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  1. No, it's not Phil. Phil did my Cobb tune and he's a top bloke.
  2. The results seem fine. The throttle mapping is pretty different so it's hard to judge. The new tune is going from a Cobb protune for a downpipe to an EcuTek tune with the downpipe, an intercooler and a boost solenoid, so I really want to see what the differences are between the two. I'm also wondering now why he won't provide one, which makes me nervous, so this is now also about peace if mind. Another issue is that this is my second tune with the same company, but this was literally twice the price of the last one. Despite that extra cost, I have nothing in black and white showing what was actually done.
  3. Nope. Nothing. Promises to email through something then silence. I'm giving the tuner a bit more time to come to the party before I burn any bridges, but it's all a bit shithouse.
  4. Tried for the third time to get the before/after Dyno sheet for a dyno tune I had done two weeks ago. Tuner is no longer even replying.
  5. Pretty much. I really wanted to get a dyno tune for the added safety and to squeeze the most out of the mods, and around here (South Island) there isn't any support for that using Cobb. In the NI things would be a bit different as you can get a Cobb protune and a Dyno.
  6. Dropped her off for installation of a new Grimmspeed three port boost controller, and a dyno tune (which also means unmarrying the Cobb Accessport and swapping to EcuTek).
  7. I put in the remaining stuff I bought: a Boomba short shifter plate, a Perrin steering dampener lockdown, and a Perrin brass shifter bushing. The dampener lockdown is probably the easiest piece I've ever put on, and literally took five minutes. The brass bushing would also be pretty quick, but means detaching the shift cable and the bushing cover. The Boomba, on the other hand, was an absolute bastard to put on as it has the plate has a heat shield on it that you have to take off, with a hidden bolt tucked way up high next to the transmission, and a roll pin that just didn't want to come out. For good measure, I also cut my hand on the exhaust heat shield. Again. Here's the factory and the Boomba side by side. The boomba is more than twice the thickness (which you can't really see in the picture) and weight: I'm happy with all of them, but surprisingly the one I think makes the biggest different was the easiest one to install: the dampener lockdown. I would definitely recommend it.
  8. It does. The new aluminium ducting replaces the factory shroud, and has rubber seals around it to stop air escaping. When closed the shroud presses up against the intercooler, so the plastic factory engine cover goes in the bin.
  9. Images of the Verticooler installed:
  10. The shift knob feels great. It's a lot heavier that the factory knob (which is light and feels pretty rubbish), which makes shifting easier. It has a Delrin cover so heat and cold aren't a problem: this is why I never looked at the solid metal versions. Considering it's something you touch all the time, it was definitely worth the upgrade.
  11. I installed some stuff, and got some stuff in the mail. A shift knob from Raceseng in translucent red (already had the silver core, so just got a red one): Some red aluminium surrounds for the AC knobs: And lastly, a shiny new Process West Verticooler kit arrived, courtesy of, which will be installed this weekend along with a Boomba short-shift plate, a Perrin brass shifter bushing, and a Perrin steering dampener lockdown:
  12. They don't support JDM, but they do support NZ and AUDM WRX (manual only) and STI models from MY08 to MY18.
  13. For only $4000 more, that's pretty good value. I've seen a few of the standard RSs on the road now, but they do nothing for me. They're so understated, they can easily be mistaken as a bog-standard Focus.
  14. This morning I put in a Group N transmission mount, and Whiteline's Positive Shift Kit h-brace bushings into the WRX. Didn't notice much additional vibration after, but the shifts seem nicer, and there's a lot less movement when changing gears, which has always been annoying. One thing I wasn't expecting is that the car also sounds freakin' amazing, with a lot more transmission noise when accelerating hard, but nice and quiet when just driving normally. I think I'll put in a brass shifter bushing next. I'm thinking about a pitch brace, but that might be a little overboard with the vibrations.