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  2. Na ballasts are only for the HID bulbs, so the rears are doing the exact same thing as the fronts would rule that out and be a different wiring issue. Are you getting 12v at the bulb connectors for the rears or somewhere else?
  3. They wired in to the rear lights too? So no rears and low beams. Any idea on cost to replace ballasts? And anything else I can check first? Sent from my K3 Note using Tapatalk
  4. So probably stuffed ballasts then. Kinda odd that both crapped out at the same time though.
  5. So I've tested with my basic light test on 12v and all the wires are getting power. If I flick the switch a bunch of times I can sometimes get the left to come on. So pretty sure it's not a bulb? Sent from my K3 Note using Tapatalk
  6. Today
  7. Fuses all fine, they are the hid headlights too Sent from my K3 Note using Tapatalk
  8. Yesterday
  9. Bulbs seemed to be working day before. I'll check fuses when I get a chance
  10. Bulbs buggered? Maybe a fuse
  11. So had to shoot into hospital but my low beams are dead? High beams work fine. Tried flicking on and off ,left side came on once but then stayed off? Any ideas?
  12. Would be a pretty awesome drive!
  13. Thought it would've been tomorrow or something soon, after seeing the date im keen to go, rotorua to hamilton then raglan and back sounds like a good drive
  14. Oops forgot to link it.
  15. I think it would have less potential for power/torque than the 2l. Would be a storm down low but that'd be about it. No idea how the tiptronic would affect that.
  16. Yea that's the one. By similar do you think the 2l will be better in peak numbers or will it be pretty even? I was leaning toward the 257 for better drivability and torque down low as most of my driving is around town.
  17. Yea it's the one I had sitting round for a while.
  18. This has happened to me before on a few different cars. youll probably find the fronts do go 35mm lower (with the new springs in). But the rears are sometimes higher to allow for loading the rear (well that's an excuse I was given when it happened to me but I wouldn't be surprised if its bull pukka) id definately talk talk to the person who you bought them off. But not before checking the height with both the rears done and then drive it down the road and back. They will "settle" but it will be F*** all. If u do the fronts and it's still high in the rear you Could get them compressed
  19. Hey all. The Waikato Subaru Cruise Club have organised a cruise from Hamilton to Raglan. Whos keen? Ill be going
  20. These are all pretty awesome ideas
  21. Is this the vf murch hybrid? If it is, more displacement will probably choke it and cause you to taper boost in the top end resulting in similar power numbers to a 2l with vf.
  22. How is the torque in low rpm (before boost kicks in) with stroked ej207 vs standard ej207? I'm trying to decide what motor to replace my dying motor with in an auto bp5. Has slightly bigger turbo and the trans shifts too low when cruzing to keep it in its powerband so drives like crap unless I manual shift it. I'm leaning toward the 257 but open to options. Will also be using ej20x/y heads and aiming toward the 230 to 250kw mark. Cheers
  23. I might get the other side in maybe tomorrow and ill do that. It may be 5mm closer but barely noticeable or even close to what its supposed to be. Will see for sure after I have taken for drive with both springs done.
  24. Does it look the top of the tyre is closer to the arch? Drive up and down the driver and turn as far each way as you can. Or take it for a quick strop. Really need to get both sides in tho.
  25. it has wrx+sti written on the sticker (pic above) and on a few websites it says 35mm as well as the trademe listing.
  26. Install at least the rears and drive it, then see the difference. Did they state 35mm drop from sti springs or wrx springs? Sent from my K3 Note using Tapatalk
  27. I will but I doubt it will settle by 35mm
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