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  2. I'd like to hear the HKS Silent Hi-power, is it worth the additional coin?
  3. @Pappu1 is a good bet for any street tuning herein AKL, on factory ecu and he can also do on-dyno tuning now too.
  4. That's a box mate, not a boxer Get them out of the packaging and into your engine!
  5. Gull did there "crazy" 12c price drop which caused a bit of a price battle in Auckland. Managed to go to Mobil Smales Rd and grab 55L of 98 for $115 after Smiles fuel discount. $2.129/L at the pump and $2.069/L after Smiles discount.
  6. Do ppl get a 3 port for turbo BR/BMs as well?
  7. Ohhh oh hai. How you doooin [emoji23] Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah Methane not Methanol are not the same thing.
  9. From Politics to science battles, all we need now is vorigan? And ichiban to pop up and the Circle of CS life is complete
  10. Hi, running out of ideas for an annoying problem with my DCCD. My V3 RA with DCCD classic gets a flashing DCCD light on dash, has been happening since the g/box oil was replaced, but suspect that just made an existing problem worse (check my other post) It faults on IGN on, very quick light up LOCK and then "click" blinking on OPEN (last O on dash), rolling switch does nothing, DCCD feels like in OPEN mode - which I think is to be expected on fault. Occasionally, once its been warmed for a while, I get 20 secs or so when DCCD does not fault. Scroll works, dash lights work, mechanically is "feels" like the DCCD is working, handbrake light on seems to disengage however this lasts for around 20 seconds and then will go to fault again. I've reseated the 6 pin harness on top of gearbox housing - looked fine, and wiggled/degreased wiring that leads into the gearbox itself whilst up on a mates hoist. I've also disconnect battery for long enough to clear any fault in the DCCD Controller (unsure if this did anything) and checked g/box oil level is good. I believe V3 DCCD isn't as complex as later models, ie, not ABS sensors or steering angle sensors but any ideas what I could try next? My feeling is its electrical and most likely inside the g/box, but appreciate any insight. Thanks
  11. Sounds like you need to do some reading on organic chemistry and functional groups. If your interested... (this is from memory from a while ago so might be off on a couple bits) Methane is an alkane, the 'meth' means it has a single carbon element (eth=2, prop=3, but=4 and so on) the suffix of '-ane' is what tells you that all of the carbon atoms are saturated with hydrogen. The '-ol' suffix is what tells you it is an alcohol, the carbon is still fully saturated but one of the hydrogen elements is replaced with the OH functional group. As @Andy_Mac said this isn't just a gas-liquid state change there is a chemical reaction involved. An alkane has very different properties to an alcohol.
  12. Err... not really though is it. Same same would be heating frozen H2O to make liquid H2O There’s still a rather complex chemical process to turn methane (CH4) into methanol (CH3OH) Plus since methane isn’t an alcohol it doesn’t have the hugely beneficial cooling factor which is the main reason, besides eco-ness, we actually want it
  13. Methane* Methane=gas Methanol=liquid Same same tho
  14. Not neccessarily cool, but got a laugh out of it
  15. Go back to science class... you mean methanol.
  16. That's low! I was getting 13.5L/100km.
  17. we have shitloads of cows and sheep in nz, cant we just extract ethanol from all their poop?
  18. For tuner go PBMS Yeah grab a 3-port for quicker spool and A more consistent boost curve. Small cost for the gain they give. Skip intake, can remove the resonator bottle on the bottom of the stock intake for more noise and supposedly better spool. Downpipe and 3-port really are the go-to’s for cheap-ish mods before a first time tune that’ll give you the best bang for your buck.
  19. Hi everyone, I’m after recommendations for where to get a BP5 daily driver dyno tuned. I've had a good read of this post, but most of the posts are a few years old and I know tuners move/retire, so I’m asking what the situation is in May 2018. I’m based in Auckland but happy to drive in the upper North Island for the best tune. Car is a 2006 JDM Legacy GT (BP5) manual 70,000km, fujitsubo cat-back exhaust (fitted in Japan), with downpipe to be fitted soon. I’m after a fast daily driver with useable power (and any economy benefits if possible, particularly driving on ‘I’ mode). I’m not interested in racing or track days. I’m after a professional dyno tune from a reputable tuner rather than DIY. Dyno tune will be the limit of the performance modification, I have no desire to start changing internals or turbos. (1) Recommendations for tuners? From reading these forums Dtech in Tauranga, or PBMS sound like the best to go for - is this still the case? (2) What about the GrimmSpeed 3-port EBCS to complement the tune? Seems like a good idea for a few hundy and easy install. (3) Any point doing intake? From what I’ve read, sounds like the answer is no for the level of modification I’m going for, but feel free to change my mind. (4) Any other quick, cheap (i.e. few hundy, like the EBCS) performance mods you’d recommend prior to a dyno tune, and why? Cheers
  20. V4 Type RA Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk And a photo that I actually own... Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  21. Here's the next monthly details.... Sorry been a little distracted by uni... - Wednesday 13th June - 7.30pm onwards - Wendy's in Botany (see images below) - RAIN LOCATION: Across the road at Botany Xtreme bowling,174.9099601,262m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en Tell your subi mates! Thanks for the pic @1randomkiwi
  22. Depends on quantity. Nothing dangerous about making a bottle or two to drink
  23. Dam i wish we had mobil 98 in the south island, the onlly choice we get is BP!
  24. Pretty sure health and safety and local bylaws will F*** you being its flammable. zoning of the property will likely be the first issue unless you are on a lifestyle block.
  25. yeah now you mention it, I remember them mentioning it. Sucks its so hard to get.
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