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  1. It’ll definitely be what I’ll be doing the next couple days after work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Came out to my daily today and saw that it had a flat tyre so took the wagon to work, came home and went to swap to the spare and saw this, I’m gonna guess it’s not fixable?
  3. Hi all, I’ve found a cheap BE5 rev d local to me for pretty cheap, under $1k with a blown turbo (doesn’t matter as it’s going ST if I get it anyway) just wondering if there’s any major hassles when manually converting one? It’s currently got a wof and reg till 2019, mainly just wondering how hard it’s going to be to convert it before I jump on it
  4. I’m planning on taking the wagon for one last big trip before she gets stripped in prep for the build I have planned and since it is the season I’m off to Ruapehu. I’ve never driven in icy or snowy conditions before and was wondering if anyone had some tips for doing so? I know it’s not too different from normal driving but it’s still different enough
  5. Try might end up cheaper Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I don’t suppose iPhone photos are good enough? But anyway here’s my submission
  7. Good pads and fluid will do heaps to help but if you want different calipers (assuming yours are the standard 2 pot fronts) go for 4 pots, they’re cheap enough but can require a cert
  8. Bought a new one today, a 2000 Nissan Primera, was quite the steal so decided to pull the plug and buy it, will be pulling the wagon off the road to get it ready for surgery, she will be getting a new heart and a facelift, thinking of grafting a Hawkeye or blobeye front onto it, kinda like this:
  9. Cleaned vomit off the side of it due to sober driving last night, lesson learned, don’t drive your car when sober driving
  10. Installed boost gauge, surprisingly managed to get it a warrant despite all the buggered bushes, and did the “hose 10 mod”, should’ve done it sooner
  11. Which one is hose 11? Haven’t done much with the vacuum lines before haha
  12. So I’ve recently picked up an electronic boost gauge from Savage Performance and am wanting to know which vacuum line to tee into to get it to work, ideally I’d like to get it all working before I do the hose 10 and hose 1 mod but if it’s easiest should I just run it through the hose 10 tee? Also where have people mounted their gauge? Can’t decide where to mount mine
  13. Was planning on finding a rev d b4 for that exact reason Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. They were only $50 so I thought why not try them, think I’ll give them another week then maybe swap them back Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Swapped over to the leather front seats for comfort but now can’t have fun in the twisties so might chuck the wrx seats back in, do like the comfort though
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