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  1. Why not just do the smart thing and let the GF get the practical touring car then you can keep all the toys.... That's the kind of winning strategy I'm working with
  2. Thought it might have been. No idea what the deal is then. Have you checked over the ECU pinouts to make sure everything is in the same place on the old ECU as it is on the new one?
  3. What's the box hanging under the steering column? Looks to be the right shape and the plugs look about the same too https://www.ebay.com/itm/06-07-Subaru-Impreza-WRX-Transmission-Control-Module-Computer-TCU-2006-2007-/292663305373
  4. This is where it is on Legacy’s and i’d bet they didn't change the location much for Impreza’s. The more important question is why do you need to find it anyway?
  5. That sucks bigtime. Do the NA 2.0’s have an immobiliser or not?
  6. This is only ok if it's a Stinger..
  7. It looked like they had stopped making it for a few years as most places were always out of stock and had a new, worse design to replace it, but subispeed has just picked them up to start selling so they must be still making them Yea mine has the tensioner. Doesn't look to have a heap of length it pulls but if already rather tight it may cause issues
  8. Don't suppose any of you have ever tried this product? Most reviews seem positive but it hasn't gained a particularly large following. Seems like it could be a good way to remove lower body movement at a fraction of the cost of a proper seat and harness for track days. Can't see much of a downside to it other than in a crash if you have a seatbelt with the explosive tightener it won't be able to pull through the buckle once tight and could potentially cause some serious abdominal damage. http://www.proquip.com.au/products/cg-lock.html
  9. Windy, hilly roads are the biggest test on towing ability. Even when braked it doesn't take much for a trailer heavier than the car to start determining the direction you take rather than yourself which won't end positively. In the city driving to the local boat ramp we’d probably all say you’ll be right but it’ll be a struggle on narrow winding roads and you'll more than likely piss off everyone else on the road as you cautiously make the trek.
  10. Did it have a twisted adaptor for the stock turbo?
  11. Or you could just keep it and buy a honeycomb grille. Get one for a few hundred and make most of that back selling the current one. If you don't think the wagon has enough space then going to the sedans seems like a backwards step to me.
  12. Doesn't need to happen at the usual time of the year. Just higher chances of getting a bigger bunch if it isn't too close to flatnats. I have no idea how Taupo runs things but playday makes Manfield and Puke super easy.
  13. Most places will do a o2 monitored dyno run for less than $200. It obviously doesn't lessen the cost of a tune if you do need one but it'll let you know straight away how the current tune is and whether it needs a re-tune or not.
  14. I'm keen for something casual. Track day with beers/food whatever after would be my vote. Just tacking onto a playday is easy enough. Don't even really need a whole Subaru group on the track to have a good time.