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  1. '02 B4. Got at 99k's now done 130k's in span of 2 years.
  2. Just read entire thread, wow. So 0.8mm restrictor pill in hose #1 and that's it, regardless if you have a BE5 A/B/C/D? My Rev. D is stock standard except a Fujisubo Super R exhaust, would I see any difference?
  3. I will dyno my top mounted BE5D when there is a dyno day next, then put a FMIC in and Dyno it again to see if there really is any lag difference. I do want to put a FMIC in with a non-turbo bonnet
  4. Just read that Front mount is not as good as a Top mount with alcohol? Internet articles, much accuracy. Nick is moving into my house soon so I will be more motivated for events.
  5. Divine


    No idea where that is lol
  6. Nice writeup, will look into doing this vs front mount conversion. Undecided at this stage
  7. Hey mate, I'm getting a code that I need read. I've got a BE5D so can't check it myself
  8. I was after a possible idea or suggestion from anyone, but I'll Eb ay an OBD2 reader and take it from there.
  9. I don't have a OBDII reader hence the question.
  10. Hi there, Haven't been around in a while, have been trolling through other game-related forums for the last year. My BE5D has a check engine light, but this is the deal: 1 - Turn car on, wait 20 seconds, check engine light comes on 2 - Turn car off 3 - Turn car back on, no check engine light comes on. Park up and wait around 2 hours, turn car on then back to 1, turn car off and back on, no check engine light. Car runs fine with the light on, no loss in power, no rattles, no limp mode. Checked fluids in case they drop when car starts, all are fine, any idea what can be causing this? I can't check myself as I need some stupid scanner thing.
  11. Aren't linglongs made of recycled barbie dolls?
  12. Is the BE shape legacy meant to have a handbreak light?
  13. Is that the giant blue one with the poorly assembled wooden house on the back, always towing the trailer?
  14. Nope very different engines unfortunately
  15. Completely stock. Don\'t thrash it at all. 8k drives to work in traffic, manual. Factory 550cc injectors
  16. Currently getting 7K\'s / L is this normal? 14L/100km
  17. Left it unplugged overnight, it worked.
  18. Problem: I have 2 Samsung TV\'s in my house. 1 in my lounge and 1 in my room. I plug my laptop into my bedrooms TV via HDMI and watch movies. All of a sudden my TV shows \'NO SIGNAL\' . I plugged my laptop into the TV in my lounge and it worked fine. I plugged my Xbox into the TV in my room with the same HDMI cable and that worked fine, but my laptop and the TV in my room just will not work anymore. It used to work fine. Ideas? TL:DR laptop and tv wont work via HDMI anymore
  19. Even if the car is stationary in my driveway?
  20. When I rev, sometimes I hear a clunk from the back of the car when I take foot off accelerator. I thought it was drive train related, but it does it when the car is out of gear. Is this that fabled exhaust flap thing that opens up?
  21. When was this? And he had quite the entry!
  22. I use Penrite Racing 10 Tenths 10W-40 Fully Synthetic oil.