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  1. I actually just disabled it for now. Google days it takes 6 weeks for a team to manually review the submission? Whole thing seemed a bit too serious for what we are doing lol. If they approve it one day I'll reactivate, if not nothing lost?
  2. Google login awaiting verification by Google privacy or safety team or whatever.
  3. Hi all I have just configured the forums new SSL certificate so you should be browsing securely!? Forum has also been updated to version below: Please let me know here if any issues arise. I would not be surprised if there are any..
  4. Hi all Just applied forum updates Please see release notes below if interested and post here if you find any issues.
  5. Don't give up on the jdm braapapap woosh dreams
  6. If you want a reference my 96 Suzuki Alto, 660cc turbo, gets average 6.2L/100km and I am not light on the throttle and drive daily. Would probably get better if you drove it like a city car should be.. Tires are 155/65/13. Look after it well of course but most of my journey to work would be on the motorway. 5 speed box though so it's not too bad in terms of revving it's nuts off. Lots of fun, highly recommended.
  7. Hi all Just applied some minor updates to the forum. Please post here if you notice any issues. Release notes can be found here
  8. 2k at winger is probably $300 at a reasonable mechanic lol
  9. Hi all Just had a minor forum software update to Invision Community v4.4.3, nothing should be too different to users. Release notes can be viewed here: Please post any issues here if they arise.
  10. I think we would all concur with this statement. If you want more performance start saving and buy another car one day. You won't really get any value for money out of this one. Enjoy the Subaru life with a decent fuel bill while you can!
  11. Yep the wire or wires should be pretty clearly labelled.
  12. I have always done installs myself but I can at least say the people at driving sound in Mt Eden have been friendly and said the right things when I have bought some stuff there. Chat to them and see if they seem onto it. Wouldn't go to sound around but that's my personal experience. Sound Tech NZ in new Lynn would be the budget option, super sketch, great price. I would take my own product there to get installed not use theirs. Rapid radio have a good reputation I think but are probably expensive as their work is marketed at high end. Never tried hot wire but they could be good option price depending? Or do it yourself! It's pretty easy once you get into just take your time, disconnect the battery first, and don't break any plastic 😁
  13. You might already know but CANs a great design because the noise on each line induces an inverted signal in the other line effectively cancelling all noise. Inbetween the two ends you can splice on whatever is necessary. As long as you have the terminating resister between the lines at the end of each bus, 120ohms from memory, and match all the signal rates, endianness, and ids it should all go smoothly... What ecu are you running? Sorry if it's obvious on mobile atm and haven't read much. With a good ecu you shouldnt even have to worry about any of the low level stuff anyway, just type in the correct frame ID for the sensor on the line, set the correct transmission rate and go. A CAN sniffer off ebay/aliexpress wouldn't go amiss for troubleshooting at hardware level. You can make sure you're sending out the right frames this way. I've done a bit of work with can buses on arduinos, stm boards, and motec ecus so can field some basic questions if you have any particular ones but by no means an expert.
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