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  1. Geez you'd have to be keen to take out a S8 on a road course. They do well for their size but it's still a whale.
  2. Super jealous of the wheel. Have always wanted one but just can't justify the cost. May be in the not too distant future since I've worn through the top layer of leather on the current one
  3. Unless you’ve got an aftermarket exhaust a decatted downpipe doesn't make much difference to the noise of it. Most of the aftermarket JDM ones have a single high flow cat anyway
  4. Two in the downpipe, one at the bottom of the top half and one near the back on the lower half
  5. Fark that's a lot. Man if I lived down those ways i’d happily do the whole job properly and remove the lot for a fraction of that cost. Try a reputable local mechanic rather than a Subaru dealership. Most places will be considerably less than that and can delete the codes as well.
  6. Alright I'm out for this one. Girlfriend moves up that weekend so figure I should probably be around for that and not bugger off up to Auckland. @A_J_T might want to let someone on the backfill list know.
  7. Think PBMS was doing them at one point. Depends how you want to go about it though. There are different plates depending on whether you’re ripping it all out or just blocking things and leaving it all in place.
  8. Go for an Exedy HD. Dual vs single and 230 vs 240 is troublesome with these. I’d guess yours is dual. Preface GTB’s are dual but post face are single. Could say the H6 follows the same trend but no idea really. No one genuinely knows until it’s out with the size as Subaru seems to have chopped and changed a bit. Best bet would be to find a used 240mm STI/Legacy 6mt single mass flywheel then get the 240mm clutch to go with it if you can't have it off the road for more than a day or two.
  9. Sexy. Have always regretted selling my old beast.
  10. Could try one of those. Will be for US models but wiring will be close enough for fault finding. The one I opened wasn't indexed which makes finding particular sections a massive pain but it’ll still be better than nothing.
  11. That one Sobanoodle linked is pretty good. Only thing I'll add is that on mine there were screws in the bottom corners by the wheels that you need to remove to be able to pull the guard liner back. And unplug the foglights before fully pulling the bumper if you can reach them as the wires are too short for the bumper to rest on the ground whilst still attached. If the bumper has never been off before then the hooks under the headlight can be a bastard to get loose. Once it's been off half a dozen times and half are broken like mine it almost just falls off haha
  12. Bumper off is the only way to get decent access. If you have a multimeter unplug the pumps and check voltage on the loom pins with them activated. Or see if they buzz when activated and if any fluid flows with all lines removed at the pumps. Could be as simple as solidified gunk in the lines blocking them somewhere in the car. @Subirex Automotive is currently wrecking a 4th gen so may still have washer pumps available.
  13. Getting some heat in there helps if they are super tight. Managed to snap a decent brand medium sized vice trying to get a bush out a couple of years ago so wouldn't recommend unless you have a large sized one Or if they still won't budge then drill out the rubber ring then hacksaw the sleeve still left in the arm.
  14. Cool. The lists and categories are all different. It used to separate the Subaru section by region plus had half as many categories for each particular car, just with twice as many diagrams in each which was kind of a pain. Willing to bet they tried to update/improve their catalogue over the break and things didn't go smoothly.
  15. Has anyone had much luck getting a video input besides a reverse camera working nicely with one of these?I'm currently looking at some different gauge options since BTSSM no longer works for me. Have found one setup that connects to the ECU and outputs VGA or composite, so thinking if that can be converted to USB nicely then this may all pan out. Would be nice to keep the gauges on the tablet and not have to run a multigauge digital setup.