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  2. Cheers buddy, turns out phones these days take way better photos in the dark. Forget a DSLR,
  3. JGM

    Dre's 3ltr

    Nice work behind the lens mate @ACE3.0R
  4. Good man! @Niran glad you bought @Jono24 BE, stoked to see this is going to get what it deserves.
  5. Car was stolen cashmere area saturday night. Bank card was in the car and used by person pictured who was driving the Honda pictured. image hosting sites image hosting sites image hosting sites image hosting sites
  6. Had it on the Dyno Friday. Had a couple of issues. Basically, fuel injector clinic 1650cc e85 injectors have really bad short pulse control. Cheap injector, don't recommend. The exhaust strangled it, and I have a huge amount of pressure drop across the intercooler. Like nearly 4psi. Plan of attack: New intercooler. Adrenaline r 3inch tail section (or similar, quiet is good but needs to flow well) Get some id1300x's Retune. As it is, it's a hoot to drive (safe tune) but it's... No where close to what the target was
  7. Last week
  8. Was going to try these but this other gromet looked like it might work too, plus fairly sure the hole in the cradle is too big for one of these so would need a new upper to try with these. They completely isolate the wiring outside from inside with crimped eyelets on each side and seals around a stud so no chance of fuel tracking up.
  9. Most rtv will break down when exposed to fuel so I wouldn't recommend that. Usually when that happens you would need to replace the sensor but your solder idea sounds like it could work. The same thing happens with the avcs cam sensors where they leak internally and force oil up the wire between the copper and the insulator. If you don't do anything about it the fluid will keep going along the wire until the next point it can escape.
  10. The new gromet is dry but the fuel is tracking up the inside of the wire and seeping out at the heatshrink
  11. So I did a thing today and bought another project car. Thanks @Jono24! A few shots of her while i wait to board the Interislander.
  12. You mean before the insulation starts separate the inner strands enough to get goo between them all?
  13. Attempt number three to seal the fuel cradle has now failed. The gromet is sealing perfectly but there is now a very slight weep coming through the wiring underneath the insulation. Not sure if there is any way to actually seal a multicore cable other than maybe soldering where the insulation starts to try seal the centre wires to each other and then have a smooth surface for the heat shrink to bind to. Using the resin filled raychem heat shrink but assume it isn't rated for fuel. Think getting another stock cradle top and a surge tank is the smart/mentally soothing way to go from here.
  14. IMG_20190920_203033-2 by Andrei Gumtau, on Flickr IMG_20190920_201057-1 by Andrei Gumtau, on Flickr IMG_20190920_225023-1 by Andrei Gumtau, on Flickr _SBD1007-3 by Andrei Gumtau, on Flickr
  15. Could do, Personally I like them as they are
  16. @Andy_Mac what you reckon, needs some VHT on those taillights though?
  17. Should have mine up soon, I'll upload to YouTube tomorrow
  18. Seen that one in person, stationary and in action. Sounds hideous, to my liking anyway. Way too loud and raspy.
  19. Dunno. It's been on Facebook for sale for a little while. Yea Kiwami’s. 9.5’s too so it has the deeper concave unlike mine which are quite flat. YouTube is the easiest for sharing videos and audio. Just copy the link and paste it on here.
  20. Hey what's the best way to put videos or audio clips up?
  21. Already did last page it seems, cant remember doing it.
  22. Don't think they ever changed anything, no evidence of any real changes to the castings after the move to dual avcs. Chances are the temp variance was within spec for stock power levels and it's only once pushing things that it starts to really show up. The only one I know of that they tweaked was the V7 spec C which got a completely different casting for The right hand head due to coolant limitations apprently. Normal was RHS20V but the Spec C got RHC, left head stayed the same with the LHS20V
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