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  1. I should be able to make it, sounds like a great idea (:
  2. Yea cheers we have had to do that before on a motor so I do know that process but no this didn’t over heat, I should change my wording to, the temperature gauge started to climb slightly before I parked up.
  3. Any thing else in the head worth doing while apart?
  4. So I've blown the head gasket! Its always used a bit of water on long drives etc but the other day it started to over heat so parked up then when cold put almost 2 litres in and little bubbles were coming out the header tank anyway.. Me and dad have completely rebuilt a standard legacy ej206/8 engine 3 times so reasonably experienced but not with higher hp builds. Im thinking just take the head off, put in arp head studs, good head gasket (which is best?? what thickness? what bore? ive done a bit of research and theres 93mm and 93.5mm i guess 93.5 is oversized? and how much difference will head gasket make to compression ratio ie, .7mm, 1.0mm etc? V7 STI long block. edited, didn’t over heat, temperature gauge just started to rise slightly before parking up.
  5. It’s pretty big yea but not that much bigger than stock, mostly thicker.. which is also what she said (; Hahaha how did you know? Nah it’s all in the angle..
  6. Definitely give these a go!
  7. Im not that low, 15mm down on factory, sti springs. have a look at a photo of mine if you want yea of course im not too sure about 19s on these cars though! haha each to there own though, might look awesome
  8. i reckon that will be fine ive got 8.5 inch wide and 235 tires and rolled and no rubs
  9. I just put that exact nzkw pitch stop mount on my legacy, id say there is no noticeable effect just a tad louder engine and drivetrain noise. I think it is one of those small stiffening mods that if you do a few here and there they will add up but you wont notice the difference with just one
  10. Fresh install of big Process West TMIC, also a zerosports radiator shroud to tidy up the engine bay (: also changed the pitch stop mount, nzkw make a cheap one that looks good, black with red bushes.
  11. Suspension tech in Auckland does a good job, he did mine. Best price around nz I found
  12. Hey, any details on the retna? what motor? any links to pics? thanks
  13. Sweet! Nice and flush? Haha