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  1. Fuel enrichment when cold causing issues maybe? Or maybe the temp sensor is bad, so fuel enrichment is not happening. There will be a bunch of things different in the tune when it's cold.
  2. Sounds like a good reason to never buy a new car again.
  3. I have the universal washer kit from supercheap in my boot... it's not very big. Wouldn't be any good for the intercooler spray.
  4. Most people who track a track car don't have insurance on the track either!
  5. yes sorry, I just mean as a total. I reckon 10 to 20 hours for the short block.
  6. Expect to pay around 10k for a decent rebuild. Maybe 8k if you take short cuts... 12k if you do everything properly. Removing the engine and taking off the heads will save a bit of money... but the costs just add up and up and up.
  7. True, and good for an extra 50 kw too.
  8. replacing the muffler is the easiest way.
  9. There are diagrams around... you just need to search for them. It's very likely that Joker is correct though. Just a spare plug with some power going to it, so useful for some previous owners to hook into for whatever.
  10. It doesn't plugin into the back of one of those panels?
  11. Thanks. How big were the fluctuations, if you remember? I am seeing +/- 0.25 psi at idle. Were they a problem for the tuner, or you just judged them as warranting the dampers before it got to the tuner?
  12. Who has installed one in a car that didn't have one originally (90s Subarus to my knowledge) when upgrading their fuel system?
  13. This mod routes water from the head right back to the water pump, bypassing the radiator.
  14. Anyone bought from them? Good? Bad?
  15. Front diff has gone bad, but only when warm? Sounds weird to me. Could just be some worn bearings somewhere. You should get it properly diagnosed before trying to find a new box. A replacement box though should only be $300 to $500. Labour will be easily $1000 these days. You'll probably want to change the clutch and replace or machine the flywheel. Several hundred more dollars there. But if it's just a worn CV or wheel bearing, it'll be much cheaper!
  16. Sounds like you should just trade it in for a 2006 GT Manual.
  17. It's not how it sounds, it's what you do with it.
  18. You won't find anything to bolt right up. It'll rumble if you open up the muffler a bit.
  19. A bad tune can't snap the cambelt or make the clutch slip.
  20. In general you would only notice a coolant smell once it is escaping from somewhere... in this case the overflow bottle. I would take some out of it (when it's cold)... if it still keeps overflowing, you maybe in trouble.
  21. Alistair will build any motor for you... definitely not just race motors.
  22. Maybe. You check the parts numbers here: https://jp-carparts.com/subaru/carlist.php?maker=subaru
  23. Probably not. The evap valve should only open when the engine has vacuum and if the blocked line is going into the intake manifold... the evap valve opening won't do anything at all.
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