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  1. Haven't driven it much at all this year so these are a bit old but will throw them in the ring. Courtesy of friends more talented than me. Really need to get more rolling shots but its not particularly easy.
  2. I don't keep up to date much on new cars anymore and was pretty confused coming into this thread like no s*** its important haha Drove a brand new camry in the states in 2017 which had the adaptive cruise control and lane assist and collision avoidance which sounds a lot like this subaru equivalent. Never got to test the collision avoidance thankfully but on the large highways the adaptive cruise control was pretty awesome. I found the lane steering assist a really odd sensation. It felt like when you have a big gust of wind push you to the side in a light car. I can see it being a very good way to avoid rear ending someone if you lose concentration in traffic or fall asleep on a long drive etc.
  3. I actually just disabled it for now. Google days it takes 6 weeks for a team to manually review the submission? Whole thing seemed a bit too serious for what we are doing lol. If they approve it one day I'll reactivate, if not nothing lost?
  4. Google login awaiting verification by Google privacy or safety team or whatever.
  5. Hi all I have just configured the forums new SSL certificate so you should be browsing securely!? Forum has also been updated to version below: Please let me know here if any issues arise. I would not be surprised if there are any..
  6. Hi all Just applied forum updates Please see release notes below if interested and post here if you find any issues.
  7. Don't give up on the jdm braapapap woosh dreams
  8. If you want a reference my 96 Suzuki Alto, 660cc turbo, gets average 6.2L/100km and I am not light on the throttle and drive daily. Would probably get better if you drove it like a city car should be.. Tires are 155/65/13. Look after it well of course but most of my journey to work would be on the motorway. 5 speed box though so it's not too bad in terms of revving it's nuts off. Lots of fun, highly recommended.
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  10. 2k at winger is probably $300 at a reasonable mechanic lol
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