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  1. V12 STI seats (2014) into BL5?
  2. Just to bump an old thread, there is more info here: https://legacypic.uk/specifications/specpage.php?id=2126&ref=bp9dkfv Number made here: https://legacypic.uk/car/chassislist.php?id=2126
  3. Thanks for that, I saw a facelift being wrecked that had the gold ones and all the other sti parts, so wasn't sure. Haven't seen its dash so might be another one of the copies, including the sti wheels. Could always go the stick on route haha https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/subaru/legacy/listing/2765426148
  4. With the tuned by STI package available for the 4th Gen Legacy BL/BP, were the Brembos that came from factory Gold or Black? I see people selling their 'tuned by STI' cars with Gold Brembos, but when I check the Subaru stock images of the car from new, the Brembos were black. Was the black Brembo's just a concept, or did they in fact come with Black Brembos and people are just putting V7 STI golds on these and calling them 'tuned by STI' given there is no difference in Spec B and Tuned by STI chassis codes? This is the Legacy that came with the leather STI seats and 260km dash
  5. Awesome will look into this, even just reversing up the drive generates a shock so I was at a loss.
  6. Hi all, Picked up another legacy that doesn't have Leather interior, and every time I get out of the car I get a hell of a static shock. Never had the issue with the leather interior of the same model that I had for 3 years, and I don't have the issue on the mrs bmw with leather interior. I've tried holding the metal frame when getting out of the car, but I am still getting shocked. What can I do to prevent the shocks at all, earth the car somehow? Get different tyres? I'm at a loss as I've never had this issue on any of my 7 previous subarus.
  7. These ones for sale are around 150km, and at auction they're going for around 3-5k NZD, so landed and on the roads (assuming rust free) that's around 10k ish. At least that's what the auctions are going for that I can see with my account. Maybe I am missing something?
  8. I see more people starting up new 'import' trademe accounts and importing WRX's for around 10k and trying to sell for 20k+ Am I missing something or is this just the new gamble to make money lol.
  9. I bought one of these and put it into my 2004 legacy (pre facelift) this week. Unplugged the loom from the back of the Navi (which is no longer used) and there was the connection for this clock display plugged into an earthing socket. Unplugged that from the earthing socket, plugged into the back of the clock, all good to go. Tells me the time, duration of trip estimated KM left in tank, KM/L and average KM/L. My average is 7.0km/L so somethings wrong.
  10. Wondered why my completely stock '05 3.0R only gets 400km before the fuel light comes on. With and without ECO on. (it's an auto) Will run 98 and see if that helps. First ever Auto I've owned, surely they all aren't this bad on fuel. Fuel gauge is a joke too. 200km to get to the 4/5 line then 200km to 0/5
  11. I developed a whining on throttle / accelleration in my 3.0R. Goes away when I coast. Apparently idle bearings on the chain.
  12. Damn i'm trying to find one of those Clock / Out Temp compartments to replace my Japanese GPS.
  13. I learnt in the BL and BP legacies that if you press the reset trip meter when there is no key in the ignition, it lights up the K's and Fuel in the tank.
  14. Mixture, but the same trips for both tanks of fuel: some crawling in traffic in chch, and late night driving where there is no traffic.
  15. In my 3.0R, Eco mode = 400k's to a tank non ECO mode = 450k's Seems that because it takes longer to get the rev's high enough to change gear, it's actually using more fuel lmao.
  16. Had a look, can still only see the main 4. Not sure what it is but I'll look into it another time.
  17. Kinda off topic but are the for sale / trade threads here now only for paid members?
  18. Drivers lower speaker decided to start rattling under bass, so have to look at how to stop this. Also drove over a nail on day 2 of owning haha.
  19. Purchased an '04 3.0R with full heated leathers, McIntosh stereo, not a single dent and 100k's on the clock for 5k Even the chrome on the front grill is in mint condition.
  20. Are the auto boxes recommended to have oil changed every 50k, and manuals every 100k? Asking for a friend.
  21. As someone who just bought a 3.0R I'm interested in how the 50k service differs to the 2L models.
  22. Are cheap HID's on trade me ($20 for x2) worth it? I see 8000K's all the time but looking at 4500 - 5000K
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