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  2. I'm going to be doing my best to document all of the Subaru SVXs/Alcyones in New Zealand. I've been gathering information and photos for several months and I feel I have enough to get started with. I will be working through all the cars I have documented from earliest to latest by chassis number. I will include as much information and as many photos as possible. However, my records are far from complete, so if you can contribute something please do. I should have the first entry up today.
  3. Still playing the waiting game. Haven’t received a tracking number or anything so I emailed their customer service yesterday. Turns out it’s still processing in their computer for some reason so now I’m waiting on an answer for why it’s been processing for a week.
  4. Yup it’ll be available in the next few weeks. Has a grimmspeed cross over pipe as well.
  5. try here:
  6. Just google the potential gearbox code. If the final ratios match then no need. If it’s different then getting the right matching diff would be wise Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Are you sure... I know that the Etune Legacys have a longer final ratio, not sure how/if that will effect the ratios of the difs... worth checking against here:
  8. what about the ratios, doesnt it need to be matching to the diff?
  9. Easy as then. You only need the gearbox. You don’t need the driveshaft and diff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. old box blew 3rd gear and syncros are stuffed in 4th old box blew 3rd and syncros in 4th are stuffed
  11. I’m good with the height I have so as long as they clear at the current height it’s ok. I’m a fan of lightweight as they are better on the road. May have to get camber tops to get some more clearance
  12. 888 pages today I’m again replacing the left rear sway bar link for the third time.
  13. Hidy ho, The answer is yes it should fit indeed. Did you blow up your old box or manual swapping? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I dunno aye. I hate the Kiwami's lol. Not sure what people see in them. Guess that's why we all get different wheels though aye, taste. IMO, figure out what function you want out of them - race, street roller etc. If they are just for cruising around then they don't need to be light. But a light set of wheels, albeit pricier, make a big difference with less unsprung weight. My new wheels are 1 inch wider, and running 265s vs 245s, and weight only went up 200g per wheel.
  15. @Subirex Automotive will be a much better value for money.
  16. Fitment wise i think you'd have a better time with like a +40 to +45 offset (not sure about inner clearance though). When i first put my wheels on, they stuck out just over a cm from the front guard lol. Running the lower camber bolt at max, and coilovers are set on zero. Lots of guard rolling to make it fit (if you want to run a lower setup). But yeah, couldn't be happier with these Rays gramlights! They are.. wait for it.. extremely light!
  17. I'm a massive fan of Kiwami’s too but reckon on these cars they suit rims with a recessed spoke outer edge to give the appearance of a deeper lip. Like @Niran’s. Not quite the RPF kinda lip though, with dark colours they just look like you're only running 16’s 😂
  18. Hi people. Im new to this forum and was just wondering, will a full manual kit (gearbox, diff, driveshaft, etc) from a bh5 legacy fit into a be5 legacy? Cheers!🙂
  19. Sadly they are silver only oh and cost way too much Enkei RPf1o 18 x 9.5 ET45
  20. A few people have used subtech on here.
  21. im a big fan of work emotion cr kiwami, having had them on two previous cars. on a black car with work bronze they look amazing
  22. ride

    suspension ?

    Yes the springs are black, very observant of you with the promo photos , thanks for everyone's comments , will now have to decide what to do . Has anyone used Subtech Subaru Mechanics in Penrose ?
  23. as likely as a rhd valentine 1 😄
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