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  1. Installed the anti rattle clips after almost a year of not running them
  2. My works 2013 Corolla is manual and doesn't have a temp gauge, just a little temperature symbol that flashes blue when you start the car and red when overheating (not that we have got the temperature that high)
  3. Car: 1999 BH5 GTB Tuned: Stock Fuel: Mobil / Gull Force 10 Tank: 50L Fuel economy: 400ish km to the tank with the odd spirited driving
  4. Blacked out my logos today Before: After: Now to wait for the Plastidip to cure for a couple days then time to clean the car
  5. Replaced my O2 sensor today, was pretty straight forward however I'm not overly happy with the placement of the plug, now to just replace the knock sensor and the car will be back to the way it was, on a side note, where do I get vacuum lines? What size do I need and how much do I need to redo all the vacuum lines as they're quite brittle
  6. If I had the money I probably would
  7. BH S401, who knows, someone might make one one day
  8. Bought a "new" rear garnish for my BH for $20, it had almost been completely snapped in the half by the previous owner, a little bit of Loctite 401 and an hour sanding it with 800, 1200 and 2000 grit got it all smooth again, then some clear coat and it was back to being all shiny and newish looking
  9. Must admit, I did do it quite a lot too, but with my old man being a member of our lovely law enforcement and telling me stories of accidents he had to go to because of cell phone use it turned me off the idea of using it while driving, find it easier to put my phone in the glove box to take away the distraction