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  1. Yeah I just went with it, steering is bang on. All good. Your tyres to destroy if you please.
  2. I didn't get a wheel alignment done on mine as I marked the bolts where they meet the hub. You might get away with not doing one if you're removing and refitting the same strut, but any time you replace something, always get an alignment.
  3. Don't bother marking the bolts. You're replacing the struts so you'll have to get a wheel alignment anyway. For the rears it will take you all of a minute to get to the top nuts. You'll need a big bar to pull the suspension down to get the bottom bolts in though.
  4. Belting the cv with a hammer can send metal fragments flying, so engage safety squints. It can shock the axle out of the outer cv too, done it many times and then spent the next 30 mins cleaning up the axle splines with a tiny file!
  5. Got spark? Got fuel?
  6. Take the abs speed sensor out of the knuckle. It's very easy to snap off if you leave it in.
  7. Don't do it dude. You'll never get back to the same stage if you buy another while having a mortgage. Tough it out now and save the extra coin you need. Coming from someone who highly regrets the sale of 2 cars.
  8. It should stop smoking once you run it out of oil. Then you can sell the short block for 2k! Win win!
  9. You'll need hearing aids before a bigger alternator.
  10. Will be an oil leak down further and the smoke travelling up the inside of the uppipe heat shield.
  11. A quick google search netted this... but it involves disabling some fault codes in the ecu.
  12. Definitely. The systems sole purpose is to dilute exhaust gasses on cold start to meet emission requirements.
  13. If the pump has failed then likely the valves have also. Moisture in the exhaust from repeated short runs destroys the rubber seals in the valves, and then exhaust pressure forces the moisture all the way to the pump.
  14. Caliper knock? Does the noise go away if you lightly touch the brake pedal? Put a dab more rubber grease in the caliper slides until the noise is gone.