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  1. Does this count? Working on the Racing Sim just waiting on the JST connectors and can begin wiring it up.
  2. I'm not expert on if this could be an issue with the engine somewhere but to me, it sounds like someones played around with the software to get things like auto blep and flat foot shifting but did a weird version of it. but I could also be way way off.
  3. OOOOOOoo I need to find this list Hopefully I'll be there
  4. ooohh I can top that, I've been Running HiFly tires, and so far they have done 2 Super lap events, and daily driving in between and they have been fantastic, I mean they are no PS4's and my lap times suffer heavily on them BUT for a daily tire at around $70 for 18" I honestly cannot complain and will continue to run them as dailies and if you on a tight budget and want to do a chrome/powercruise they'll work as long as you under 250bhp. Don't think they'll handle anything above that. I'm also looking at the Nexen tires for next season on a second set of rims
  5. They are not wrong.. kinda. Yes they both Street tires, but that said.. Ferraris and lambos come with street tires so nothing negative there. All the hot hatch guys also highly rate the PS's above the RE's personally having used the PS3's on the track they were amazing. If however you want to go a step beyond thats where things like the Toyo 888 and some of the Zestio's come into their own, they road legal and give crazy grip on the track but think they suffer somewhat in the wet so will have to think if they are for you.
  6. I was going to post a pic of my car. It's blue. will totally blend in Maybe a good contender for 1st April
  7. Then its not really a good test at all, I mean the RE003 and Pilot sports are prob the best-rated tires out there from the Hot Hatch guys. I can speak volumes for the PS3's they were amazing on the track.
  8. You will be good with getting a wof as long as the car has a cert as well as an MSNZ logbook, that'll allow things like buckets and Roll cages. this is all stuff I've heard from other guys, can always call up a wof place and chat to them but it is possible.
  9. Yay another Euro!! Dude those things are track weapons! also, nice one getting the recaro sportster seats and not the "normal" Recaros. As much as I love my 5 Cylinder noise I would have got one of these if it was in the budget at the time.
  10. I'm super keen to go, Missed the last one!! Rolling from Gisborne though is a bit of a mission
  11. That'll be interesting, I'll check it out!
  12. Dude exactly, Also a slower car is often way more fun, it lets you get the lines completely wrong and still get out of it, and yeah lap times and from the outside its slow but lets be honest when you in the car it feels amazing!
  13. Completely agree with the hood thing, It really needs one, I've also never like hod exit exhausts, think it looks so damn redneck and lazy. to be honest, this is a drivable show car, now this is more my type of cars.. Same guys made this one..
  14. Hey guys, Don't know if any of you follow this channel, but so worth it, Their coverage of Gridlife Time Attack and individual content is pretty amazing. But for now, What you guys think of this
  15. Now I'm been a couch scientist here but maybe its bigger so the engine through the throttle body can take in more and create a vacuum from the size change, so it helps "pull" the air from the turbo through the system. But at the same time, this could just be because most cars the throttle body is pretty large, on my ST 2.5" and the intercooler piping is all 2" but all the modded cars get the best out of all pipes going 2.5"