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  1. Get the sti. The newer the better. don’t get fixated on a generation get the newest you can afford. more gears better brakes and has the intercooler already fitted. active diffs as well even at the same power it’ll walk away from the wrx
  2. Paint shops can make Those colours in a spray cans up and send them out.
  3. I still miss the 89-93 2.2L turbo with the ride height button that never worked on any of them.
  4. I suspected this from the 2007/8 when the announced the Impreza wagon was the same length as the original legacy. only America is going bigger cars, everywhere else is smaller and lighter. car parks haven’t got larger and most are smaller since software automatically generates the car parks for a given area to maximise the number at shopping centres. makes the legacy a classic sooner.
  5. 👍👍 I’m tempted to put the more rigid closed cell foam on the roof if I ever take the roof head liner out.
  6. https://www.rs25.com/threads/gold-wheels-color-codes-compilation.97335/ first link in google for the paint color
  7. I think @Batbaruman ones are a little more bronze than factory but not by much. there is an offical touch up paint as someone did mine before I had them. like I said call a paint and panel shop and ask them they can likely order colour exactly. about 3x the price per can but it will be exact.
  8. You get over boost at low rpm in high gear going up hills. In an auto you have that occur a lot. you can do the cat back only and it’ll sound good and not drone. The cat and factory down pipe with big exhaust gives a nice bark.
  9. Do you have a local spray painters? they can likely order or make the colour.
  10. Yip mine is 2008 sti 2L version. Was fine until down pipe done then needed tune. Was still stock everything else even intake. With the cat back you have no need to tune. the intake is the only other big gain item before turbo and lots of money. But that also requires a tune as the airflow meter gets all screwed up. Hence the best time is with the downpipe and exhaust. that ends the cheap upgrades.
  11. The lack of s*** factory cat converter makes the turbo spool easier so the ecu needs to let the wastegate work early to keep the boost levels the same. mine was 24psi spikes and then it’d go into limp mode. Add the intake pipe at the same time so you don’t retune twice.
  12. If you do the down pipe then you’ll need a tune. either it’ll over boost or the lack of cat will throw error codes. tune is somewhere around $1200 depending on what else is going on. Make sure the car is all serviced and not leaking etc. hub dyno make sure you have the locknuts tool for the wheels is out ready if you have them. more time effort if you swap to 3 port solenoid or intake etc at the same time.
  13. Have you looked at @Batbaruman topic when he did his wheels. few comments and options in there.
  14. Old tires could double any corner sign. what tire pressure are you running?
  15. So have to say the ride is much nicer with the sports Maxx 050+ but the grip isn’t great. they are more linear in the way they let go but with the re002 the car never had the traction control come on unless you f***ed up. The sports Maxx has had traction control come on at 50kph on a corner that was just 90 degrees and also at 80 on a country road. will bump the tire pressure up to see if they need a little more support but it seems the sidewalls are way softer..
  16. Just get the import licence it super easy i put it in one of the address fields on all my orders. Saves heaps of time.
  17. You’ll get 5% fee over $1000 for car parts and think last time $69 MPI fee on top of that. Remember the shipping is included in the total customs looks at. so 900 in parts and 101 in shipping puts you over 1000 Since the shipping company is the one calculating it they already know the shipping cost so it’s all done for you.
  18. Physically big items and more than one, GST and MAF charges are very likely. over $1000 you need to get a import licence which is just a form and a wait measured in minutes if you go in person. that doesn’t mean you get GST more often on smaller items it just makes GST a call and credit card number as all the other details are on your customs account.
  19. why not just plumb a cheap mechanical gauge in to the nipple to see what is going on before you have a very sad day. But get some photos detail on the wastegate in case it’s over tensioned or connected to somewhere stupid. FYI found this. looks like they added a v4 a line from turbo to wastegate with a T piece in the middle Above also matches the 1999 2000 P1 Sti manual page 28 and through to 35ish has hand drawn diagram. http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/Impreza/1999/Impreza_99_00_supplement.pdf also try your chassis number in partsouq.com and browse the diagrams. Should be helpful
  20. Not my area and someone with older car knowledge will confirm but... Looks like it matches this one 1 to the turbo outlet ‘nipple’ 3 intake manifold. 4 wastegate actuator. 2 intake manifold to map sensor. The hose in the U shaped bend in the photo and not labeled. See matching brown wiring connector. Is it running a stock looking wastegate actuator? have you got a boost gauge or log the boost from the car? i ask as if not get some logs or recordings as fixing things may lead to more boost and break stuff.
  21. There are rubber with conducting strips grounding straps that you can bolt to the bottom of the car. https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/sca-sca-anti-static-strap/291886.html The cause is your clothing and seat covering. Man made fibres are great at generating static. And woven materials are better still like seat covers or jerseys. Natural fibres are not as good so your leather seats have been saving you. Easy test they do in schools. get a plastic ruler and small scrap of paper. put the paper on the ground. Run the ruler across the material a few time quickly and hold it near the paper. the paper will be attracted to the ruler and stick with the static charge. I bet your clothes and new seats work really well at building a static charge.
  22. Oh yeah forgot this http://nzgaskets.co.nz/mobile/SearchByVehicle.aspx?ManID=37&Model=Legacy the search is by make model of car not part goes back many many many years.
  23. Open Partsouq.com and type that number into the search box and it will appear. try staparts.co.nz as well.
  24. Yeah looks smaller, but location helps send them to helpful places
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