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  2. I wouldn't go down to the standard unit for long. Just get the fascia and pocket. then get the upgrade available for the headunit. This would cost a fair bit to get parts.. Appreciate the offer for the manuals...lol...but i'll never remember them.. Im not going to swap it for a NZ McIntosh...that seems like a lot of money for little gain at all... Think im down to either modding the Tesla one to work, or return it and put up with the crappy set up it has, which seems dumb for such a new car.. Thanks for the support.
  3. So... I got some parts. What a learning experience this has been! Here are the places I've been to get info and parts... SuperCheap Auto - New Lynn BNT - New Lynn Winger Subaru - Auckland SubTech - Auckland Strong For Subaru - Onehunga After going back and forth between these places over the last 2 days...I have the following parts... Front ceramic pads - 2006 WRX Calipers - BNT Rear ceramic pads - 2002 Legacy GTB BH5 - BNT MAF cleaner - BNT Throttle body cleaner - BNT Front caliper cross spring - 2006 WRX - Winger Subaru Front slotted rotors - 2002 Legacy GTB BH5 - SubTech Left rear brake light lens - Strong For Subaru Left rear door speaker(mine's blown) - Strong For Subaru I'd like to thank Raj at SubTech for his tech help and suggestions, Rachael at Strong for Subaru, Talia at Winger, the staff at BNT, and the staff at SCA(even though they had none of the parts or chemicals in stock). Here's a few pics... I'll post some more pics of the parts tomorrow...and some of the repairs when I do them.
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  5. Just received this package in the mail Thanks Club Sub! Also a sneak peek at what else arrived today See more in my Outback garage thread.. link to thread to come
  6. Or you can buy my set of manuals in English and try to remember what does what... Will be a bit of downgrade to go to a standard unit, plus afaik you'd have to replace a few other components, not just the head. Another potential option: find a NZ new McIntosh at wreckers and swap them over. In this case you'll also have NZ maps, fairly outdated though unless you want to splash out on a $$$ navi CD.
  7. Hey Guys, 2 weeks ago I was involved in a front crash in my Legacy, it was a fairly low speed crash. AA has decided to repair my car (which they have done a very good job on from a body perspective), however there's a noise in the engine bay (rattling like you were to shake a maraca) that I'm concerned with, and according to AA assessors it is "natural Subaru sound". Would love your opinion on this, I don't think it's a natural noise, especially that it started happening after the accident. The sound on the video is amplified because the mic is close to the bay, but it's noticeable. https://streamable.com/wyrvk https://streamable.com/pmuhl
  8. Thanks for helping. This is my one. McIntosh one. I initially thought that I could replace the stereo leaving the screen behind. The screen would just reflect whatever the head unit is doing. After a few more youtube searches...I think that may be wrong. Once the fascia comes off, the screen and head unit appear to be one. Which leaves 3 choices: 1: learn Japanese. 2: Modify the hell out of the tesla style one they sent me to work on a RHD. Which could be fun, but an expensive paperweight if it wont go in at all. 3: Get the other version console from another Gen 5. Then replace the head unit in that. The manual I have on PDF appears to be mostly discussing US/CN versions which might explain why this setup isn't mentioned at all?
  9. Thanks, that's the next best thing thing! Will have a look.
  10. You are asking alot from an old man Speedy. Genuine luditte when it comes to that stuff.. its from Finebiz performance on Trademe $259.. How could anyone resist such a fine thing..
  11. You know something is gonna be loud when it's sitting on the floor and you can already imagine the "Crap... My neighbours are gonna hate me" amount of loud it's gonna be.
  12. Bought a 3inch stainless exhaust because quite cheap and shiney.. Looks loud sitting on the floor..
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  14. - This module automatically folds the side-view mirrors in and out when locking and unlocking car. - Plug and play install - Connects to the existing drivers side door harness, no cutting or splicing required. - Only suited for Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ / FRS that has the mirror fold button. - Working for all GT86/BRZ worldwide models. - https://youtu.be/Y_ynlfodRrE - Purchase here
  15. How about you post a photo of your own set-up? Is that a gloss black McIntosh? If so there is no way to change the language without replacing the whole unit with a NZ/AU new one. Not sure what manual you have/referring to but my NZ new BR9 came with a couple of manuals, one was specifically for a McIntosh system.
  16. Can someone please give some advice here.? I have just bought a 2013 legacy. BR? Of course the stereo is all in Japanese and annoys me no end!. I cant seem to find any options that change the language... Looking for an upgrade to the stereo. Problem is, every place seems to think that I DONT have a 2013 legacy. My dash looks like this (although mines RHD...) Although a different stereo. Mine has the original MacIntosh stereo, its the same layout. Mine has the larger screen for GPS at the top and the head unit underneath. Every place seems to think I should have the stereo at the top with a pocket underneath. Like this. Even the user manual doesn't seem to think I have the right layout!!! So, first question..Why is mine different? Second question...Does anyone know of where to get a stereo that will fit my layout? (like the top picture). I can only find ones that will fit the lower pic layout, and they don't seem interchangeable looking at them. I tried ordering one of the Tesla style ones from AliExpress and despite my asking "do you have a right hand drive version?" asked several times they sent a left hand drive one telling me I just need a professional to install it. It would be awesome in RHD, but cutting the plastic to fit it, is going to leave gaps..
  17. Nolathane now do greasefree bushes, they're a great improvement on that. Most places should do OE rubber replacements for a fraction of the cost too
  18. Decided to clean the headlights, they yellow a lot near the top and just look average. Camera doesn't do the before and after photos justice: Before (passenger side): After (driver side):
  19. Zeus nailed it. Consider going to a Nolathane bush, although they can be a bit squeaky, especially if they dry out. As a side note, these can be an easier job if the car is on the ground, or at least has the wheels supported.
  20. Yeah they're your sway bar D bushes and yeah you can replace them yourself, literally unbolt the saddle and the bush has a slot in them so they just slip off. Measure your sway bar and go to your local repco, supercheap or BNT store, they'll give you the part you need. Looking at the pic there is a '20' on one of the bushes so i'd imagine its a 20mm bar, but always measure them just in case.
  21. Hi, Legacy 2005 BPE Can you please help me identify this part on the suspension of my Legacy? Is it the Sway bar bush? Can I replace this myself? https://photos.app.goo.gl/gjjDwCxXGY31fNhm6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/oJ9FPiXcxSp5F1yd7 Thanks all, Donald, Queenstown New Zealand
  22. Yeah thought so. Bloody heck damn 4th gens
  23. What are he chances these would fit in a BL5?
  24. Too big to be fast on a street course... but sounds awesome... this one has a very nice exhaust setup from llama.
  25. Nope, the ones in your link are a different version
  26. wow true.. just looked it up https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1010824
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