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  1. How have you still not got your excess back?
  2. I\'m sure there is a complex algorithm to calculate the maximum power the engine can handle. Engine x money in wallet / who builds it = max power
  3. Unless it\'s been run on 91 its whole life, which sort of covers the symptoms noted
  4. Divine


    I only just saw that ;D
  5. Isn\'t this your car?? http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/subaru/other/auction-618294460.htm
  6. Do you get better fuel economy? I have a manual Rev. D and I struggle to get 400k\'s to a tank of 98
  7. For those reading this for the fibreglass knowledge: - Pro Tip Do not fibreglass in any metal or steel strengthening behind the lower section of the bumper, it might be tempting, but this causes any stress from impacts to travel through the steel and start to crack the corners of the bumper where the steel ends. (I\'m meaning massive steel pieces, not pieces to keep it in place)
  8. I\'m going to assume this is manual. A detune for 98 would be a lot more beneficial, and moar fuel economy! With the front mount, you need to weigh up the (minimal) lag, vs air temp (controversial) vs \'how good it looks au\'
  9. Because you\'re mixing a substance to a larger volume of liquid, the entire contents of the fuel tank will have a variable octane between 95-xxx won\'t it? - Herd from someone but not 100% sure.
  10. This. And leave the Retina badge on it. Plus it\'s a 2 door!
  11. Ye boi rip it g - Is all i\'m seeing there.
  12. Was picking up some mates that were outside, they required an extraction, otherwise I would have txt Nick
  13. Saw Nick again at Dennys last night but no photo
  14. I twas there too getting moar gauze but my automobile currently does not fly any flags or banners at this present time.
  15. If I plasti-dip my wheels, how long should it be expected to last?
  16. Is the Guinness book of records related to the drink?
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