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  1. I am looking at BR Legacy GTs, and Eyesight has a price premium. The specs of the imported cars are all over the place, and Eyesight can be optioned on seemingly any trim level. I had a brief drive in a friends' BP Outback XT with Eyesight and it was very novel. If you have Eyesight on your Subaru, what do you think of it? Does it work well? Is it annoying and you turn it off? Has it saved you from a collision?
  2. Hello everyone i have a 2001 bh5d legacy. The car has a really worn down steering rack and I am wondering what steering wracks are compatible with the car. Can I use a steering wracks of a wrx or sti? I'm am looking for a better feel because if something breaks it's good to replace it with something better. Should I just use a stock legacy steering rack with upgraded bushings and mounts (if that's a thing) thanks. Myzeeman
  3. Car - 2006 Subaru Legacy 3.0R-B WAGON with McIntosh factory 12 speaker system. So I have the standard issue that the factory McIntosh sub has split (I got it repaired at Axent Audio in Auckland but within a few weeks it had split in another place) so I am keen to replace it. I have fitted a blue-tooth kit to the factory McIntosh head unit as I quite like the factory set up, and basically couldn't justify the massive effort and price in changing out the head unit with it being interconnected with the dual zone climate a/c unit. I have found a replacement Sub which is a KENWOOD EX
  4. Has anyone put UEL headers on a non turbo ej20 legacy. can it be done And what work would need to be done if any.
  5. Was looking at getting some shocks and springs for my car and found some bilstein shocks and lowering springs from a BP5 and he was running 18x8.5 215/40 will I run into any issues if I put them on a BL5 running 18x9 225/40
  6. Gidday people, I have a 2006 legacy Gtb auto gen 4, all stock, was driving long distance today and after 1hr 10mins I got a beep and a message in Japanese on the instrument cluster info part, and then again later on,any idea what this is, car still ran fine, cheers
  7. Evening all, Have recently brought a 2012 BM GT S Legacy, black, leather, full STi exhaust, 2.5 turbo and best of all 6 speed manual. Its a amazing car to drive, however the speedo, fuel consumption gauge and odometer has recently stopped working. Cruise control still works as normal. Wondering if anyone has had the same or similar experience and what may have caused the issue. Have checked to see any broken or loose cables, sensors etc but to no avail. The newer Subaru’s are a bit more fancy than the old STi parked beside it in the shed! Any suggestions greatly a
  8. Hi Guys Changed the thermostat in my 2002 B4 Legacy this morning. Noticed bubbles coming from the overflow. The car isn't over heating, coolant isn't boiling, A/C blowing hot air as it should, Thermostat definitely opening, Oil clear and clean. Going to be replacing the radiator cap and bleeding the cooling system again with the front jacked up this time, did it on a hill the first time hoping it would have the same effect. Any other ideas of what it might be or things to try before considering the possibility that the head gasket randomly started
  9. Does the base of your seat feel loose on one side? Does the height adjustment only work on one side? Well, turns out subaru seat bases aren't as strong as they should be, and if you sit on them the wrong way, you'll bust the spot welds off the frame, leading to one side of the front of the seat squab flapping about. Hopefully it broke in a useful spot, otherwise I hope you enjoy being uncomfortable! 😛 Heres how to fix it, you will need; Socket Set 2x small bolts, washers, and nuts Drill + drill bits a bit bigger then the bolt threads Reami
  10. Hi Team, I have a 2003 Legacy Wagon 2.0GT, with 280,000kms on the clock, only just run in..... A few weeks ago the engine light popped up along with a flashing SPORT light and ER HC on the digital trip meter. Very Christmas tree like... After plugging in the old ODM reader in, I got the P0600 - General High-Speed CAN fault. This was somewhat concerning but next to useless for trying to track down a fault. Off I went to the local Subaru shop to plug the car in to their SSM. The following additonal fault codes were also generated. P0725 – Engine Sp
  11. Bought these off Trademe, seller claimed they are for BP Legacy models. Tried them on, they didn't exactly fit. I've searched online and the closest I could get to comparing these with are BE/BH Legacy floor mats. Can anyone confirm which model Legacy these mats are for? If anyone want's them, they're yours for $20.
