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  1. Cheers guys, will look for a legit Tactrix
  2. Anyone know if this would suit? Looks like the sucker I need... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/tools-repair-kits/meters-testers/listing/3359504569?bof=276sD50E
  3. oh yep, anyone know of anywhere local (NZ ... Akl?) doing Tactrix cables? Cheers!
  4. Heyas, I've got the secondary air pump stuck open problem in my 2007 BP5 Legacy GT. It doesn't look too tricky to disconnect the air pump, read the ROM, tweak out the code and flash it back - however I don't think the cables I have are giving me much luck. One is a VAG COM with the CH340 chip, the other has the ftdi FT232R which works ok with FreeSSM and BTSSM but EcuFlash gets to a log line about recognising the ecu is in test mode (green connectors in passenger footwell connected), shows the ecu number then errors. Is anyone selling a cable or know where to buy one that will work with some software that I can read and write to the ecu with? The ECU code is (A2PG420A) (4B04535107) Cheers! Steve.
  5. Coming in with another update: haven't used a sunshade for a couple of years now, dash is all good apart from a small patch where the steering wheel lock rests on the dash and has rubbed - that spot looks like it'd go sticky.
  6. I too was suffering the same issue, I ended up adding a relay to the ODB2 cable in effect disconnecting the main power line between the ODB2 cable and the hub/tablet. IT does slow the drain but still not enough if you don't drive daily. Next step is hard wiring
  7. Just an update: the dash is still fine, no sign of stickiness at all - even after these scorcher sunny days without a windscreen sunshade.
  8. late to the party, but here ya go... https://imgur.com/8n8X9LC
  9. This thread, 4th post is what I did to reset the transmission...
  10. Yep, all good, no stickiness. Same cracks are still there (i've filled some with sugru www.sugru.com) and placed a pinhole at the end of one to stop it growing. I try to throw up the windscreen shade when it's out in the sun for a while. Dash has remained sticky-free so I'm well impressed with that product.
  11. I'm pretty sure your 2007 Legacy will be twin-scroll. After some googling it looks like don't have a twin-scroll specific gasket there... Will not fit twin scroll turbo Imprezas (JDM WRX STI). This is the Subaru Legacy 03-09 Twin Scroll Turbo Outlet Gasket... Looking at your downpipe, I'd say that's the gasket you want.
  12. Here's my thread for my Nexus tablet install - http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php/cndnsd-2007-gt-si-cruise-bp5-244063.html?t=244063. I'm just using a US$10 vagcom (i think) cable to connect to OBDII, which works well with BTSSM. I was using the 2012 Nexus 7 tablet, but have since replaced that with the 2013 version which is much better (faster, more resposive).
  13. Seeing as it looks like you had access to BTSSM you could use that to reset the ECU which will reset the Learned Values too, and the IAM will default to 0.5. Then after some spirited driving it should increase hopefully up to 1.0.
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