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  1. MCA X-C series. Got them off Tweedo with a couple of thousand km on them. Had been looking at a set of Blues for a few months but these should do a better job and were cheaper so a win win. Looks like they’ve done a bit of a rebrand of their models just recently so looks like Blue series is now Street Blues and X-C series becomes Street Performance from the looks of it
  2. That’s about the best thread for doing the install with a Nexus 7 Go for Android if possible. The configurability options are hugely better than Apple. I’ve got mine hooked up to my OBD2 port and HU so does everything you could ever want. The custom Android ROM for the Nexus 7 makes a huge difference too.
  3. Obviously not in the car yet but these turned up this morning, thanks to @tweedo Looking forward to some even front and back height finally.
  4. Yea no worries from my end for sunday. If not have a few mates up there that will be coming down in a few weeks and could possibly take them up
  5. What part of Auckland are you in?
  6. Extremely well. Need to be somewhat tech savy but sure he majority of people on here would be able to do it with a few pointers thrown in.
  7. Dunno about the process with others but the Axxess one’s are a breeze to setup
  8. DTech is the place to go in the BOP. @Tony is their guy on here.
  9. Other question would be what makes you think you need to do it? How old is the pump? If it’s the original a new pump could be worthwhile doing at the same time.
  10. Can do. Shoot me a PM.
  11. Just noticed the fuel line to the reg is royally F***ed. Bit of a lucky catch I reckon. Can’t imagine it would have much left in it. Any opinions on a decent line to go for? This one’s a NZKW one that I got with the reg only 6 odd months ago.
  12. In that case you’d be sweet then. Was a heap of whinging on NASIOC and about that issue with the plastic fittings
  13. Heaps of negative reviews of the Perrin one due to crappy plastic fittings leaking. I’d lean towards Radium, IAG or Crawford before the Perrin one.
  14. That’s what i’ve done to my engine and tranny plugs. Plus replaced the standard plug engine one with the magnetic tranny one from partsouq.
  15. Good call on the KSTech ones. They’re the ones I got too. Pretty basic but hugely cheaper than Grimmspeed etc. ones where you pay for pretty cutouts and anodizing on something you’ll never see. If you go to the effort of removing the valves you’ll find the turbo side head plate actually works on the pipe that goes to the valve under the turbo and saves you needing to pull the uppipe to get to it on the head.