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  2. Yep for sure. I’ll check with you again next week to see if he has replied
  3. Try having to replace a single crush washer behind the timing belt cover because it’s leaking oil.
  4. EFR has the BOV inside the housing so that recycling likely helps more than a bigger inlet. There was like some SAE stuff on inlet tracts somewhere. Best one was long taper in but not really practical space wise. Isnt there like metal spinners that can shape pipe like that in nz.
  5. Jumping to the other end of the turbo. Has anyone found any relevant articles on turbo inlet sizes and their impact. The ’smaller’ EFR’s with 2.5inch inlets seem crazy small sitting next to GTX Garrett’s with 4inch outer shrouds which must still give 3inch plus inlets (Should probably go measure mine to be sure). Even with the inlet itself being not hugely larger the potential restriction reduction of a bigger inlet tube must have a similar impact to the larger downpipe
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  7. Put it up on stands and get under it while the engine is running... you'll find the leaks pretty quick.


    Cheers for the info mate. That Outback looks ideal!
  9. Alright, cheers bro. Maybe I will just look into putting some additional sounds deadening above the mufflers to cut out some of the cabin noise. It could also be a joint that isn't sealed properly. I did all the nuts up bloody tight but the front connection seemed a bit weird. I'll get my mechanic to look at it next time I take it in for a WOF.
  10. Don't worry about it. Probably not as annoying as you think. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. I love the sound but I want to fix the drone at low RPM.... So I would have to replace the mufflers? No easier option? Its not so bad that I would go to that extent, I just don't wanna annoy the neighbours when I leave early in the morning or come home late at night. Also I don't want to attract too much attention when I'm driving slowly through carparks etc.
  13. Happy to post, but will leave it a few days incase @Kol12 ddoes want it (as he asked first)
  14. Pretty much need cert for all seat changes where the seatbelt clip is mounted to the seat frame and doesn’t directly bolt in or is not OEM standard. Need to prove OEM crash certified blah blah etc etc But everything is a grey area so just call LVVTA tech in Wellington they are helpful. Easiest way is to check is to look at aftermarket seat mounts and see what years and cars they list against each.
  15. No, but I have a full genuine gasket rebuild kit if you want photos.
  16. Yeah it's tricky.. .Google seems to not have an answer. Is it true I will need a cert if they don't just bolt in?
  17. Some will, most won't. Basically, v11+ (grb chassis and newer) will fit, the rest won't.
  18. Hi guys, Anyone know if STi Bucket seats will bolt straight into a 04 legacy BL? Looking to buy some but don't really want to go through the hassle of getting cert Cheers
  19. Took the old legacy skid racing last weekend IMG_2000 by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr IMG_1919 by Aaandy Livingstone, on Flickr
  20. Don't worry about it. If you can, remove it and sell it on Trademe. Subarus don't need them.
  21. Flatten the pipe to an oval shape. Still want to see the 4” side exit on the alto.
  22. What you get when you buy XForce 3.0R do get very droney if opened up too much. You need a decent resonator in there, or beefier mufflers.
  23. Redline used to (or still) sell HKS and XForce to suit. I had Fujitsubo and HKS systems installed on my BR. Fujitsubo was loud and droney, HKS was sweet as. Hardly ever anything used comes for sale as these are fairly new and do not get modified as much as the previous generation.
  24. I'm confused... do you love it or do you need to fix it because it's annoying?
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