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  1. It’s an early v11. Surely that many codes suddenly appearing like that would point towards a grounding issue at the ECU
  2. Pretty sure you’d be after @ADIKT not adict @killervq30de I always have my headlights on regardless of day or night so don’t think I ever even bothered setting it up. Have heard of people whinging about the brightness of this kit regardless of dimmed/non dimmed mode but don’t mind it myself.
  3. Na they don’t match up with the trailing arm. Only way is adaptor brackets or the setup from a Legacy with Brembo’s from the factory
  4. @boon do you know considering the amount of time spent sorting your ABS system?
  5. Yea it’s just a warning telling you to take a break. Should happen at 2hrs. Next time it comes up scroll through to the menu with the trip timer and see if it’s 2hrs
  6. More than likely a torn or loose connection somewhere between the turbo outlet and throttlebody. Will feel like a fast NA if the leaks only showing once building some pressure so still might see atmosphere or slightly higher pressure rather than negative like a NA. Options are to pull everything apart and check for leaks piece by piece or jimmy up a way to pressurise the intake after the MAF and chuck a few PSI through it and you’ll hear it hiss 90% of the time where the leak is
  7. Still considerably less aggressive than McmasterJamies, but top of the tyre could have the same issues as him and need rolling. Do third gens have rear camber adjustment? My setup looked way too far out in the rear before drop induced camber plus an extra half a degree from camber bushes
  8. @McMasterJamie has a reasonably aggressive setup from memory. May be wider with less offset but can compare poke in willtheyfit.com
  9. Fairly sure stock are 17x7 +55 How wide are they?
  10. Atleast you guys get a decently gapey hole... As you can see I had to make the most of a bad situation. Much blockage, much less risk of stone damage though
  11. Have seen a tbSTI 18” set on a 3rd gen and they look way too big. Imagine it’d be the same or even worse for a 2nd gen
  12. Would hope there is something else substantial under there as the workmates one got rear ended at like 30kph and that whole area folded up like cardboard.
  13. Not to mention without out some form of sealant they’ll cloud up even quicker and probably worse than they were before you started Been meaning to do mine for a while now.
  14. Hopefully not some super dodgy mounting points for a towball. Just undo them and see what falls off underneath
  15. Even with the amount of time i’ve spent tinkering with mine i’d swap it for a Spec B if I was in the same position as you. Attached to mine aswell but i’d keep everything i’d changed and chuck it in the new one and be just as happy. It can be a tricky one if you can’t afford to have a bit of an overlap with having both at the same time though. @gotasuby or @Subirex Automotive might be able to have a stab at a super rough estimate. They are getting alot more common so there must surely be a couple of stacked ones with good drivetrains out there.