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  2. Is there anyone in auckland that can help out with my Legacy with a bearing issue? Its a 2000 BE5 and it's engine is dead. Reall want to change it for a single turbo.
  3. Not quite that cheap lol Sent from my BLA-L29 using Tapatalk
  4. Spent 2 hours back and forth across Auckland with a piping kit. Roll on Friday.let's see.
  5. By cheap I mean $500 haha Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  6. Some very cheap rev d wagons on trademe at the moment with high kms. I keep an eye out [emoji56] just for research purposes.. Sent from my BLA-L29 using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah that’s what I have still works as a drill if you buy the socket to hex adapter @Individualities work with screw bits for brake discs and drilling provided you keep it on the 1 low speed mode.
  9. Perfect for doing up the wheels nuts so the wheels don’t fall off too [emoji12]
  10. Yeah their drill bits have a hex base, which is good for use in a normal chuck. I got the Impact Wrench - that's the BIG BOY which can do over 1000Nm of torque - great for CV nuts that won't come undone lol
  11. They have a screw driver hex attachment for that 1/2”. Also if you look about there are drill bits that are hex mount into the drill. No chuck no slip. Just click on and make holes
  12. Ordered some Milwaukee tools from Placemakers! Have a pretty fly deal at the moment for a OneKey Drill and 1/2" impact wrench, with two 5Ah batteries, 12V/18V fast charger, carry case, one 12V 2Ah battery, and you can redeem via the Milaukee NZ site a 12V underhood light or 25 piece drill set. Payed $1180.48 (the lovely lady who served me got about $150 off). Valid till the 31st of May for those interested.
  13. I want to paint my gold brembo calipers fluro yellow like the ones from the late model STIs. I've found high temp primer and clear, but no high temp fluro yellow... My question is... can I use a regular base coat if it's protected from both directions by high temp primer and clear? Or Am I better off getting them powder coated? And how much should I expect to pay for 4 calipers? Thanks!
  14. Someone find me a rev d body! [emoji3] my block is at almost 270km so suppose itll need a freshen up Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
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  16. Any generation 4 cyl will work with a Rev-D because it is tunable. Rev-B will work great as the compression ratio is slightly lower than Rev-D 8.5:1 rather than 9:1. Makes it easier to tune on our trash fuel imo.. and your engine has already proven it likes to make power so pairing it with a Rev-D ECU and a tune would be ideal
  17. Had to scrap it because I had to move house. Currently looking for a rev c sedan body because I dont know if my rev b drivetrain will work properly with the rev d. But hey, open to be corrected haha Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  18. Some sort of messed up earthing springs to mind. The fans and relays are permanently powered... if those relays are some how earthed incorrectly, they will power the fans.
  19. Ahh man well done on salvaging what you can. Whatever happened to that Rev-A? BE5 you had? I think now is a good time to pickup a Rev-D rolling body with ECU. Plop in your powertrain and single T it. I'm tempted to offer you my "Currently" rolling body BE5-D
  20. I vote an earthing rod bashed into the ground on a 1320 ft lead. It's all he needs.
  21. Hey guys got an interesting issue just looking for some pointers to fix it. Or even a wiring diagram. Car is a 97 wrx (v3 type) When I bleed the cooling system the fans cycle as per normal. But my mirrors won't adjust and if I try retract them the cooling fans go Same if I use the cigarette lighter. I have tried disconnecting black dash harness from body and lighter still mates fans go same if I disconnect lighter. Cheers
  22. Could well be a ground,issue. Would probably pay to chuck one of those aftermarket grounding kits on. When you eventually relocate the battery and direct feed the fuel pump you’ll resolve that end too Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk In terms of root issue however, if getting good stable feed at pins (measure resistance too, as you would when checking for solid grounds when installing an amp for example) but link reporting much less then either software bug or some power distribution issue. Either way you ain’t got fuel speed controller so just direct feed that sucker with fuse/relay , chuck in a #racecar like pump prime / kill switch too Doesn’t link have some diagnostic / testing mode for the injector controls? I recall seeing something like that when playing around with mine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Link or a straight up grounding issue. It’s frustrating as hell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. But then we checked voltage to the pin and it was allgeezy. so it's basically just because it's a link.
  25. Ok, so I bought myself a 99 WRX for very cheap today that I plan to use everything to do the conversion on my BG5a. I was sure this was the model to get but now I realize that this is a version 5/6, not the 3/4 that I am told that I need. I didn't get to look at the ECU to see how many plugs it has. The only thing that twigged me that it was different to what I need is that it doesn't run the old style large (coloured label) AFM that the is talked about on here, it uses the modern one that just bolts into the pipe. I had bought this as a whole car as I thought a whole loom swap might be the go, but how compatible is it going to be with my BG5? And if I do do a full loom swap and drive train swap what wont the new loom talk to in the BG5? I thought I had bought the right car to do this the least painful way but now I feel a bit bummed out. I can use heaps of the parts off this car and all the single turbo stuff but I thought this would be all I needed to buy.
  26. I also have a BE5 auto that is doing similar things. Where are you located?
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