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  1. @cyruslow has had it done recently. A donor car with all the electronics makes it a lot easier. Buying things piece by piece would be costly. This guy had it done too, not a lot of info on it though. Almost anyone will tell you it is a crazy idea and just not financially worthwhile in any way. Sell the auto and buy a manual would be most people's suggestions, even one with 10’s of thousands put into it isn't really worth doing it to for most people, buy a manual and swap in all the things that made you like your car in the first place. MCM did it as they already had most of the stuff from the original car including the Haltech setup, minus the wet ECU itself, and loads of cheap/free labour from those at the top of their game. Plus different stuff like that makes for a good show.
  2. For reading you could probably get away with it, could still do some damage if something isn't internally wired correctly, but I definitely wouldn't trust one for flashing the ECU.
  3. Yea we're fine and back on the road south. Ours was by far the best off. Lovely end to a trip to Sydney...
  4. Nahh, they weren't interested in attending as no one was injured. Insurance didn't seem fussed either and just said they're happy to chase them for costs involved
  5. Thankfully weren't driving my car when we got rear ended up in Auckland tonight... As usual the motorway traffic came to a dead stop for no apparent reason and the car behind the one behind us caned into both of us at a hefty pace. Both drivers barely spoke English and didn’t have a clue what to do so had to spend half an hour trying to get details and then tearing bumpers and guard liners off both their cars and cleaning up the crap everywhere as they both just stood there dumbly... Ohh and shock horror, the driver that caused it didn't have insurance 😒
  6. @NGHTY Has been resolved now, your membership permissions were set to a regional group only and not as a general member. It was a common glitch when we moved to the new forum a few years back.
  7. Shows up fine for me, 44 total posts with them all being around 2012-2013
  8. Are you completely sure you swapped the one on bank 2? Do you have a tactrix cable? Might need that to do some logging including ocv duty and advance degree which when overlayed shows if one is truly causing issues.
  9. Have you reset the ECU after trying these fixes? I'm not super familiar with the H6’s but on the GT’s you can swap the OCV’s between sides. If the same, you should give that a go and see if the fault remains the same or swaps to bank 1.
  10. You’ll struggle to find one that isn't a Jap import these days. There are some out the but the market is pretty well flooded with imports. The GPS in the dashes is a pain as it doesn't work at all over here. Try find one with the pop up cubby and you'll be alright. None of the other things have been much of a hassle after the first month for mine.
  11. Have read about a few that were worse, most seem to just respond as if they were SS. Not Garrett’s but same theory applies really. Single scroll is still pushing the whole volume through one correctly sized passage without much restriction, where TS will be giving one big puff down the correct runner then bleeding some back down the other, this lower velocity air then has the potential to play havoc on the next event coming down that second runner depending on the timing of it which can create ’patches’ where it is worse than SS, it'll never be the entire band unless the design is really f***ed up. Probably not Lorens problem if they think spool is fine. Worth putting some bungs in the uppipe post WG to see if one of the runners backpressure is spiking higher than the other. For a race car with this sized turbo surely you aren't really giving much up down low with a bigger SS housing. Other than on the line or if things go wrong you’ll still be in the meat of the power band when changing gears.
  12. I'd pull the wastegate off and have a nosey. Might find it isn't divided the whole way which would allow the gas to be diverted to the other runner. From my understanding that kind if problem will make it a dog down low and while spooling up but be alright up in the revs once flowing heaps of gas.
  13. So a single wastegate fed from both runners with a divider right up into the gate?
  14. How was the uppipe and wastegate/s setup? A problem with them would explain why it looks alright on a dyno under load but behaves like s*** on the street.
  15. Since you’ll have it all apart anyway and seem very attached, why not do a cheap a cheerful rebuild for peace of mind too. Some places do them bloody cheap these days if it's not being built for aftermarket parts. Or just find a lowish km block and chuck that straight in with a quick condition check ahead of time. Could then get a safe tune for it and be confident it’ll last another 100,000km+ with better response and fuel economy than you probably have now.
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