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  1. Found my old WRX on trademe. https://www.trademe.co.nz/2020777352. I thought they would return it to stock and then sell the aftermarket bits separately, but I guessed wrong.
  2. Doesn't arrive for a week or two, but I'll post more then. The WRX is definitely a better-handling car, more mechanical, and more connected to the driver. The Stinger is a GT car so a lot more relaxing place to be, closer to a Legacy in size and intent, but also blazingly fast in a straight line. Likely to be a handful in the winter as well.
  3. Signed the paperwork that ends my ownership of my 2016 WRX. Now officially a Kia owner!
  4. First wash of the new year! I'm surprised how good the carbon hood scoop looks considering it was a US$200 gamble on Amazon with free courier shipping from Taiwan. It's hard to see from the photos, but the depth of the carbon fibre in the sunlight looks amazing.
  5. Replaced the OEM silver hood scoop with a new black carbon fibre one tonight. The installation hardware that came with it was S*** and caused a blood sacrifice, but some decent Bunnings leftovers sorted it out. Looking forward to seeing it in the daylight tomorrow.
  6. Put replacement fender emblems on the WRX (gloss black with white text instead of all silver) and got someone to put on Whiteline sway bars (three way 22mm for the back and two way 26mm for the front) and matching HD adjustable end links. I could have put them on myself, but just cbf at the moment with end of year fatigue and a six-week-old doing her best to stop the household getting any sleep. Also got EGR and TGV delete kits a few days ago to install after Christmas, which means another visit to the tuner.
  7. I got the plate from Subispeed in the US. You can also get an actual short shift kit from several manufacturers, or an official STI version, but those will be a mission to get in (Google to see what I mean). The Boomba plate is relatively straight forward.
  8. For anyone interested, this is what they look like installed on my WRX:
  9. Just had these WRX COPLUS Hayabusa tail lights arrive on my door (red not smoke, and using the Japanese LED pattern not the US). Will install today or tomorrow.
  10. Yeah, it's still pretty early days with these engines I think, and it's hard to find much reliable information out there. From what I've learned so far, remaining low-effort (and non turbo/ethanol) upgrades at this point are TGV and EGR deletes and a header (also adds support for an external wastegate, but is super spendy) for maybe an extra 20kW and no need to change anything other than the tune. Ethanol and a flex sensor setup would give maybe an extra 40kW, with the factory injectors and fuel pump up to E30, and a replacement pump with more than that. With all of these mods and
  11. Here's something a little more modest. Model: 2016 WRX 6MT, VAB Displacement: 2L Mods: Cobb catted j-pipe, HKS Legamax cat-back exhaust, GrimmSpeed 3-port EBCS, Process West VertiCooler TMIC and charge pipe. Fuel: BP 98 Tuner/dyno: Spec Performance, EcuTek Peak power 210.8kW, torque 452.5Nm
  12. No, it's not Phil. Phil did my Cobb tune and he's a top bloke.
  13. The results seem fine. The throttle mapping is pretty different so it's hard to judge. The new tune is going from a Cobb protune for a downpipe to an EcuTek tune with the downpipe, an intercooler and a boost solenoid, so I really want to see what the differences are between the two. I'm also wondering now why he won't provide one, which makes me nervous, so this is now also about peace if mind. Another issue is that this is my second tune with the same company, but this was literally twice the price of the last one. Despite that extra cost, I have nothing in black and white showing what was ac
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