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  1. Can confirm they do fit. Worth getting a turbo inlet at the same time too as the stock ones have a tendancy to split and cause a bunch of issues.
  2. Yea dyno inconsistancy is definately a real thing but is still more accurate than chucking a random percentage at a wheel figure and saying thats what the crank makes, then you open up the argument of whether it should be a percentage or a set power loss which would stay the same at higher power levels. I’d be mildly concerned that this model needs to exist though. Same part number as the one you’re getting but with an A slapped on the end. I know they had steering knuckle clearance issues with US designed Invidia (plus others) DP’s on RHD 4th gen Legacy’s so might find a similar issue with this one unless you’ve done the research and found some other RHD ones running the one you’re getting.
  3. Why exactly is it unfair? Unless talking stock figures you never accurately know what the crank figures are so it’s completely pointless as you just chuck a few more percent at the guestimated driveline loss to bump what the crank may see
  4. I'd grab them all from that way you're getting genuine ones at a non ripoff dealer price
  5. If the connector on the pump matches the one on your factory wiring you don't need that adaptor piece. Was the kit advertised as being a plug n play option for a V7?
  6. Sure it'll just be some clips and needs to be pried up like the manual ones. @sobanoodle will know for sure though.
  7. Incase you hadn't realised already you need that exact Sony model, not just any Sony one as that particular one has single Dinn internals so is alot more compact than normal ones are which is why it can fit. That guys installed one in the lower section rather than up top. Thats a good option for the steering wheel controls.
  8. Probably down to STI vs MX5 more than oil in your case
  9. Reckon the lights in the fogs make it a bit too busy. How are the headlight 'C's' constructed? Heaps of little non removable bulbs or just a couple with reflectors? You'd be on to a winner with them brighter and colour matched to the lower strip.
  10. Struggling away as always, purchased ECUEdit last week to have a go on and will crack into testing stuff out once my Tactrix returns. Did come across a fairly decent writeup on Subaru tuning and a really basic way of starting off. Faily wordy but there aren't many decent sources out there that break it all down
  11. Na shouldn't be related. Think it's with any diagnostic tool like a Tactrix, throws the airbag light but doesn't actually activate a code for a fault. Some theorise it's a feature built in to prevent tech's leaving pricey scan tools behind in cars
  12. So have a bit of a leak from the transmission and fairly certain it's from pulling the axles out 5-10 times when I was having some issues. Is it primarily the black seal that'll leak (4 or 5) or something else aswell? Gonna be lazy and just order them from partsouq and pull it all apart once i've got them rather than doing it all twice. Assume I can get the seal out without having to remove the screw in plate/cover?
  13. Then there's Willall taking EJ25's to the limit too
  14. It doesn't have a 3-port boost control solenoid does it?