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  1. ty754 is 30% stronger from ty752, just in case we know it's another option from 6 speed.
  2. you can grind a bit metal off that brace, it wont hurt anything.
  3. installed my s202 oil cooler today, took almost 6L oil
  4. Front is the same, rear you only need to swap top hat, but v7 suspension maybe abit longer?
  5. yes, it is, but head light and grill are not factory items.
  6. Installed HKS turbo actuator, boost comes up alot quicker and harder
  7. looks like you are going to get a big turbo after you fit these.
  8. I heard about putting in lightweight flywheel will mess up idle, if you got 5.7kg one should be ok, not those 4.xkg one, it's too light.
  9. heard about twin scroll blouch 2.5xtr is pretty good, used Garret BB core.
  10. my vf34 hit 22 psi at 3500rpm compare to vf30 at 4200rpm
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