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  1. Hard to finish a race with a snapped axle. Even a tight mechanical lsd has some give. A welded different doesn't. And where he may have been getting 4 races out of a set of semis, that may now only be 3. It's something to consider, and up to him to decide if the risk and costs are worth it to him. You can help, or you can be a cock.
  2. Welding it will put a heap more strain on your cvs and axles, and increased tyre wear.
  3. Did they have a key? Or just dragged it onto a truck? No easy way around the factory immobiliser.
  4. There must be some seriously rough techs out there. Our apprentice has pre facelift BP/BL down to under an hour for dash removal, remove and disassemble passenger airbag, fit new inflator, and refit to vehicle. And no, you don't fail a WOF if it hasn't been completed. Yet. It will happen though, probably end of next year.
  5. Agreed. They may be worth a bit if there is proof they are genuine RS-RA pistons and you find the right buyer, but otherwise they're fancy ashtrays.
  6. If you're talking about the rear muffler itself, yeah rock on into Pitstop, choose your replacement muffler and get them to weld it on. For a cat-back or complete system, you can buy kits and simply bolt them on yourself. You just need the ability to get the car in the air a foot or so to give you access, and a reasonable quality socket set and spanners.
  7. I'm in Pukekohe if you want to check out my manual 3.0R.
  8. Correct. 8 way power adjustable, but no memory. If Mr Anal cert guy doesn't like bullets, solder and heatshrink it. Bullet it later on if you want to pull the seats out for whatever reason. If they're connected and the light is off, I don't think they will fail it.
  9. Technically autos do actually flat shift. The throttle doesn't close. The ignition timing is retarded to reduce torque, shift applied, and timing brought back to correct angle to bring power and torque back up.
  10. Whenever I hear rug doctor, I think gynaecologist....
  11. First registered in 09. I'm sure that the older I get, the faster the days (years) go by!
  12. An airbag is an airbag. Worst case chop the plugs off and bullet it. I take that to mean that if the vehicle is 14yo or older, it can be removed and LVV certified, but under 14 years cannot remove. My interpretation anyway.
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