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  1. I don't yet have any idea how it works but I've got a corgiwerx ’short shifter’ that’ll be going in shortly. It was pretty damn cheap. Think it's just a throw reduction rather than throw and height like most.
  2. Nice result for mechanically stock
  3. I've got a GFB in mine. Nothing bad to say about it. They’re a bit pricier than some of the alternatives though. Pro-wholesale has them for $340 including a GFB gauge. Probably won't work the same for your car but on mine the bracket it came with bolted straight up to an existing threaded hole on the strut tower.
  4. Na. Anything height adjustable needs a cert regardless of height. From the document: Not required for: after-market shock absorbers, including air-adjustable units but not including those with height adjustable platforms, fit unmodified OE mountings, or  after-market springs or shock absorbers, including those that raise or lower the vehicle, are direct replacements, and:
  5. Considering half the Subies out there in NZ will be running muddy water any proper coolant is a good thing. That stuff says it’s good for aluminium blocks which is probably the only factor some would deem worth considering
  6. Haha seems I'm not the only rookie to make that mistake. I just drained the oil and had a look around inside the hole with a torch. Could see and feel there was ample clearance between the pickup and the bottom of the sump so just left it as it was. May be a bit harder to check with a single scroll sump but not too sure.
  7. 0.25 in intelligent is too low for stock too. The DBW requested torque table for Intelligent must be wiped to almost nothing. To not see it peak past that.
  8. True. Guess that's one of the few upsides to the 4th gens 6mt’s long gearing, can hit 103 safely in mine without banging off the limiter
  9. What is it currently at on yours? Same as the GT/RSK’s? I'd come up for another one. Might actually see some cars hitting decent numbers now. Think the highest was like 230odd wkw last time. Edit: Found the pic of the board, the top result was even worse than I remember. Everyone was down at least 20-30kw over what they were expecting.
  10. @KiwiJoe has the short shifter plate on his so can probably tell you where he got it from.
  11. Very nice. Should stand the test of time better than some of the other, more out there, designs that start looking extremely dated after a couple of years.
  12. Or use this as an opportune time to sneak in one last pricey item before the Mrs puts your cards on lockdown
  13. Yea hard to find a steal these days. Those clips will set you back 19usd including shipping from partsouq. Or 95usd including the intake snorkel. Shipping cost for the snorkel is what makes it jump so high. Could try some of those other sites in @preim’s thread since some apparently do better shipping fees than partsouq.
  14. Yea i’d agree trying a lot wrecker first is the better idea. Not sure what the clips are that you're missing but sure if I did have them they would have gone with the box.
  15. @Deezie Not sure if Marky ever did a full writeup but his info is in there along with a subyclub how-to. Scroll 2/3rds of the way down to find the useful info