioner. Took me maybe half an hour working in the dark. With that said it took me another half an hour to remove and reinstall the damned battery...
  2. BBS RG-H (RG409). BBS Japan design, forged monobloc - usually found on E81/87s, as far as I can tell. I'm looking for a tidier set but they're quite rare and I'd prefer a more aggressive offset anyway, so I've been keeping an eye out for the OE Evo X BBS wheels (RG406, funnily enough) to wear on the street. Somebody once pointed out to me that they look like big flowers. Can't unsee. The brakes are new, though.
  3. I drive a manual MX-5 (six speed close ratio) through rush hour traffic across the Harbour Bridge ten times a week. In stop-start traffic I change gears - up or down - every 10kph. It's really not that bad. Get the manual, learn to drive manual. Driving will be much more satisfying.
  4. Only most of a year late. EDIT: Now I just need black (or gold?) wheel nuts.
  5. I had the opposite problem when trying to tap a fuse to run my DRLs, everything except the ECU fuse is always live resulting in the DRLs being on even when the car was switched off. Where'd you get the halos, and are they bright enough to be easily visible during the day?
  6. Schick blinkenlichten tickentocken. Credit to @1randomkiwi for various edits and enhancements.
  7. I'd be interested to compare your 12 to my 10, although I feel that a lot of the problem is my mounting location and the fact that it's having to battle tyre and wind noise. Still not entirely happy with my settings - volume is fine but lows and mids in particular are still too murky for my liking, but I think my problem is less tuning and more that I've run into the limits of what a 10" slim active sub is capable of.
  8. Because you care. I did the same with my install - nobody will ever see, but the cabling for my sub is meticulously cable tied along the transmission tunnel. Meanwhile: Spent way too much time attacking new rotors with masking tape Fitted stubby antenna (no more RC car aerial) Frowned at DRL harness shipping status - I ordered it a month ago, send me my goodies dammit
  9. Note: belts made from EPDM will not visibly look old until they're well due for replacement. Is the belt actually new, or does it just look like it's in decent condition? Check the depth of the grooves, if the ridges on the pulley are close to bottoming out in the grooves the belt is stuffed. EDIT: just adding more tension to an old belt isn't a long term solution - belts are cheaper and easier to replace than alternator and power steering pump bearings
  10. @Gripless Nope, no passive radiator, and on top of that it's got a 35Hz subsonic filter. The 12 doesn't have the passive radiator either, unsure if that has the subsonic filter also. I did exactly that, set the low pass as high as it would go and set the crossover frequencies from the head unit. Currently set to 63Hz -12db with the door woofers at 50Hz -18, but I fiddle with it regularly.
  11. I'd recommend mounting in it in the cabin if you're going to get one, it's got punch but it's certainly not a match for a full sized sub in an enclosure. I installed a similarly sized Fusion unit under the seat of a BF in the past, you should have enough room to squeeze the VPAS10 in.
  12. My VPAS10 is in the passenger footwell. I tried very hard to get the 12 to fit, but it ate more legroom than I was comfortable with (it's not a good sign when you don't fit into your own passenger seat). It could be louder, the bass is mushier than I'd like, and it puts out basically nothing below 40hz. With that said I tend to be a very harsh critic when it comes to sound quality, as far as car audio goes it definitely punches well above its size category. Great for any music without synthesized bass lines - adds a good, chest-thumping* punch to bass drums and does a very good job of filling out bass guitar riffs. It's certainly not the best thing for D&B, R&B, EDM, etc - but a far cry from having no subwoofer at all, especially if a full-sized sub in a proper enclosure just isn't an option. * disclaimer - mine points more or less directly at the passenger's torso
  13. Debadged the trunk. Also finished rebuilding and reassembling these fantastic paperweights. They might stop a car too, who knows.
  14. Still tuning the sound system. Just when I think I've got it down a different song will start and it'll sound crap again. Turns out open topped cars are an acoustic nightmare. Who would have guessed.
  15. Hella Less-Likely-To-Get-Run-Over-Tones. Damn wonky phone photos. Edit: thanks to @Firenza for the horns.
  16. @Gripless They're mostly cosmetic. As long as you put the screws back in I don't see why you couldn't just leave them off.
  17. As long as you have the plate (or full VIN, if it's had a few plates) of the original car the code is usually retrievable. With that said I - I don't know if a flat battery causes the stereo to lock itself in a Gen 5, ours sat without an engine for a few weeks and the head unit was unfazed. It might have some other way of knowing that it's been removed from its original body.
  18. Somewhat related, going from driving a keyless manual to a keyed auto makes me do this all the time: Come to a stop Shift to Neutral Apply parking brake Release foot brake Forget Park exists Engine off Why the hell can't I get the key out of the barrel oh wait it's still in Neutral Why the hell can't I shift to Park oh wait the car's not powered on Turn key to on again Shift to Park Turn key to off again 1-4 are habits from before driving manual (stops the weight of the car loading up the transmission's parking pawl), 5 is caused by driving manual. I think 9 is a Gen 5 specific thing.
  19. I bought the wrong silver. They sure weren't kidding when they printed "Bright Aluminium" on the can, thank goodness for the sandy finish (primer, deliberate).
  20. When off the shelf colours just won't do... (Yes I know you can paint over paint but where's the fun in that)
  21. That was also my life for several months until I gave up looking. Suddenly they were growing on trees. Now that I'm looking for wheels, on the other hand...
  22. None of it's actually installed yet, but piles o' cool stuff: Still waiting on TapTurn, VLED DRL harness, front speedbleeders. New front sway bar is somewhere in the garage. Still need to buy rear rotors.
  23. Yep, 30mm. Chunky things. I've always thought the Brembos were more for bling than anything else, if a cheap brake upgrade is what you're after the LGT brakes are where it's at - bonus points for them being being completely inconspicuous unless you get pulled up by someone who knows Subarus well enough to tell that an Outback shouldn't have 316mm fronts and vented rears.
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