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  1. Have 18x8.5 +44 on my 04 wagon, have no issues. Got the guards rolled as a precaution as I was told I might have rubbage but it's nowhere near. Also have 215s on there but am waiting for them to wear out so I can go 225. To much stretch for my liking. Running Tein Super Streets.
  2. An AE101 Levin was my first car if that counts, otherwise it would be this. Still have it 9 years on.
  3. A bit poor at the moment to be traveling around, but if there is anything in Tauranga I'm keen
  4. Also had a VR4 albeit a Galant. Loved it as well, wish I still had it.
  5. Done a couple years back in Aus but the BP GT I had at the time did 775km on 61L. All highway cruising.
  6. Been meaning to do this on the way home from work but keep forgetting haha.
  7. Have done in the past a couple times, only started getting into it in the last few years. Hope to be able to go at some stage this winter.
  8. Hey folks does much happen in the Tauranga/Mount area? Just recently moved to the area
  9. Wtf did that even used to be?
  10. I\'ll just leave this here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEec-zfxiQQ
  11. As above its pretty much a dustbowl these days.
  12. Yea that\'s the one, ended up banned from there. Couldn\'t 100% trust anything from him, but it\'s a cool idea and looks much better then a lot of other ute attempts
  13. Have the same annoyance on mine too. Aus spec Liberty that\'s about 10% out. The thing that\'s been pissing me off though is when traveling along the roads with 110kph limits here the cruise control turns itself off when your doing more then an indicated 115 and you can\'t turn it back on unless the cars been turned off and restarted. It\'s frustrating why can\'t they just have them read what your actually doing from factory.