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  1. I too was suffering the same issue, I ended up adding a relay to the ODB2 cable in effect disconnecting the main power line between the ODB2 cable and the hub/tablet. IT does slow the drain but still not enough if you don't drive daily. Next step is hard wiring
  2. Just an update: the dash is still fine, no sign of stickiness at all - even after these scorcher sunny days without a windscreen sunshade.
  3. late to the party, but here ya go...
  4. This thread, 4th post is what I did to reset the transmission...
  5. Yep, all good, no stickiness. Same cracks are still there (i've filled some with sugru and placed a pinhole at the end of one to stop it growing. I try to throw up the windscreen shade when it's out in the sun for a while. Dash has remained sticky-free so I'm well impressed with that product.
  6. I'm pretty sure your 2007 Legacy will be twin-scroll. After some googling it looks like don't have a twin-scroll specific gasket there... Will not fit twin scroll turbo Imprezas (JDM WRX STI). This is the Subaru Legacy 03-09 Twin Scroll Turbo Outlet Gasket... Looking at your downpipe, I'd say that's the gasket you want.
  7. Here's my thread for my Nexus tablet install - I'm just using a US$10 vagcom (i think) cable to connect to OBDII, which works well with BTSSM. I was using the 2012 Nexus 7 tablet, but have since replaced that with the 2013 version which is much better (faster, more resposive).
  8. yes! and then BTSSM ...
  9. Seeing as it looks like you had access to BTSSM you could use that to reset the ECU which will reset the Learned Values too, and the IAM will default to 0.5. Then after some spirited driving it should increase hopefully up to 1.0.
  10. Hey guys, I've been meaning to reply to this thread. I was having the *exact* same problem as shown in the original pictures. The white residue after leaving the dash under cover for a while and the terrible shiny sticky dash after being in the sun. I've tried all sorts of cleaners, chemical free, 3M aerospace 303 protectant, interior cleaners from Germany - nothing worked. I think I've finally found a solution (touch wood), it's been months since I applied this treatment and I haven't seen any sticky dash or white residue since! The bottle looks a bit rangi but it has worked great for me. You just dab this on with a small sponge and leave it to dry. This is the site I ordered it from: The exact bottle I ordered was the US$38 single bottle Sticky Melting Solution Cleaner Single Bottle - USD 38 This is One bottle Cleaner for touch up and minor cleaning touch up. The shipping is $US12, so US$50 all up. The guy, Sam, responds pretty quickly to any emails on It has worked great for me, I'd recommend giving it a go.
  11. I run these... 9006 HB4 50W (for 2007 Legacy BP5) They are from Aliexpress (US$14)
  12. Ah, the quote seems to get 'stuck' in your reply if you choose to do a quote reply then decide not to. Even backing out of the page, refreshing, restarting browser, coming back into the thread - hit reply and the quote appears again, as does any previously written reply that hasn't been sent yet. I guess clearing browser cache would work?
  13. Unfortunately, images are gone, but some explanation: Found this which helps explain it further... So there's a separate table for each mode (as in this screenshot which sets a "Requested Torque" value based on the "Engine Speed RPM" and the "Accelerator Pedal Angle %" These Requested Torque values are used in the Target Boost and Wastegate Duty Cycle tables. The guy in the link at the top has altered the column break-points (whatever you'd call them) for the Target Boost table to coincide with the Si-Drive mode DriveByWire Requested Torque table... e.g. The maximum Requested Torque in his Intelligent mode table is 350/360: His Target Boost table's value for a Requested Torque value of 350 is 18psi and 360 is 19.99psi, so when in Intelligent mode his boost is set to 18psi (matches what he says in his post, maybe missed the RT values of 360? Not sure, might be a way of tuning?) Then he has Sport mode set at a maximum RT of 400 and Sport Sharp set to a maximum 430. The 400 relates to 22psi and the 430 at 25psi in the Target Boost table. The wastegate duty tables have also been tweaked: