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  1. Orange light is rear fog. Subaru's don't have an idiot light for daytime runners. No, Subaru have no option to activate DRL's. +1 for getting a decent aftermarket kit wired in properly. This means the lamps must turn off when the headlamps are on.
  2. Agreed, I find this a bit strange also. @THUNDA, I don't condone drilling the thermostat, but it should still have had some effect. Drilling them usually just masks issues somewhere else, like heater cores.
  3. The alternators are controlled by the ECU to reduce engine load and fuel consumption. They charge when there is an electrical load like lights or AC on, or at a (very low) preset battery voltage. There is possibly an ECU update for constant charge. I recall when the Impreza came out with variable charging we had lots of elderly customers with dead batteries because they'd drive it once a week to the shops and back, in daylight with the AC off, so the damn things would barely charge.
  4. Drilling the thermostat should have made a reasonable difference. Have you tested it to make sure it opens at the right temperature, and opens fully? Might be worth banging a new one in there. 78 degree is stock, not 82 or 88.
  5. Hard to diagnose faults over the internet. Best you get it to someone who knows them asap.
  6. Tried different thermostats, coolants etc?
  7. Just a word of warning. If it's been too hot, the alloy goes soft and it's trash. You'll forever have issues with head gaskets etc. Any good engine reconditioners should be able to hardness test them for you.
  8. Don't forget rear sway bar mount stiffeners. They're prone to snapping the mounts off the subframes with bigger rear sway bars.
  9. Mint. This has been bugging the S*** out of me too.
  10. Lock actuator failure is common. Easy to replace though. Check power and earth when you click buttons. If it's getting the signal, replace the actuator. Ac controls, remove the radio and ac unit but leave it plugged in. While it's operating, give the plug a wiggle and test for poor connection there.
  11. There's nothing in the service manual about testing the sensor itself. Just wiring tests, power, earth, and if everything checks out ok, replace the sensor.
  12. I have Nolathane bushes in my Legacy, and I hate them. Going back to factory rubber bushes soon.
  13. VDC is normally cut but not ABS. VDC requires some control over the engine, like reducing throttle when wheel spin is detected, and so to prevent VDC operating incorrectly, the function is cut while the ECU detects a fault. Same goes for cruise. I'll try and remember to check if there's a procedure to test the sensor tomorrow.
  14. Or is something holding the solenoid open, keeping oil flow to the cam gear?