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  1. Bar will make it a piss easy job. Thats the one I used for the first time getting the bolts off my DP. Diameter was large enough to slip ring spanners inside too since a few on the Legacy's aren't too socket friendly.
  2. Give them all a spray with WD40 before you start and they should come off fairly easily. I needed a metal pipe to slide over the breaker bar the first time I did it to get more leverage but that was a short breaker bar so probably wouldn't with a decent length one. Get the intercooler off. You'll want all the space you can get.
  3. Lot more to it than just by the filter. You'd have a hard time knowing if the preturbo pipe or throttlebody one was torn visually, wouldn't necessarily make a heap of noise with idle load either. Regardless, the mechanic should be able to narrow it down in a jiffy.
  4. Could be down on power if its a big enough leak pre turbo. Could almost be something on the intake side too. Torn intake pipes can make some weird flappy/buzzy noises and would definately have a decent impact on performance
  5. Size difference is negligeable, same size housings give or take brand variances. Plus yours is no longer a VF38 so throws that right out he window as it should breathe better than any of the Legacy TS turbo housings, especially with the larger headers and uppipe. That other VF38 one was a bit odd TBH, VF36 or 37 with a machined Leggy VF38 housing. They never really solved it at all, ended up chucking a single scroll housing on it and things were peachy. Plus they got rid of the semi average aftermarket top mount and replaced it with a decent frontmount and it was running a closed deck block that you'd assume had a lower comp ratio.
  6. Might find that alot of the dyno tuners around don't know how to setup the stock ECU to include boost control or just don't want to open that can of worms. In general quite a few of the E-Tuners come from IT backgrounds so have a much deeper understanding of things and how to add additional tables not present currently.
  7. A Raptor supercharger makes the 3.0R's quite a weapon too. Best of both worlds.
  8. Intake and downpipe will net you 170-190wkw for a GT, think 3.0R's max out at more like 170wkw with headers and maybe a better flowing intake. E85 is where the 3.0R's shine. Still keen to see what mine would do with a Link and some proper boost control.
  9. Or thats an aftermarket option that will fit these cars. Ignore the model years he has listed as they're only relevant to the Aussie market, it stays the same for Jap imports the whole way through for 4th gen Legacy's Well worthwhile checking out the turbo inlet pipe and intercooler -> throttlebody pipe aswell as they split quite often too
  10. Looks good. When was the last ECU reset done?
  11. Supposedly they're the same, but the internet has been wrong on these matters before...
  12. You have any thoughts on the possible issue @west_minist? Three auto's in quick succession on the same hub dyno giving low results and being heavily limited by detonation. Could torque converter slip actually be playing into this? The same issues don't seem come about with the manuals.
  13. Super menacing aye. Sad there won't be any new shots coming out...
  14. Are cats even needed for V7 WOF's? Know mine only legally needs them to pass as it was imported after late 2010, unless the regulations have changed since the last time I looked into it.
  15. Fairly certain the only possible way to go forward from here is that we all have to vote for this pic to ensure the batwing gets it's much deserved place in print