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BH5 Twin-turbo Rev D Running Rough


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Hello, this is my first post!


I just recently imported the vehicle from Japan and I live in Canada. I just replaced the turbo to intercooler hoses with silicone ones as the OEM ones are brittle. The car ran fine and did not have any issues until I decided to test the car's limits and touched 7k rpm at full boost. What happened was the IC hose on the primary turbo looked mangled and seems like it was sucked in on itself. I reseated the hoses and performed a boost leak test but I couldn't figure out how to block off the pcv valve so I ended up putting it off. Right now the car is running rough, and primary is not building boost. I tried unplugging the maf and it stalled the car so its not the culprit. The engine vibrations are so bad even on idle as if its running on 3 cylinders but theres no check engine light to indicate a misfire. I do have bad motor mounts so it might be making the roughness more apparent. At idle the rpm remains constant but the whole car jerks every second as if its running on 3 cylinders. The car is running on stock exhaust but I somehow hear more of the boxer rumble and the exhaust is noticeably louder than before.


Is my primary turbo toast? Any recommendations on where to get started for troubleshooting?

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If you've had the intercooler off I'd check for vacuum leaks, there are 4 vacuum hoses that go to the intercooler and they need to be put back in the correct places. Unless they have been replaced they should be numbered and easy to find their original places. I've had the maf unplugged off my rev d and it didn't stall so may be a good idea to get it checked or swap it out to be sure. Sometimes the easiest way to find the problem is to revert back to how it was before and see if the mod was what caused the issue

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