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  2. Nope. JDM ones have equal length headers and a twinscroll turbo.
  3. i am looking at purchasing a 2010 WRX STI sedan JDM 2L version and was wondering if this is still a unequal length single scroll turbo set up same at the 2.5L NZ new Cheers
  4. Last week
  5. Hey Everyone been a longtime since anyone has posted in here is anyone still floating around?
  6. I've got the exact same button. It's for the parking corner marker thing. Pretty sure it's an extremely common aftermarket model.
  7. : the circle of live continues : I pasted a link to this discussion say Hi if you login Liam! and thank you to @Nachoooo
  8. yeah a bit off the beaten track! they'll notice the difference from not being on main rd I bet
  9. Buckley.its a bit of a goat track but golf is golf..Anywhere any time.😀
  10. Any reviews for CCT? they do reputable tunes?
  11. awesome. didn't know there was a golf course out there ! 😄
  12. New location too! (has got bigger) FEB 16 2020 "Supercheap Auto" Spectacular Car Show Buckley Golf Course Shannon
  13. Yo. Does anyone know if Subaru changed the formula for its 14L paint specifically for revision D? I ask because my car has had some touchups professionally in the past, and some by me. One of the professional touchups was a perfect match. However my touch up and the other professional touch up were near perfect except in direct sunlight where there's a strong purple pearl coming through, that the factory paint doesn't have. Yet i see earlier Revisions of the legacy wearing what looks to be the exact paint i was supplied? The other possibility i guess is a change in base coat colour - at some point i'm going to do some test panels with a white base and one with a silver base, as well as experimenting with the number of coats applied. But yeah, If anyones noticed this or has some insight, that would be grand. Actually half tempted to paint in Java black Pearl when the time comes.
  14. this show is getting busier every year. if you want to put on a group display get there really early ! otherwise best park outside the showgrounds.
  15. Hey team, there is a car show in Shannon on the 16th Feb 2020 Anyone keen to convoy up?
  16. Frankly though, there are too many variables, and It would definitely be difficult getting their tuners to repair or replace a motor after blowing it up. Especially if they did not build that motor themselves or know the complete history of the vehicle. The vehicle was was originally fit for purpose, so a dyno tune is to make it more reliable? but if you are adding more timing, more fuel and more boost it has deviated from its original purpose and specification. This dyno tune was not intended to repair or fix a faulty vehicle. I'd just add that Soichi at ST-Hitec hated tuning cars built at other workshops, again because he didn't build it. He hated getting blamed when cars came unprepared or failed, because of poor workmanship or conditions. My own car was road-tuned, and then serviced and checked all over. before going on the dyno. In the end we only needed 2hours dyno time.
  17. I mentioned the act in regards to providing services, not in regards to selling a product. The same basic principles around selling a product that’s fit for purpose etc applies to a business providing a “service”. That could a tradesman building a “new” deck or someone removing your “old” house for transport. If they f*** it up and it’s because of negligence then they haven’t provided a fair or expected level of service. Automotive example, a mechanic charges you $1000 to fix your car. You drive home and 5minutes down the road you discover it’s got the same fault. He’s charged you $1000 to replace the wrong part and you still need to fix the problem. Easier scenario, car shop strips / cross threads your lug nuts putting your wheels back on. In my case I made the shop replace my studs because they over tightened them
  18. I wouldn't try to tune a stock vehicle, and that is the risk of dyno tuning. If they built your motor and setup, and they then blow it up it is a different story. Consumer Guarantees Act covers new products, and I am pretty sure that trying to modify a stock vehicle from standard would void it.
  19. 255 seems to be the better way to go to not really look stretched while fitting a lot less work. Wish 4th gen Legacy’s could fit that much tyre without having to make a bunch of sacrifices.
  20. 18x9.5 is fine this chassis. A bit too wide for drag maybe but certainly good for track. With the Michelin ps4 range, its pretty hard to make the car slide lol. So much grip its insane. Very confidence inspiring! Ps, i do have a set for sale 😉
  21. Yea it's the way to do it on a budget. Pistons are the primary weak point so you can swap in some factory clearanced aftermarket ones which are matched to the particular grade of your block, so no machining is needed at all. Factory clearances and general build quality is apparently quite good for moderate to high power and will generally have have higher quality parts than most cheapo trademe rebuild options you see around. Factory bearings are far better than most aftermarket options for a start. This is what I've got in the block sitting at DTech waiting for gaskets so it can get finished up.
  22. This is what @Andy_Mac keeps talking about. Buy a new short block and swapping the pistons to forged ones at the same time. Sounds like a really good value option. hey @Naval what mods had been done to the motor?
  23. The chassis ain’t soft. anyway check @Niran topic you have to a little work to get the correct 265 tyre.
  24. That really sucks man. I’ve just had my engine rebuilt after a similar experience. There’s a few second had engines on trademe but what’s the history of it going to be like? I nearly put a second hand engine in mine but opted for a new shortblock. Similar dollars (not including rebuilt heads, gaskets, seals etc) but you start with basically a new engine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. The best setup I’ve had the pleasure of owning was 17x8 and 17x9 on my old R34 Skyline, fitment with a large sidewall never looked perfect but it gripped and went over bumps well. All I did with suspension was a set of Tein springs on stock struts too. 19x9.5 and 10.5 on my 350Z was surprisingly good but I think that’s down to the design of the body and rwd. The WRX is a long and fairly soft chassis design which awkwardly rolls it weight around in stock form. but yeah, like I said I got these wheels second hand so I didn’t get to choose ideal specs (also not much choice for second hand 5x100 wheels). Looking at Re003 Potenzas in the correct size
  26. 225 on a 9.5" rim yeah that ain't ideal You'd get better road handling out of a 18x8 or 18x8.5 wheel if you're chasing ultimate cornering, 9.5 is unnecessarily wide, even better would be 17x8 as that'll fit over stock wrx brakes, reduce a heap of weight + lower the gearing. Obviously won't look as sicKo though.
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