  12. So I bought a 2006 Subaru Legacy Wagon that had minor outer panel damage to both doors on the passenger side. Randomly found a dude scrapping a car of the same model and colour, but Few years newer and higher spec than mine and managed to change the doors over myself. However, after I changed the doors and fired up the audio system for the first time (stock audio system in Subaru), I discovered the speakers just in the replaced doors don't work at all. I definitely correctly connected the speakers back up before I replaced the door panels. Audio system in the wrecked car was a Maci
  13. Hi all, Over from the UKLegacy forums as I know quite a lot of you kiwis and aussies and have the tt leggys too! Was wondering if someone can shed some light on an issue im having. Car has been running like sh1t- poor fuel economy, lumpy acceleration, lumpy on idle when started from hot, struggles to stay alive as the revs want to drop. Plugged in SSM cable and front o2 sensor voltage was reading 0.000v. Cleaned the plug... still nothing. Replaced the sensor with a bosch universal 3 wire and its still showing 0.000v. Jumps to about .02v for a split second wh
  14. hi guys ive just bought my first subaru had been a v8 fan for years but decided to try something new , i have a 2005 legacy blitzen single turbo manual its nice car runs well been looked after, i have not been able to find any info on this model i found lots on twin turbo , did this come out with a single turbo or is it aftermarket any info be cool cheers
  15. It is a Subaru Legacy S401 STI. Sold - New Zealand New not Import Produced on the BE platform with input from the ‘STI’ performance division, the S401 was released in 2002 featuring a twin sequential turbo 2.0L EJ208 engine producing 289 horsepower and 253 ft.lb of torque, mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox (taken from the Impreza WRX STI). The highlight of this model though, was that it was the last Subaru model to feature the sequential twin turbocharging first introduced in 1993 in the 1st generation of the model. Unfortunately Subaru’s concept never was able to be fully refined (o
  16. Hi guys, I'm wanting more information on cert costs for the removal of factory steering wheel with airbag. The car is 19 years old so it meet the LVVTA age requirements for removal but if it's gonna cost $800 odd dollars then I'm not gonna bother. Cheers
  17. Not sure if this has been done before. Certainly not many write ups online if it has... I've spent the last couple weeks researching how to do it and found some really useful information. A lot of it is for the Gen 4 Legacy though. What I start with is this: I have a 2013 BR Legacy. Its a 2.5L NA. Top of the line package with full leather, McIntosh/GPS, 5.1 speakers, eyesight. My first Subaru and first legacy I've owned. Every Legacy on the lot had the standard version stereo with the touch-to-open pouch under it. Me wanting to have something d
  18. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can help before I hit up an auto sparkie. The climate control screen in my BP5 Spec B legacy has stopped working, the climate control still works perfectly fine, its just the screen that has gone. The Macintosh system still works fine too. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and can help me fix it. Cheers!
  19. Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker. So I have this '02 Blitzen wagon that I've already spent waay too much money on, so this is the latest drama. When driving the radio will cut out randomly (turn off and straight back on), this can happen a few times before the headlights/interior lights etc all start to flicker a bit, followed by the whole cars power going out for between 1 to 3 seconds, before all comes back on and she continues on no prob, until the process starts again. I've already spent too much at the auto electricians replacing the ignition
  20. Hi there. Anyone in Dunedin have a spare spigot bearing in Dunedin. Preferably needed ASAP otherwise I'll go to a shop in the morning. Thanks, UPDATE: I GOT ONE!!
  21. Hi, Legacy 2005 BPE Can you please help me identify this part on the suspension of my Legacy? Is it the Sway bar bush? Can I replace this myself? https://photos.app.goo.gl/gjjDwCxXGY31fNhm6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/oJ9FPiXcxSp5F1yd7 Thanks all, Donald, Queenstown New Zealand
  22. So, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I want to go drag racing! I'm heading to Meremere Dragway with the family in the Legacy. I'd like to take it down the track a few times...to have some fun with the family, and get a starting performance base before the fixes and modifications start. Will I need a helmet? Will I have to prep the car to pass a safety inspection there? Being an automatic, what RPM should I launch with the foot brake, and at what RPM should I be shifting? Also, is anyone else going? Do you want to meet up? Thanks! Greg
  23. so recently purchased a 2001 legacy ej20 e-tune 5spd manual and everything was running fine until a couple days ago. 1- check engine light has been coming on then turning off at random times mainly when idling for longer period of time . 2- so car drives fine and normal with no problem until you want to hit accelerator and take it up to around 4k rpm then it starts to shake and just refuses to climb any further until you change up a gear then does the same thing until your in 5th. once in 5th if you just slowly increase the acceleration then it will pick up speed and cruise fine at 150khms (
  24. Hi, I am in the progress of fitting cruise control to my 2010 Subaru legacy I’m after a 4 pin brake light switch that I seem to find easily everywhere online. But unfortunately I am having a very hard time finding the 4 pin connector that plugs into it. Is there any chance anyone would be able to tell me what the part number would be or where to find it? I had a chat to someone from PartSouq and they were unable to help me without a part no.. Also, would anyone be able to give me info as that which ECU pins I need for wiring the 2 required wire
  25. Hi all, I've been collecting parts for a single turbo conversion I was going to do to my 98 bg5 GTB ej206 manual. (yeah weird, and wrong CR as it runs manual ecu, yet has reliably run for the two years I've owned it) but then I scored an 02 rev d bh5 yesterday with a blown primary. So now it seems sensible to put all single turbo stuff into the rev d as my bg5 has nothing wrong with it (yet). I understand it's a bit of a different process, but I think I have most of what I'll need. I have a td06 20g, full length tuned headers (slip joint type), 3" down pipe, fmic setup, greddy emange ultimate
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