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  1. i second the above tips about using claybar on windscreen. used bit f alcohol and elbow grease too, its actually amazing what a proper clean windscreen looks like. never polished my windscreen though, what product you guys use for that ?
  2. wow bro, these kind of things are appealing (getting decent power without spending extreme cash). what was the intake temps like after a few boosts on that one. any heat soak to report? from most logs i seen and in my own experience, temps get quite excessive with the top mount, though my own top mount was not stock so larger size would have made it more prominent to this issue.
  3. since it's all personal tastes, it's not really best to assume what someone likes or dislikes, or that their goal with their vehicle and thousands of $$ spent would be same as someone elses. that's why i added on the downsides which previously weren't mentioned so OP can weigh things up and decide for themselves.
  4. respectfully disagree with people that give out advice that you have 6 gears, use it, enjoy laggy turbo blah blah. sure i can imagine a bit of a wait being worth it if you're building up to 40psi / 500whp or something but when talking of relatively lower power with shortened power bands (band from 5000-7500rpm), not everyone is gonna find that fun to drive in any situation other than on track or the back streets. it is an amazing feeling when you have the space to push it and experience that sudden thrust, but you should really consider how much opportunity you have to enjoy that in your own regular driving conditions and whether sacrificing responsiveness to get a bit more top end power is really worth it. in my personal tastes as a daily, the stock sti is such a sexy setup and any 'upgrade' should really be preserving the responsiveness/handling and building off that.
  5. i got one of these a few yrs ago from scarles. same brand and all looking back in my email history. same price too. chucked that on my car during winter parked outside at the time while i went away for few months for basic. came back, car was mint. nothing to complain about, didn't tear. not that it's particularly windy in auckland though. i put bricks on the corners to keep it all down.
  6. hin chilvers from chch. fb nick is hinstarr there, which coincides with the tm name of starry11 you provided, so high probability it's the one you're looking for. having said that, this acount is some female, guessing the mrs of the actual seller, Jamie Jay Gibson ( based on regular tags together and the commentary. could try mesaging there on either (or both) above accounts, seems to be active, careful fo being too aggressive as i suspect one of them is a kids or his mrs account (also you probably wouldn't progress far in negotiations that way). but first take snips of the people listed as his friends/family etc. in case he blocks you or makes it private and you can't see it later. may have some luck messaging them if get desparate and TM doesnt help with your dispute. may even get lucky and someone here is a mutual friend. jamies car / plate pictured below (or so it was in june 2017), may lead you further to finding mutuals that can help you find this guy and do right by the trade. on his fb acc also has some history of subies pictured along with plates, but i guess he dont own them anymore. his jan 30th 2018 profile pic suggests he currently has a gc8 with white wheels or something (i prob got the gen wrong) hope that somewhat helps you in your quest to find the dude that ripped ya off and ran.
  7. did you try dispute via trademe also mate? maybe also post the sellers TM name in case someone has dealt with him before and has other contact details. seeing from the FB posts that there are far too many vf22 shifted daily to narrow it down just based on south island + sold vf22 in recent weeks.
  8. first 'mod' on this car
  9. got 240wkw from hybrid td05 on my v7 sti. it was the only bottleneck , everything else had capacity for more. also i should mention it wasn't a fun 240wkw, but what everyone considers fun is different and since mine was some custom one by MSE i can't say if all td05 are like that or if mine was just 'slower' than others. if i knew what i know now, i would have just tried to push a VF turbo to the limits on a low budget and enjoy the superior range in usable power vs turbo tht's all top end with narrow power band. current car isn't even turbo and feels faster than the old one in every situation except lacks the downshift throw back feels.
  10. wonder if that welsh mud will make it through nz customs?
  11. fairly excessive mate, but depends how you drive i guess and in what conditions? for comparison sake, my 3.7L 370gt is around 12L/100km in auckland rush hour traffic conditions and 9-10L/100km open road. would be expecting lot better out of a healthy 2.0 non turbo, though for all we know you could be flooring it everywhere you go
  12. bmw 730d. 5.1m length. the ceo of bmw drives this around himself so seems like a good pick for you. how much did you score this for? time for pics now.
  13. not sure if was prank / trick question as i know nothing about fuel in general but anyway i asked and they came back with this
  14. straight from exxon mobil. no ethanol in mobil fuels in NZ
  15. depends on the alignment i guess, i do believe both alignment and rotation of tyres wherever possible is very important to extend life of the entire set. this especially when people running different levels of camber. i have since decided to go for re003s with a square setup at 245 40 19 all around. didnt feel it was worthwhile paying the extra 350ish for the ps4 set. ideally would get from bridgestone westgate but their buy 3 get 1 ran out (took me too long to decide what i wanted). asked around for a few deals on alternative tyres suggested on thread and the re003 seem to present the best value on that deal.