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  2. Damn right they were, absolute nightmare.
  3. Yo, I don't have a subie yet, but it would still be sick to meet everyone and your cars!
  4. Hey guys! So I'll get straight to it - I am importing a Legacy Wagon from Japan in a month or so and am deciding between a 2.0GT and a 3.0r. I am leaning towards the 3.0r because of the far cheaper insurance, and I am weary of getting a turbocharged car because I want the car to last well over 6 years with as few issues as possible. I have been speaking to an awesome guy from NZ Performance in New Plymouth, but also wanted do get some insight from you guys. I want to get a bit more power out of a 3.0r - it won't be a daily driver for me so want something nice and fun with more power than stock (might one day take it to a show but thats far down the track). Given that I don't want to spend $10-15k putting a turbo/supercharger in it, so what other mods could I do to get it some more power? I see it is around 260kw at the crank, I'd love to get over 350kw but I have a feeling this is unrealistic without a turbo or some major modding. Do you lot have any ideas on what I should be aiming for, and what I can do to go about it? Please be as detailed as you can about parts required and possible costs, as well as any advice you have from experience! I will be doing a ton of my own research from what you guys give me before I buy the car. Cheers in advance!
  5. The CV boots were split when I bought my BPE and I got Subtech to replace just the boots, cost me $300 for both IIRC.
  6. Ray hasslier in city is amazing but mainly do euros. Got them to do a Suzuki for me a couple of years ago.
  7. Hey guys! I'm thinking of doing a full respray for my GC8. It has the usual pin dents from 20 years of use. No major dents or damages. Any recommended painters out there? Looking for good quality ones. Could be a shop or an experienced individual. Would be good to know a rough price as well. I'm located in North Shore, Auckland. But might be interested in places outside of the shore. Please let me know. Cheers!
  8. Yeah, I did swap them quickly after installing my shock absorbers. I was hitting the Outback bump stops when turning quickly in roundabouts, which was annoying and destabilising the car. They were a PITA to unscrew though!
  9. I'll be in Auckland town switch! Enjoy your trip down
  10. Well just my luck! while under the car the other weekend, looking round and shock horror CV boot is split on drivers side car is a BP5 GTB FL is it a big job to change just the boot ie boot + re greasing or what ever or is it worth to change the whole CV? and are all cv boots for subaru bp5 the same? please advise flat 4 wisdom'd people
  11. I have a couple sets of Tein S.Tech springs in stock at the moment. PM me if you are interested.
  12. Yesterday
  13. @Invisible are you from out east AKL? i think i drove past you last week and defo snapped my neck looking at your wagon or something very similar
  14. @csrgm1915 I've got an 06 legacy BP and currently running on Tein street super .. somethings .. coilovers basically but the basic with just the height adjustment. they dropped mine about 2.5cm ish. left is after - right is before (not sure why they are this way round LOL)
  15. If I can get the doors to me from Dunedin I'll give it a go
  16. i don't see why not... but again, don't rely on me for this
  17. Reckon I could swap rear glass in?
  18. i'd hazard a guess that front door+glass fit, and rear door fits but not rear glass..... thats just a guess, based on me eye balling the two vehicles Also if noone on here knows, try uklegacy (uk) or subyclub (aus)
  19. No one?
  20. Hey! Headed to Wellington Easter weekend. ( Friday - Sunday ) Im keen to Meet up somewhere, Chill, Banter. Maybe go for a cruise. I don't know the area so open for suggestions. Anyone and everyone is welcome <3 Driving to Wellington from Auckland and making a stop in Napier both ways. If you want parts delivered or anything I don't mind going a lil out of my way or making a stop or two. Just, FYI. I probably couldn't take large items EG; Rims. but smaller items would be no hassle. just ask I'll probably just say Yeah! Any Questions, Fire away. I appreciate you all.
  21. Probably high time I came out and met some people, I'll do my best to make it.
  22. Indeed there's enough space still Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
  23. Are there still spaces left for the track day? I may or may not have enough money to actually commit soon, so might as well see if there's still room haha.
  24. Yeah dude, I can probably dig out some more if needed...
  25. From the vent hole below water pump
  26. When u say leak... where abouts did they leak from? Cheers
  27. When they start leaking yes they need to be replaced. 1 of mine leaked at 145km and I've had 1 over 310km so no real km they last
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