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  2. @Tony had good results with a BW Airwerks one. Way cheaper than EFR's. The amount you save on the turbo rather than going Blouch will easily cover the fab required to go twist mount.
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  4. Yea I need to get my fronts done
  5. Right, cat amongst pigeon time. The Blouch is bloody expensive for what is essentially a glorified Garrett in a not-very-efficient housing. Buy this: With the twinscroll internally-gated housing. By the time you pay for flanges and stuff it will be similar money. Saw the Subaru flange off your up-pipe, put a T4 flange on it, keep the turbo stock location. I guarantee you a better net result. If you ever get bored of it, flick the 6758 Supercore and plop a 7163 core in, 320wkw+ potential, no worries.
  6. omg that engine - i actually saved that picture + will try make mine look that tasty
  7. They're Technocast Corsias, and I too really want a set, but so far havent found any in my size
  8. Does it matter when your wagon looks that good?
  9. Please help me identify wheels, i originally thought they were speed lines but after comparison i have concluded they are not. Cheers
  10. Its because of the larger compressor inducer that the wall on the intake snout is so thin. A gt3076 is somewhere around 57mm and the intake is somewhere around 2 1/8-2 1/4 iirc. If you had the 3" intake it would be a decent thickness but hard to find one compatible with tgv's. Would think a custom cooler be @LDS.Fab or the like would be heaps cheaper than pw. If youre going to go to external just do the twisted thing as its a similar amount of work and makes the turbo cheaper.
  11. Brand whore... Thats me The Dom 1.5 will have a better/thicker compressor housing than my 3.0. Also I haven't seen it been done to any others. External wasnt much of a mission, just a pain after spending all that money on a turbo just to have it crap out. My gate is VTA. It will be recirculating eventually but it looks like a real pain to do.
  12. Cheers for the response, the more the better. Been getting more and more opinions lately. Nah, definitely no track racing for me; I'll be getting another car for that purpose. Worse I'd do is drag ways but never will I launch it. That's pretty much what I see looking myself doing and some back road fun; never done it much but starting too now. Another reason why I'm kind of siding with stock TMIC is that cost wise... I' currently have a PW Intake so kinda makes sense to go PW FMIC since it routes different to other brands out there or I go custom and spend extra $1-1.5K. Yep, I'm in the process of viewing a Blouch 1.5XTR Twin of a guy whose had it for 2 years done roughly 20tho k's; If I get it for the price I want then I'd probably get it. 1. Do you happen to know if that's pretty common the housing bending? I've never seen it happen overseas but I have seen it happen only to you (I think I saw your build thread somewhere here). Right I see noted on internal wastegate. 2. How much of a mission was it to go external? Is yours VTA? 3. If you were to re-do it all over again what brand/path would you have gone to instead? Comparing your turbo to same exact one but just looks newer (I Guess)? It seems like they have thicken the inlet compressor housing a tad more from the pictures? Do you have any clue as to why this one is black with a big BPT signage instead comapred to yours? I don't think it's their heat coated option which made it a tad different. vs
  13. Dtech also used a third parties jig for a twisted t4 iirc. Might be an option to get into a cheaper borg/holset. Just means altering downpipe and intake. Really should do fmic either way.
  14. Yep, that's what I originally thought of as well if going with the 3.0. As option atm for me brand new is 1.5XTR Twin or 3.0 XTR Twin and I'm siding with the 1.5XTR. Hard to get info online (not much) about the 2.5 XTR Twin. Yeah, had a look at it real quick but custom intake, custom exhaust work, it'll just sorta be up there as well - prolly more. Definitely an option if I do stay away from Blouches but I'm in the process of viewing a Blouch 1.5XTR Twin of a guy whose had it for 2 years done roughly 20tho k's; If I get it for the price I want then I'd probably take it.
  15. That's great to hear! Congrats
  16. With a new heart , like a Phoenix from the ashes.....she lives !
  17. wow thats pretty cheap, may have to get my fronts done at some point.
  18. Vasoline is also good for sealing leaking MR2 targa tops
  19. Cheers, will get in touch with Nick
  20. Nick at AutoTintz. Check this deal out! Best tinter I've used.
  21. Any recommendations for window tinting in Auckland? I've had windows done by Car Folie in the past but I'm having trouble getting hold of them (not sure if they're even around any more)?
  22. Bloody legend!
  23. Nah, just about to begin prepping it for next season and as its going to be stripped its a good time to make it safer. But I also don't want to go through the hassle of extending my current cage again... Awesome - Thanks Tony!
  24. You can then use back the semi circular ones. Those should be good Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. Let me go through some old emails as I am pretty sure I have his contact from a few years ago.... I'll be in touch if I have any luck.
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