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  1. i like the way you think very much! them handling mods no doubt will be very noticeable.
  2. tried wax and grease remover? usually does the job for this type of stuff with not too much effort
  3. not sure worth considering e85 mate as it's not so readily available in the suburb we live in. i did spend lots of time contemplating but given how long it lasts (not long!), not sure i'd classify it as 'worthwhile' for the 45km round trip just to get it (closest fill up point near us is forrest hill rd). first point of call would probably be to have a chat with Julius at @PBMS- julius@possumbournemotorsport.com . pretty sure they have some 'staged' packages which are pretty user friendly, tried and tested to get you started down that modding path. he should be able to tell you a rough power improvement based on examples of other similar cars they've done, or you can check out their FB/instagram for those examples. fuel pump upgrade would be necessary and very cheap, not sure if you'd need to go for injectors just yet until things get a bit more serious with turbo changes. like evowrx said, a tune on these will almost instantly net torque , power and even economy improvements without much changes believe it or not. yep if you decide to get a few things done, i beleive they have some done this for a few customers where Ajay @Subirex Automotive does the installs and all then puts it on a tow truck to PBMS who will dyno tune for you. Pretty good to see these two working together!
  4. oi spill the beans, which one am i missing?
  5. what sort of power is this aiming for? sounds like a pretty expensive shopping list! In other news, I feel like I've just about crossed that fine line... But I like it #gotrice ?
  6. long story short listen to everything evowrx says! defs don't skimp on injectors, id1050 currently going for about $800 for the set, will support your power easy and also future proofed should you go for e85. it's the industry standard and the tuner will find it a lot easier as they can simply look up the tables and put those figures in from injector dynamics. having said that, if Dtech are offering you an alternative, that probably means whatever they are offering, they have figured out how to tune that for optimal results too , just saying don't go grab a random one without consulting your tuner first or you're up for issues. yes at a high level the spray pattern and dynamic performance (how it handles not only at high load but low load) is what's important in a good injector, and the supporting settings for the ECU to make it happen. don't even bother with decapping yours. theres my injector rant lol. do not forget a front mount intercooler, i wish i knew about this before going in for my first tune. top mount holds you back. yes you will want more power, i thought i didnt, and i did.. i still do. you won't realise it until after you get your post tune dyno results back for the first time. everything you do , plan it for where you want things to be a couple years down the track not just for now.
  7. waiting for your entry i have no idea where this is but it's been a month since the last akl tag post , lets get this moving again!
  8. not my car, but sold my bike today. just been sitting around depreciating between the few and far rides i got out with her. though it was fun it was pretty hard to justify especially when i was no longer comfortable commuting with it which is why i got it in the first place.been spending a lot more on car than i planned to (think i'm addicted!) so downsizing here and there to feed the new hobby. nek minit selling house for new engine
  9. love that part where the spoiler changes angle. but i didn't see a roof scoop, which is the only feature of an RA that i care about so meh!
  10. but getting your car impounded is technically still on the topic of "what have you done to your car today" /runs my car is still with Ajay, hopefully get to collect it this week some time
  11. ok good to hear you haven't done it since, i know sometimes people exaggerate such stuff in stories but in any case, you probably don't want to be writing any more about this or other questionable behavior online in future - is easy to trace back your forum name to your real name via instagram and i'm pretty sure any insurance assessor would take a peek for due diligence. 'drifting'/sustained loss of traction on street is classed under some street racing section comes with 6 month loss of license, big fine (or jail time) and pretty sure car gets impounded. i'm curious what ticket you got for that? since you mention you got a ticket for that, wouldn't think you would have any luck trying to get anything "across to insurance" that would work in your favor .
  12. wow $76 for my STI, awesome My Sisters Corolla Hatch is $98, first time i get anything cheaper #winning
  13. what a bummer that he couldn't just take the honest feedback you gave him, it's not an unfair expectation for people to expect some decent level of communication when buying/selling online. whole situation could have been avoided so easily.