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  1. checked out a GT86 in Paris when I was there and it looked quite nice, the Le Man hybrid race car behind it was much more interesting though
  2. You should buy my car - see for sale section
  3. xsvpwr

    Cert for EBC

    But the LVV manual states that tapered wheel nuts may be used to centrally locate the wheel on the hub so why is the law contradicting itself? I guess the issue I have is that this car has been for 6 warrants in NZ and never had this issue raised.
  4. xsvpwr

    Cert for EBC

    They are centrally located by a spigot but there is around 2mm clearance between it and the wheel...
  5. xsvpwr

    Cert for EBC

    The winner also said that my wheels were a fail because the centre of them didn't fit snugly on the centre of my hubs and the rotational force of the wheel could cause a wheel nut to shear off and the wheel to disintegrate because the only thing holding the wheels on was the wheel nuts. The LVV inspector quickly put this myth to bed as it clearly states tapered wheel nuts are suitable for securing wheels to the hub so long as it is centred. I want to punch this bother in the face I don't know how I managed to remain so calm. Going to a proper work shop this weekend to get a wof
  6. xsvpwr

    Cert for EBC

    So just went to get a warrant, apparently now EBC's require certification as of June 2012 according to the inspector. Rang up a guy in Papakura who does LVV certification and he hadn't heard of it but after looking it up apparently the original inspector is correct. Seeing as that's my only modification I will be switching back to the factory solenoid and system as $520 for a cert isn't worth it on a daily driver for me. Any comments or advice welcome
  7. xsvpwr

    boost and fuel

    if you are putting a 2 1/2 inch down pipe on, whats the point in making the rest of the exhaust 3 inches?
  8. dont use it man your car will catch fire. Ahahahaha edit: dammit wiretap beat me
  9. just bought harrys lap timer pro will have to see how it goes
  10. where did you get the 220kw-230kw estimation from? What turbo do those legacys run? edit: didnt read properly I see you said at the engine not wheels
  11. haha true that bro I needed two new studs after I was done!
  12. you do not want to strip it either, I had to play with an angel grinder to get my primary turbo off once it was not much fun
  13. oh yeah forgot to say don't have a clue what brand alarm!!! Haha but got the old girls hair dryer out + a new battery and bingo. Definitely going to buy another remote this week though!
  14. Hey guys, So I managed to put my alarm remote through the wash and dryer and it is my only remote and now no longer works... Anyone know any good alarm installers in Auckland near the eastern bays preferrably? It looks like I need to get my car towed somewhere so they can try and code another remote to my alarm... Cheers, Ben
  15. I have a Passenger endorsement on my licence (did the course etc) and I had no idea over 12 seats you had to have one. Makes sense though as that's usually a small bus rather than a large van by the time you get to that many seats.
  16. if it's $700 incl water pump, tensioners, idlers etc get them to do it. Thats sharp.
  17. xsvpwr

    towing a car trailer

    Do tell... Edit: just checked Facebook
  18. cool mate will be end of next week, I'll get in touch. What do I do about the wiring to the plug...there doesn't look enough to have pushed through to the ecu but I should still check I guess
  19. yay just found oil in my 16 pin plug up near boost solenoid, have to figure out how to remove the sensors and get them to you Rick. There wasnt much (I have seen about 10-15mls in a different car) mine had 2-3mls so I will consult with Auckland based members on removal and get in touch with you
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