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  2. Does the alarm light start flashing if the car turns off normally? video voltage is 14.4 then 10.7 and dead is still be going to the alarm installer to get the alarm checked as it should be free and ruling it out would help heaps.
  3. Nah it doesn’t go flat, it’s more like it’s overcharging and surging. Heres a vid of what’s happening I took tonight
  4. Today
  5. Does the battery go flat? also does the voltage jump from 14.2 down to 12.9 or move slowly. That fault sounds like a switch that makes the voltage quickly change between those two exact values.
  6. Yeah you might be right there, since the voltage did dip before the power cut out. Is the alternator regulator a replaceable part I can get from somewhere? Also came across this, could this work around stop the alternator fluctuating? https://strongforsubaru.com/subaru-alternator-fault-fix/
  7. Still could be alternator not holding a good voltage. The relay for alarm should be external so maybe look for that next or follow the clicking until you find the relay at fault. If the alarm keeps restarting as the voltage drops out then it will cycle the relay. Maybe easy to go back to alarm installer and get them to check their work. Could be a bad wire or a faulty main unit so be nice to start with.
  8. All the Earth points look good, so I hooked up my OBD2 scanner and the voltage was fluctuating, then when I whacked the headlights on the whole thing cut out, except for the scanner and light for the alarm flashing, along with a loud clicking under the dash. So I’m guessing it’s the alarm that’s causing the issue. Anyone have experience with AVS alarms and Subaru’s?
  9. both of them! my "G sensor" hit the windscreen a couple of times on Braking Turn #1 / Toyota @Tony (aka "Ronin" old forum name) took out Fastest on the day in his Evo I was just out there for fun Don't think I did too bad for a Thousand Dollar car! $$/smiles/miles I think I won
  10. good to see you out showing the flag.. Did you have the pedal to the metal Joker? i saw a few cs guys on the results. Viv edan and someone else..
  11. Yesterday
  12. Relaxing Sunday drive up a small hill.
  13. Sounds like the pov-spec 2.0L, mainly used for company/fleet/rental use unfortunately. Sure, they're no Legacy, but the higher trim diesel and incoming 2.5 turbo aren't a bad combo at all. The kit & safety features the new Mazda's come with, considering the price point is impressive. They definitely lack the refinement you get out of similar era BMW/Audi/Merc, but at half the price its unfair to compare Sorry, just read the 2.5L comment
  14. No idea what G but was a 2.5L. Same as here
  15. I had to trim quite a bit on my 05 back in the day even though I was using a turboxs kit so that’s nothing new. There was a high hp sti on here that was using a redline kit.
  16. Haha, Nah. She needs her own wheels. I can't afford to keep the Subaru and buy a Mazda. At least the Subaru is going to a good home in my eyes. The missus will probably get a motorbike of her own in the future, so no need to worry about keeping all the toys for myself! Was that a GLX 2.0? I'm not wanting one of those. The 2.0 isn't a good engine in the 6 in my opinion. Definitely getting a GSX with a 2.5 petrol. Dad has a 2017 2.2 diesel Limited which is actually pretty quick. I'm ideally going for a release model 2013/14 GJ chassis GSX 2.5 petrol. Has the older TomTom satnav system in it, but it'll do for what I want. Comes a hell of a lot better equipped than the older GH chassis ones in terms of tech and that.
  17. Id say the terminal are most likely loose on the battery or the relay for the alarm. The relay on alarm could be rubbing on something and shorting as well. Could be alterantor regulator isnt stable either but the multimeter should show that. Analogue ones are best but the sparkie should have tested that first. Hook the multimeter up and see if the voltage fluctuates or just cuts out. That or log the ecu voltage if you have the cable and phone/laptop.
  18. I just cut and polished my mothers honda torneo headlights, they definitely came out much improved but took a decent amount of elbow grease. This looks way too easy!
  19. Here's a couple of vids if anyone can be bothered to watch (pretty boring lap stuff) only recorded the 1st & last session & not sure why the gopro decided to split the videos into two I really liked the way Superlap is run, sorted into times & the 1st session I spent time looking behind me to let faster (everyone) pass me safely By the last session we had times & were let off in order so no-one really got in each others way #timeattack / #oneperfectlap oh yeah & Lol Gravel Express (Version 2 WRX) I had fun Chasing Vivian aka @Munkvy in his BMW He had slicks, less power but more grip, & I ran out of rear brakes after session 2, lucky Repco just down the road! "What's your rego....." I know there were other ClubSubbers there too Cam & the Palmy Sub guys Feel free to post other cars & your pics from the event!
  20. Yes the power includes the engine. Nah no issues when its stationary. Didn't start straight after, would have been more than a month later. Nothing other than a headunit. Yes I do have a multimeter. What do you suggest I check? Yes I'll check and clean all the earth straps tomorrow and see if it helps, thanks for the advice!
  21. Gotta line up the sale of the old one atleast lol, or unless he's happy to go a little lower on price and tempt me right to it GOnna quote my post from garage thread to spam the word out there about old one bein for sale, in case anyone out there would know I'll appreciate it.
  22. hmm... maybe on top on the tunnel under all the plastic stuff? My 99 STi had the ABS computer or something related there... so know they use that spot for "things".
  23. Problem is that they will have smashed the steering lock to pieces as well so it can turn into quite a big job. As yours is evidently not the immobiliser one it would be a DIYer, just need to get all the parts off a wreck. I can almost guarantee they didn't pop the door lock though, they will have pulled the frameless window out from the pillar and stuck something in to unlock it. Much more likely you'll need to replace the monsoon/plastic rain guard above the door as it often gets broken off so they can pull the window. All of this said, somewhat unlikely that it'll show up. Also weird that it got taken in the first place, generally speaking shithead car thieves would expect a car this new to have a factory immobiliser, or maybe they just know which models don't....
  24. Cambelt, tensioner, idlers and waterpump. Up to you if you do the cam and crank seals, rule of thumb is if they aren't leaking leave them. Tbh you might find winger has sharper pricing then partsouq (take freight into account with your pricing)
  25. Yeah can do that but not sure exactly what I need...
  26. Put the chassis into partsouq and it'll bring up the parts specific for the car
  27. Partsouq but not sure of all the parts needed and part numbers and the dealers won't give me the part numbers
  28. Where are you planning on buying a kit from?
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