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  1. Will keep a lookout, And if being the only Ford focus isn't Enough I've put some stripes on just to help you guys find me I'm going to aim for parking up next to Adam, Also my first one, might need a helping hand
  2. I'm pulling in on Friday night, should get in at like 10pm, doing both days Hope to see you guys there, Come say hello
  3. I haven't heard anything about it been cause they used the wrong one. That's actually the big one that gets confused, yes they both 2.3L but they actually different engines. The RS engine is a reworks Focus ST (2.0) engine and not the mustang 2.3 one. The issue comes from it been a Open deck designed engine which is great at 2.0L with low boost, but to make it a RS it becomes a horrible idea. Also thing to remember for stock RS's it's actually very very few affected, but for anyone who even does flash tuning software and up's the boost the nightmares begin. Really sad as when its running its a damn great car.
  4. ok Update. You'll be fine, You only need one for the car if you are entering more then 1 event. So you good for today. BUT when you enter your next one apply for your car logbook.
  5. Oh yeah boys, Don't forget to get your Car Logbook!!
  6. None of you guys using Radiator Sprayers? Know its not Water temps but surely keeping those temps lower will also be important?
  7. Welcome to come find me, Needless to say I'll be the Only Focus there and the stripes do help it stand out Getting more and more excited!
  8. Doing both days There is also another guy on here, He races a bronze MX5. thats all I know from the members
  9. Hey everyone, So super short notice kinda, But found this online and Doesn't look like my BMW will be ready in time, Some idiot dropped a bolt into the cylinder and this time I'm not the idiot, so have to pull the head as we can't get it out with a magnet. ANYWAYS... thought I'd ask here. Anyone keen to enter this with one of their nuggets. Could be a lot of fun, and 4 hours really isn't that much for a stock car, the track is super simple. So yeah if anyone has a car and is keen even if its just to two of us, happy to share costs but more the better.
  10. well, that's comforting
  11. A big one a lot of people miss is braided brake lines really helps after a while out there pushing hard! Would need more of a subaru guru to confirm but maybe keep a eye out for STi Brembo's that should be a much better caliper without busting the bank, also did see Willwoods on special for a damn good price.
  12. Looks like its also the Newer ones, In the last race of the season one of the guys in what looks like a 2011 STi had the exact problem: Funny enough for me the main bit I looked at was how the oil deals with heat, especially on a turbo car, ended up dropping the factory used Castrol and went with the Penrite APR5 as checked out a few independent tests and they found it didn't burn and even in hard track use kept the temp well. Guess We'll see at Super lap next month, Will keep an eye on the Temp gauge.
  13. I Know right My Bad Maybe name change it to Official Track Day Talk Yeah I was also wondering exactly that, I mean especially with it been more of a scooby issue, I've heavily tracked my ST's over the years and when I raced for the Citroen team in endurance racing we didn't have any worries about this kind of thing
  14. Should be good, many guys back home run them but will have to see once the new rims are on. first, need to get them (Hopefully next weekend, if not I'll only fetch them after super lap on my way home)
  15. Got the MK2 RS Rims, The spoke ones, i'll get the exact sizes for you, I know I'll need to run 5-8mm spacers (and take them off for WOF, till I can get Cert) otherwise it makes issues when on full lock turning.