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  1. They were the near new one's from Tweedo on here so came at a much better than new price
  2. Loving my XC’s should have grabbed them when you had the chance
  3. @knockoutgiant has had his PW TMIC used for both a Legacy TS turbo and a STI style one. Fitment wasn’t perfect with the legacy turbo as it’s designed for a slightly different flange and location which the Aussie and US cars use, but not a major to fit.
  4. You talking about mating it to the Legacy TS turbo with the two bolt flange or to a STI TS turbo with the standard outlet?
  5. Use the NZTA one on the opposite strut tower. Can get it from chucking your plate into carjam too
  6. Same for mine. Much less cryptic than the translated Jap page thankfully
  7. Have you seen that box empty for some cars? I still read that as a general warning related to this particular fault that would be there regardless of the status. And is only there to inform you that if the status is not implemented then you should contact the dealer as soon as possible. The sentence below says essentially the same thing about visiting a dealer with slightly different wording
  8. When was yours imported? Have you chucked your vin into that link in the other thread?
  9. @knockoutgiant Should be dragging yourself along for one last blast before the old girl sells. Need a high powered Legacy out there to remind me how much of a slug mine still is.
  10. Hmmm... Wondering if I should be getting one too. Does everyone else’s look like this when they chuck their details in? Could be a translation issue but i’d read that as it saying it’s already done, although it shouldn’t be as it was imported before the notification date
  11. Have they given a ballpark indication of what this might be?
  12. Yea I get that side of it. Just wondering in cases where the car hardly gets driven whether the mix will separate considerably while not being driven and need activity to re-blend. Obviously it’s not an engine safety thing with the flex sensor in place but would be annoying to have it sucking mostly petrol until it’s been adequately agitated
  13. Are there any separation issues with mixing e85 and normal petrol? As in, is there some form of blending agent that’ll be in an incorrect quantity if more petrol is added, or do you purely rely on the pump and return line mixing things enough to negate the difference in their specific gravities? Although the difference is rather small, it is a difference nonetheless
  14. Will need to do a bit of customising to the uppipe if using the Legacy headers as the uppipe to turbo flange is different What was the peak torque you’d see with either of those tunes? Seems like you’re needing a heap of boost to get 185kw. Obviously it’s tapering by the point you’ve hit peak power, as most OEM Subaru turbo’s do, but mine gets 192kw and only momentarily peaks at 16.9psi Also what are you meaning when you say that the computer won’t hold the higher boost tune? That it was knocking and had to drop the IAM to stay safe?
  15. Option two without a doubt.