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  1. bump, i wanna see more cool STI pics cos i been running out of that passion/enthusiasm for doing stuff to car lately (which admittedly has been saving me S*** load of cash to spend on other areas of life so not necessary bad thing haha)
  2. sorry bro missed the tag, only recently got back from 3 weeks away in Bali to be honest i'd have had no advice/tips anyway since Ajay at @Subirex Automotive did my install and I sourced my billet latch for it from @Dairusire Looks like you done an awesome job on the install though. don't you love how efficient/effective these are? make minimal noise as well and as long as the car is moving it's an amazing supply of cool air. i still suffer in traffic though with no a/c
  3. this thread has heaps of info for ya to compare with
  4. With fuel leaks fixed now Car : WRX STI 2001 (Bugeye) Tuned (or stock?), any fuel system mods? : tuned, ID1050x injectors, aem320lph e85 version, split fuel rails too if that makes any difference. Fuel : BP98 Fuel economy : 8.2km/L / 12.2 L/100km , 19.4 MPG
  5. yeah what effect does dialling down boost by maybe 0.5-1psi at a time have? could be interesting to make those adjustments and log IAT under WOT. just 1 extra psi on mine raised power by not much and IATs by heaps.
  6. but that screenshot is from my config, not his. i thought his standard rpm limit was already much lower , like rpm limit of 6.5k or something like that (regardless of condition). did you get to access his file to see the setup on that table? it was just my best guess that this is what is most likely happening
  7. same , its just one of thsoe things id do if there was collision damage, as much as i love team bug eye it does look inda outdated compared to the following gens
  8. i meant conversion lol. tinging either end is a terrible idea , the front will hinder your own vision and the rear will get you in S*** with insurance claims if someone rear end you. not sure why people do these things!
  9. this is whats going on bro, not sure if you have access to yours to see the exact values but its the protection set up on the link by pbms. it's ect (engine coolant temp). there is rpm limit based on that on both ends (whether its' too cold or too hot). there are other limits in other tables too which will retard/enrich timing depending on temps, but most likely this is what you're hitting. if as they say , ECT of 110 is not a bad thing, you could potentially play around with this? its obvs at your own risk, PBMS would have set it up to metrics they felt were super safe boost limite table based on ECT (note that's MAP so includes BAP in figure too). rpm limit based on ect. yours would be a bit different obvs since our redlines and engines are different, but if you find rpm limit after certain temp then culprit is this table right here.
  10. yep i have had aftermarket alarms on all my cars, before i installed them there was no significant risk of flat batteries but afterwards it just takes 2 weeks of not driving to drain it all.
  11. led flashing draining a car battery seems unlikely but then again, you do mention period of several weeks. does vehicle have an alarm? some discharge is quite normal. some form of trickle charger sounds like best idea? i ended up getting a ctek charger for mine, though if you park yours outside it may not be so practical.
  12. i too wish to waste my guess and say that this is a giant turbo
  13. cool looks like you figuredit out now. i had something like taht fitted on my old car, the previous owner in japan will have installed these.