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  1. MAnnnn I would love to but its a 6 hour drive each way
  2. I would love to but I'm up in Gizzy. good luck man hope to have a meet up with some of the boys down there when I drive down for Chrome/Superlap
  3. Man I would still love one of these Scoobies, Love the shape and interior. was out of my budget here to find a nice one, lots nice and cheap but you can easily see why.
  4. aaahhh yeah if its USB should still be possible but would be a nightmare on the android side to chance input source for sensors. Maybe a Windows tablet and just run the USB straight into it?
  5. You could look at installing a cheapy android tablet into the dash and running Torque Pro for track days. Through OBDII it will let you add whatever gauges you want to the screen, Can have oil and water temps, intake temp, oil pressure basically anything your car has sensors for you can add it to the screen. This is it in my car, but if you look at the top I'm lucky with the ST's we got oil temp, boost and oil pressure gauge from the factory.
  6. I'm busy with an eBay special one, Finally got it mounted flush and all that. I'll post a vid of it up and running will tag you in it. Must be android to use Torque, and yeah its really not hard to get the details out can also look at error codes anytime. The awesome thing about it is you chose what gauges you want and what size and where you want them, even if you want analog, digital or both on one gauge. hell can even get like graph style ones, and if your GPS is nice and accurate it'll do your 0-100 times and can work out all kinds of things since its got full access to the car.
  7. Those are the AEM Units, a racers wet dream. Normally they used as a direct Gauge replacement interesting the kept the original gauges. If you like those then a Andriod radio is for you, I'm busy fitting one at the moment to the ST, get a OBDII adapter and run the Torque Pro right off the head unit.
  8. Find this pretty damn awesome, ends up real clean!
  9. Pics Please I'm also a fanboy of epic Diffusers !!
  10. finally got round to ordering the Silicone joints and now payday to order the Alloy piping for my intercooler. Then the saving up for software begins
  11. Thanks man, I'll try it on my next post
  12. Any idea how to get these to show? the insert other media doesn't work?
  13. What an epic weekend, Honestly would advise it for anyone keen to open the car up a bit. Camping was also the best choice I made apart from the freezing weather, got to meet new people and just enjoy been around so many petrol heads with such varied cars. Really happy with how my stock ST held up to some seriously modded cars and had a lot of guys come up and chat, few thought it was a Shelby focus cause of the stripes and how I stuck with his LS swapped RX7 on the straight. Will upload a ton of pics now.
  14. Just got the rear seats out, ready for Powercruise and man those things are heavy. More I look at open back area more and more I want to put a cage in
  15. awesome thanks so much looks nice and easy to get to I'll get it out and cleaned asap, Might even visit a scrapper and grab one for testing