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  1. Its good to see some solid results on the FA20DIT motor, very early torque! what is the dip of power in the middle? also what is the limiting factor in making more? turbo or injectors?
  2. Got some oem subaru sports pedals because before my ownership someone had put some crappy random ones on plus racecar lol Got them installed, was more difficult than i thought it would be. Accelerator pedal had a pin which was annoying to get out but wasnt too bad getting back in, also had to trim some metal off the bottom of both the brake and clutch to get it to fit on properly but nows shes gem! also i nice pic of my engine bay with the grimmspeed alternator cover fit on properly
  3. When i originally bought my efr this is what i was thinking of doing, it fits just and is pretty easy if you can tig weld but changed my mind because i think twisted will net better results with the intake path and the down pipe will flow better but this is pretty cool. I havent watched any other of the videos but there are a few showing you how to build a subaru short block and some other interesting stuff
  4. I've payed and confirmed (:
  5. Yea but with the turbo and fabrication would be near 4k at least, closer to 5 I reckon, you have the turbo, custom fab, fittings/ hoses, injectors maybe plus even a front mount if you want.
  6. That’s good for what it is though!
  7. I would definitely replace, bearings don’t cost much, are you going to get the crack etc checked out? Depends why your pulling it apart, what happened to it?
  8. hitting it with a rubber hammer definitely helps loosen it up but yea if its tight screw driver is kind of the only way
  9. This is exactly what i am doing, i thought if im going to a bigger turbo im going to do it right with minimal lag, although if i didnt get the turbo for roughly half price i think i would of gone mamba gtx ball bearing bolt on turbo, a lot easier and cheaper and would do the trick for most.
  10. Can’t make it sorry
  11. Cool, might be an hour late how long will you be at Gerrys?
  12. Just wrap them, keeps heat in the pipes, heat away from components and looks good! also i found it satisfying lol
  13. Maybe, has the behaviour when it’s cold changed lately? Could read the codes on the ecu to see if it says anything, that’s what I would do.
  14. Does it have a cat still in the exhaust ? The rear o2 sensor is only there to bounce the afr around and keep the cat happy on the older cars and do not affect afr corrections but not sure on the newer ones. They usually just take the sensor out and turn the cel light off in the software.