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  1. I show my own plates here now nothing against that, just the combination of plate plus street address its parked in while owner is at work was a point worth mentioning. But I digress..Last time I parked next to this guy, this time he parked next to me. #subarubros Wonder if he/she is a member ? Cool looking car , wish I had a hot hatch everytime I see one haha , but they don't get the cool Wang
  2. today i learned that hayabusa engines in mr2s is a thing. i needed to take a shower after that this ones 300+ wheel horsepower and weighs almost nothing ... listen to it, the exhaust flames, the sounds at high revs, the way it revs, oh my... i just read the build thread on MR2OC NZ also, bloody amazing listen to this makes me feel like finally fixing my bike so i can go get some of that high rpm goodness
  3. isnt it better to leave plate covered if odnt have owners permission, or don't talk about specific locations? just weary it could turn in to the type of thread people read as "this cool subie is parked here during this time of day / night" .... yeah i know, im cynical as f$$#
  4. neither of them are vegetarians now i thought? vtec mini build vid 1 i think announced that
  5. <insert yo momma joke here>
  6. @Technikhaus tried quotes from the others in this thread yet? like club auto? swann?
  7. pls see this thread for further insurance stuff, mod may wish to move these posts as its nothing to do with dyno. well worth investing in the time to make sure your insurance is valid and declaring everything. the consequences just aint worth it, switch to a company that deals with higher risk modified vehicles such as ours get quotes from the ones in thread below and make your choice based on what is best for you. for me, classic cover was cheapest and also offered the best level of cover for my needs... somehow they also managed to insure my car for the highest agreed price value (which i understand i wont necessarily get, but higher cover for low premium is better than lower cover elsewhere).
  8. are you sure?
  9. i recently switched to classic cover. full comprehensive with road side assistance. every single mod declared, with $500 excess pay only $720 for 12 months ($60/month).. cheaper than what i paid for my n/a toyota with AA and it's covered for a decent sum too. insurance companies will screw you for undeclared mods no matter how minor you think they might be so you're best to dont risk it... otherwise you just paying for insurance thats gonna be most likely useless when you need it. i found out about classic cover via an insurance thread here few others signed up with them from forums. there are other similarly priced options too, many out there better than the usual aa / state / ami etc.
  10. sti on 166, about 4k of which are from me
  11. anyone at all know who fits ra scoops then? im super in to DIY but the thought of cutting a hole in my own roof is just.... it would be like cutting my arm off or something you would expect to see in the SAW movies.
  12. this should become a CS meetup game
  13. nah i don't have an RA, couldn't give up on those creature comforts of electric windows and such.. though funny enough couple of my electric window / mirror control buttons are broken so i'm worse off until i fix it haha.. also i think RA does come with AC. +1 yep if it was up to me i would have kept it. do not recommend anyone take AC out unless dedicated track car. the weight savings are so minimal. i'm no expert but previous owner said it was a full ac delete so probably a mission to put back in. how hard a job you reckon that would be? agreed would be useful in this colder weather too, just managing interior fog with rainx anti fog coating for now got quoted RA scoop for $550 and if anyone knew a reputable installer (mindful of rust, leakage, tidy job inside and out) i could seek out a quote from for labour .. this could be something i would consider in the near future as someone above said for wank factor mainly, but it has its practical purpose in my case too
  14. that home made air con is pretty bloody cool!