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  1. What’s the end goal again? Seems like a waste of time with a turbo as small as a 45 since it spools up like crazy anyway. The lower comp of the 207 and the extra timing it will allow should leave you more than happy enough to not bother stroking it.
  2. Very nice indeed @sobanoodle. How old’s the kid these days? Those rear seats don’t look super child seat friendly
  3. Not many in the just over 5m range. Most large sedans/wagons seem to be a smidge under. So i’m putting my money on an Audi Q7
  4. @KiwiJoe how do you like the feel of it? Need a new one but really can’t make my mind up. There’s a few stainless one's I really like the look of but not keen on dealing with the heat issues.
  5. There will be a somewhat instant difference but you’ll need to reset the ECU for it to forget all it’s current adjustments for 91 and make the most use of the better fuel
  6. Or hit up @D1Style for Whiteline bushes. MOOG is another company that makes heavy duty endlinks. Do some interesting ones with integrated grease nipples but don’t look to be listed for GC8’s
  7. Bummer. Obviously buy more, surely it’s a drop in the ocean considering what she’s cost you so far Meanwhile, I did a super clean gauge install in the Legacy.
  8. Probably not. Mine was small so wouldn’t have been in the container shipment. Semi unrelated to this, does anyone have a reason why I shouldn’t chuck an engine oil temp sensor in the rear, currently blanked off block galley? Some internet experts think it’s not as good as the front one for oil pressure since there are some branches before this one. Unless you’re on the cusp of oil pressure problems I really can’t see it making stuff all difference, even less so for oil temp.
  9. Geez that thing’s a weapon. You got a dyno plot for it? Also an engine bay pic would go along nicely too 😉
  10. Nice. Had a package turn up from them yesterday which will hopefully go in the car this weekend
  11. You’ll easily get away with a 20mm spacer without hitting anything on these cars, the wheel outer edge will still be considerably further from the fender than if you went for a mildly aggressive 8.5 rim. But as Boon has said, wheel spacers are generally regarded as a S*** solution
  12. Did you ever sort your detonation issues?
  13. There is DTech in Tauranga that can sort you out with a tune. They did mine with my Tactrix @Tony is the man there to talk to.
  14. Can get proper access to the buy/sell/swap section once you have 10 posts on the forum
  15. Eww... Worth getting the caliper off to narrow it down to braking or something further in. Can you shake he caliper at all? Had a caliper bolt work it’s way out on an old car which let it flex just enough to always rub on the rotor. Didn’t sound quite that screechy though.