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  1. It does. The new aluminium ducting replaces the factory shroud, and has rubber seals around it to stop air escaping. When closed the shroud presses up against the intercooler, so the plastic factory engine cover goes in the bin.
  2. Images of the Verticooler installed:
  3. The shift knob feels great. It's a lot heavier that the factory knob (which is light and feels pretty rubbish), which makes shifting easier. It has a Delrin cover so heat and cold aren't a problem: this is why I never looked at the solid metal versions. Considering it's something you touch all the time, it was definitely worth the upgrade.
  4. I installed some stuff, and got some stuff in the mail. A shift knob from Raceseng in translucent red (already had the silver core, so just got a red one): Some red aluminium surrounds for the AC knobs: And lastly, a shiny new Process West Verticooler kit arrived, courtesy of, which will be installed this weekend along with a Boomba short-shift plate, a Perrin brass shifter bushing, and a Perrin steering dampener lockdown:
  5. They don't support JDM, but they do support NZ and AUDM WRX (manual only) and STI models from MY08 to MY18.
  6. For only $4000 more, that's pretty good value. I've seen a few of the standard RSs on the road now, but they do nothing for me. They're so understated, they can easily be mistaken as a bog-standard Focus.
  7. This morning I put in a Group N transmission mount, and Whiteline's Positive Shift Kit h-brace bushings into the WRX. Didn't notice much additional vibration after, but the shifts seem nicer, and there's a lot less movement when changing gears, which has always been annoying. One thing I wasn't expecting is that the car also sounds freakin' amazing, with a lot more transmission noise when accelerating hard, but nice and quiet when just driving normally. I think I'll put in a brass shifter bushing next. I'm thinking about a pitch brace, but that might be a little overboard with the vibrations.
  8. I've had a Rapid Dry Towel for about six months, and it dries my whole WRX without any problem. I fold it over, lay it on a panel and then pat it dry. Move to the next panel and repeat, occasionally re-folding it. The whole process takes a couple of minutes. It's a big towel, so is a pain for finishing up small areas and will drag on the ground if you aren't careful, so I sometimes use a small Meguiar's Water Magnet towel for the bottom of the doors, door frames, mirrors, and other bits and pieces.
  9. 2016 WRX. With a smoothing factor of 0 it looks pretty much the way you'd expect, but even at 1 it's still pretty smooth. Dyno penis contests of any flavour whether real or virtual are, in my opinion, 99% wankery in any case, unless they're actually being used as a baseline for improvements or to spot problems. My butt tells me this tune was quite a noticeable bump from the Cobb OTS stage 2 maps, and a huge leap from stock, which is the main thing. If a customer feels good showing their mates down at the pub a graph with the 30 newly found killerbees you planted under their hood that sounds like good business sense to me
  10. I finalised the Cobb AP etune on my WRX today, courtesy of Phil (philr8) at Dynotech Industries in New Plymouth. Very easy process in the end over about a week, and produced results I am happy with from the FA20 with only a Cobb catted j pipe and exhaust (in line what others around the world are getting with a custom tune and these mods: about 280-290whp). The final virtual dyno (green line): From what I've read, I'm approaching a wall with the torque as the stock FA20 doesn't like much more than 470Nm, but an intercooler upgrade might help drivability a bit, as I've definitely noticed some issues with heat soak over the last year.
  11. Went for a little drive today after the Cobb catted j pipe was installed on Thursday and the car flashed to an off the shelf Cobb stage two map. Quite a big difference in torque, as well as lots of loud whooshy noises. The exhaust is only a bit louder (but a lot deeper) so won't attract a whole lot of attention, which was the goal. Thought I was done for now, but last night found myself looking online at a Process West Verticooler and a Perrin header.
  12. No need to justify or defend yourself. There's definitely a little jealousy at play, but just keep on keepin' on. My j pipe arrived yesterday and I'm putting it on next week when the spare turbo studs arrive (I'm expecting at least one of the shitty OEMs to snap). I went with a resonated and catted Cobb to go with my HKS exhaust to keep things as stealth as possible.
  13. 215s on 9.5 inches! You must not have any potholes around! Cool colour though.
  14. Sounds strange to me. When I picked up my new WRX just over a year ago, there were three other manuals being picked up by buyers on the same day. That was just one dealership and one shipment. On the other hand, every other new WRX I have seen on the road has been an auto.
  15. I have a similar setup with a DRL strip in the fog light bezel. I wired it up to the factory DRL harness to be legal. I also had some LEDs that replaced the factory DRL bulb in the harness (behind the actual fog light bulb) but had to disconnect these, also to be legal. If you have the new bezels wired to an accessory source then you will fail inspection, as any DRLs have to turn off automatically when the main headlights or fog lights are on. Also, you are only allowed one set of DRL lights, so if the additional fog light DRL bulbs and C light are also on when the LED strip on the bezels are on, this will also result in a fail. Just something to be aware of. Here's mine: