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  2. Not really after any power upgrade, just trying to replace the old injectors at the moment. I reckon the adapters could be useful for future upgrades that's why I'm thinking on going that route...
  3. Yes first one out on and then modified. Yes subtech ones. We cut out rubbing section and fitted a cutout of a 3" bit of tube to clear knuckle being fitted inverted.
  4. Give Gareth a call and explain what’s going on.They are a good workshop and stand by there work.I had a solid center clutch plate installed by them and didn’t like it and they replaced it,no charge. Was that the twin scroll down pipe on Tm with the cat.
  5. Hi all, does anyone know where to get new door and window seals? Dont want to buy them from a wrecker. The ones on my BH are torn and falling off Sent from my SM-A530F using Tapatalk
  6. Were they Subtech ones? What did you do to make them fit properly? Did you put them on first and then find out?
  7. I'm hoping this is just QA issue on their products and performance wise, as expected, is much quicker. But it sucks having to take off the pipe twice (and potential third time due to the issue), each time taking 2-3 hours due to a bolt on the turbo being stuck. It'll be 9 hours of labour now instead of 2-3.
  8. Oh right hah Drag Strip can be called a race track too huh yeah I'm jelly and old
  9. @sobanoodle BuT NZDM yO! I still rate my DIY option really, 40 odd dollars for a flange, some steel tube off cuts and a few spare hours and it probably performs just as well as an overpriced Subtech pipe
  10. If you run sub-11.0 you aren't allowed to run again until you have a cage (half-cage?).
  11. And then some muppets tell me they'd rather get a brand new Subtech for the price of my (now sold) HKS pipe
  12. We have had 2 downpipes do exactly same issue and now modify them before fitting
  13. Sorry forgot to take any photos. The only issue is time when you've 9-5 job and trying to sort out a time for a hoist and a hand at mates when his shop's always busy. I don't doubt that they'll replace it for sure (I probably don't want to since it has been used for a day or two now and coating has melted/worn) but labour taken to put on and back is the issue and I doubt they'd replace it on the spot. Would've been easier to just pay Subtech to install it as it didn't cost a lot and all the trips back and forth to their workshop and they'd sort any of these issues out I'm going to call them on Monday and see what they say and if I have to take the whole thing off either way, may as well just bang it with a hammer to get clearance if no easier options are avail.
  14. Sorry lol im looking to buy a wrx sti ra limited or just a ra or maybe a type r just thort id post on here as there is not much for sale anywere esle
  15. ^ would someone please translate the above ?
  16. You got any pics? Shouldn't need to take the heat and reshape route with a stock location turbo downpipe though. Suppose you're not close enough to them to take it back and tell them to sort it?
  17. Wea all the mean az ra's an type r's for sale seems to be nothing much around these dayz???
  18. I had the same problem with my up pipe and a twisted turbo setup... there isn't much room down there and if you are using v-bands, getting the exactly correct position can be tricky. Ultimately my problem was caused by the headers warping constantly and changing the location that the up pipe sat in.
  19. Last week
  20. Reading the reviews, Subtech seems to be good guys but had a really bad experience with the downpipe, forcing me to remove the pipe twice before installation and will have to remove it again but its a long story so I won't go there. So I've installed the downpipe yesterday but was feeling something odd when steering left (a vibration and a light scraping noise). Lifted the car up straight away and the steering column was definitely rubbing the downpipe evident by a tiny mark. So tried to loosen all the bolts just in case there was a bit of move left and tightened it again with the downpipe pushed as far away from the steering column. At the worst angle, there was about 5mm gap so I thought this would do the trick. Sadly this is still happening and while its a huge scrape, this definitely will have safety implications on hard cornering at fast speeds. The easiest solution online was to remove the pipe again (which will be my third time removing it) and hammer it down after heating it up. This would be my resolution and I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience (with any kinds of downpipe) and found an easier solution for it?
  21. I'm slightly interested in these circumstances, more info? Even Playdays have the prestige 'class' which can be as 'dollar efficient' as committing to a cage
  22. From a quick look while I was at a conference today. That nzdra book says you can use it for both provided it is cromolly. And meets both standards. Also has something like sub 9.90 is full cage, 11.00 is half based on a what the chassis is. Msnz cage youll have to do two club level events a year to keep it legal. Youll need to read both books and talk to a couple of shops that do drag and rally as forum world isn’t gospel
  23. Hey guys I haven't come across these factory service manuals on this forum yet so below I've got links to FSM for Imprezas. Wiring diagrams included. Also have a few for certain Legacy and Forester models. Should save us the effort of browsing other forums. http://ken-gilbert.com/page/3?s=impreza+manuals&x=18&y=14 http://forum.wrx.com.au/viewtopic.php?t=45443
  24. I know that some years ago the answer was a resounding no - you could go run a 10 second pass with a super ropey half-cage made of exhaust off-cuts arc-welded together in your mates garage and that was more or less fine, but MSNZ would laugh at you if you tried to get the cage homologated.
  25. NZDRA cages != MSNZ cages... need to figure out which he needs... can NZDRA cages by made road legal? i.e. do they have an equivalent of the MSNZ authority card? Can NZDRA cages be used at MSNZ events?
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