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  1. Best you get it looked at asap. Any decent workshop should have that nailed down pretty quickly.
  2. I bought his 3.0R because.... um..... I was looking for a 3L auto Outback and bought a lowered manual sedan. Go figure. But the 3.0 is great for towing with heaps of low down torque. I drive it everywhere in 6th, and downshift to 5th for intersections. It pulls away smoothly and easily from idle. The turbo engines are a bit too stressed for my liking. The 6 is as happy at idle as it is at 7000rpm.
  3. Got pics?
  4. Check it cold. Make sure the radiator is full and the bottle is on the full mark. Check it next time the same way, always at dead cold.
  5. Your first issue is too many turbos. If it's just steam, as in water vapour, don't worry. Sign of a healthy engine. Burning coolant stinks, and really stings the eyes, so you'd know if it was that. Oil smoke is blueish, so again, you'd know. Maybe time for a pressure test to pinpoint that coolant leak? If the pressure drops, clamp the lines on both sides of the turbo. If the pressure drop stops, you've found your leak.
  6. And blocking up the filter. If your engine is that badly gunked up, your options are either service it as normal and hope for the best, or replacement now, or full strip down, clean and reassemble with new seals and gaskets and whatever bearings and rings looked dicey.
  7. 5psi is below wastegate spring pressure? Did you replace the manifold gaskets?
  8. Foresters have softer subframe mounting bushes than other models. I've heard that they're quite strange to drive when towing a decent weight! The subframes get all squirmy!
  9. Check all wiring connections back to the ecu. Make sure they're all clean and dry. Check for water in the fuel tank and rails. Check the injectors while you're there too. Try a reset on the ecu in case it's learned some bad data.
  10. Mine is a normal triangle key, but that's not what I'm talking about.
  11. I didn't say reprogram, I said clone. What does what look like?
  12. I finally got to ask a locksmith about cloning the push button start remotes. Currently he can do BL/BP remotes, but either he doesn't have the equipment or it's not available or possible to clone BM/BR remotes.
  13. .

    F*** I could have sworn mine has R160 rear. Will have to check next time I service it.
  14. .

    Custom axles? Sounds like $$$$ to me....
  15. No, will defo be a failed centre diff. Poor design imo. They're all much of a muchness.