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  1. have you checked out the website partsouq? you put in your vin and can go through almost every single part. that is where i got my 5 speed shifter linkage, it looks very similair
  2. i spent many hours going through all the bolt on turbos ( kinugawa, kando, arashi, mamba, forced performance, blouch etc ) and mamba makes some nice twin scroll bolt on gtx turbos. take a look at this, might do the trick. could have tdo5/6 twin scroll too not sure or a 3 inch inlet version can be pretty confusing looking through the turbos on that site and all the different versions but the twin scroll ones say they are spec c would be good if forced performance made twin scroll but they seem to have crazy good spool on single scroll and journal bearing they feel they dont need to i gather. forced performance was my first choice before i decided to go twisted efr. mamba turbos is by the founder of kinugawa turbos before something went down and he left and started again edit: whoops those ones have the middle scroll removed (says high flow) to make more peak hp but theres others that dont i think.
  3. Its the cable to get into the ecu and read everything, can look at learned tables, lots of parameters, fault codes, can even tune the car with it but I’m not ready for that haha.
  4. Sweet thanks, bring both! Get someone to drive both haha Why does the tactrix have an influence on your decision?
  5. Hey so I’m keen as! Where exactly is the coffee cart? Or should I just drive down the waterfront and I won’t miss it? Also would anyone be interested if I bring my laptop and tactrix cable and I can plug in and read S***? Haha
  6. V7 sti heads, so just intake avcs.
  7. Thanks, I am pretty happy! wish i got to 225 because thats 300whp and i like even numbers lol, yea very similar apart from the headers i think? do you have the dyno sheet any where to compare? Yup feels great, i haven't actually had a chance to put the foot down and rev to 7-7.5k yet but you dont really need to with this power. The main difference with you sti guys is my long ratio gears wish i could afford a 6 speed but i have a lower ratio front and rear diff to go in, should make a bit of difference Is it? well a vf34 is a ball bearing version, i had a vf30 on briefly but didnt feel that much difference to be honest, i also have aftermarket headers which helped with response i reckon, i also port and polished them for shits and giggs, intercooler helped with response colder air coming in earlier and lastly silicone under manifold intake, they all help the engine and turbo breath
  8. Model: Subaru Legacy 2002 STI V7 engine Displacement: 2L Mods: VF34 Turbo, silicone intake, 3inch from turbo back, SSI headers, Process West TMIC, 3 port mac solenoid, kinugawa wastegate actuator, dw65c fuel pump Fuel: 98 BP Tuner/dyno: Chris - Prestige Tuning and Motorsport / Dynapack
  9. Yup I went with fancy V-bands haha there’s 6 photos if you go through them, I cut the flanges off the down pipe and the muffler because they went down to 2inch and then welded the 3inch v band on