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  1. Sweet! Nice and flush? Haha
  2. Ohh yup. I just did it myself, bought the tool, was cheaper than paying someone to do it. It’s pretty easy to do just have to make sure you don’t crack your paint. But if you need to borrow flick me a message I’d be happy to post it if you need to borrow.
  3. I doubt that will be a problem but I may be wrong. If you are in my area I have a guard roller you could definitely borrow
  4. Mine are 8.5 inch wide with an offset of 42 and I had to roll the guards. Pretty sure 7inch with offset of 38 shouldn’t be a problem. Depends what tyres are on them as well. I’ve now got 235 tyres and it doesn’t rub at all with rolled guards but I’m not that low.
  5. Finally got around to putting the clubsub sticker on my car so i can represent!
  6. Okay thanks for replying and contacting me. I will talk to you on the phone.
  7. Hey guys. I’ve been playing around with ecuflash and romraider lately, I bought a tactrix cable awhile back and have done some logging etc. I’ve also done most of Andre Simon’s high performance academy online courses and read through romraider and nasioc forums and am getting really fanatic about tuning. I’m about to invest in a wideband, probably the innovate LM2 as it’s portable and does everything. It’s cool reading through this thread and to have people like @gotasuby keen to help out. I think we should have a dedicated tuning thread under non specific model if that could be done @RAYDEO.
  8. Yes alternator is on it’s way out. I had this exact problem on my be5 a few months back. The diodes in the alternator start to crap out and sends electrical noise to sensors, in my case cam sensor, and triggers a CEL but when you check voltage it seems fine. Find a new/ second hand alternator or get it rebuilt.
  9. Done!
  10. These ^ working great on my BE5 with 2 pots!
  11. Raised carbon 👍🏼
  12. @iludez Yea mate it is, really cheap and simple but looks okay I reckon (:
  13. Can't make it sorry. Hopefully there is another meet up not to far away (:
  14. Hi, I had this problem when I bought my first twin turbo legacy. It ended up being the vacuum line that tells the actuator to open exhaust gases to the second turbo. I don't know from memory what ones but if you have a look on here through the legacy threads about all the vacuum lines you can compare yours to some photos and check that way? All I had to do was swap two over and it worked I was amazed that's all it was. Hope this helps.