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  1. Yea most likely. Could potentially revert to the original scaling if you still have a Rom version that has it to copy over.
  2. Good stuff. Yea he would have tweaked them to try drop the correction factor down which wont really apply now with the more consistent flow.
  3. Don't think they will. Pretty sure from memory with the Legacy’s they needed to be 8.5 to clear brembo’s at that offset which will be the same for you. Something more like 38 offset may be a different story though.
  4. The lower ones are a good option for the price. Most cheapo options are trash and have issues after a year or two. The level of support when dealing direct helps a heap too. They tailor them to the specific car and what you want so very little chance of getting something completely wrong for you.
  5. Jeezus that's heavy for a street car with the odd track day. Most seem to usually go a touch lighter with the rear one's too. Did they explain why they thought it was necessary to go so heavy? They obviously know what they’re doing but may not have grasped your intended use and tolerance of brutal ride comfort. Mine with 9/9 is fine on the track but isn't super stable with big or multiple (corrogation) bumps on the street. Can't seem to find a sweet spot that works for most. Have been considering dropping back to 8kg for the rears. The original 5.5’s rode bloody well but would hit the bump stops too often at my height.
  6. Nope. JDM ones have equal length headers and a twinscroll turbo.
  7. 255 seems to be the better way to go to not really look stretched while fitting a lot less work. Wish 4th gen Legacy’s could fit that much tyre without having to make a bunch of sacrifices.
  8. Yea it's the way to do it on a budget. Pistons are the primary weak point so you can swap in some factory clearanced aftermarket ones which are matched to the particular grade of your block, so no machining is needed at all. Factory clearances and general build quality is apparently quite good for moderate to high power and will generally have have higher quality parts than most cheapo trademe rebuild options you see around. Factory bearings are far better than most aftermarket options for a start. This is what I've got in the block sitting at DTech waiting for gaskets so it can get finished up.
  9. What's the front camber like? That rolling tyre feeling is often due to not enough camber so when turning all the weight is pushing on the outer edge rather than flat across the whole trye
  10. Have you had the heads machined for the C spec Kelfords just in case? Would mean a quick swap without having to remove and strip the heads as you would otherwise.
  11. Why not larger on the cams? Are you banking on larger valves and extra the porting replacing the need for them?
  12. Good luck trying to get all the required info out of them to take it anywhere unless everything from engine build to fitment of all parts and tune was done by them. They'll always find a way to blame some part they didn't have anything to do with fitting or recommending
  13. You still hear stories of motors they handle from the ground up to tuning getting the same kind of disclaimer which is bulls***. It's one thing to protect themselves from muppet builders but to use it as a get out of jail card when they push too hard too fast isn't right.
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