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  1. Just heads up that it can be pretty random with customs. Both of u may make same order arrive same time at customs and one of u get taxed other one doesn’t Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yep stock fit flange for bov is already included, don’t remember there being a gasket but my bov bolted right on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Sucks that it gets stung with tax now. Going custom on a good locally made core is an option still from fabrication shops and can get nice looking piping too. To answer your question about the HdI kit, it was pretty awesome. Very efficient and I did have pics somewhere in my garage thread about shining super bright light through it comparing against some other core to confirm it’s not just some S*** design (though my IAT logged before and after confirms this with real data) . My turbo was spinning out of efficiency range and basically blowing hot air so for the IAT to come down from ambient +20-30 range to ambient +3-10c range the hdi FmIC had proven it’s worth to me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. here ya go. cold start on the car. hks exhaust, pbms downpipe, hks intake (tho not sure if that makes change to this cold start idle sound). haven't yet figured out a nice way to mount camera in there (mounted on the roof scoop bare metal thing in old car) for cool in car POV driving recording, so for now a brief description : after it's warmed up it's a really nice sound, cold starts can be a bit loud (but i do think its kinda cool). once warmed up , cruising around at normal speeds in I or S, you know it's there but it's not over powering anything. in s# with the change in map (might just be cos mines tuned as haven't driven in this configuration while stock), you're pretty much always under boost so it's a bit louder but still not annoyingly loud. turns heads, but still sounds nice in car. i found myself turning down the music and driving a gear lower than usual just cos i loved the sound that much lol. not droney at any point at all regardless of mode/throttle position so that's an added bonus.
  5. Time to revive this thread my friends Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. quoting my old post, as it seems this one will sit right below old car in leader board but oh boy does it feel SO MUCH BETTER and it's mostly stock lol. Model: WRX STI V11 GRB Displacement: 2.0L stock engine Mods: PBMS Downpipe, PBMS Stage 2 Baffled oil sump, HKS catback exhaust/twin carbon tips (guessing it's 3"), HKS intakepipe/carbon box (doesn't make a difference but mentioning carbon cos carbon fam), PBMS heavy duty organic clutch Fuel: Gull Force 10 Tuner/dyno: PBMS/ Rollling road / Dyno Torque gonna be putting WRXMAS plates on it tomorrow, not sure why dyno date is showing like that, as he didn't even have the car back then haha i'm guessing default dates but anyways;
  7. oooh might have to pop in to quote up some coilovers , edfc and alignment... @JordanfromNZ definately getting some for his car too
  8. Even a Honda Civic beats sti around track these days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. you could drive the heck out of it and enjoy them fuel economy gains compared to everyone else on this thread
  10. radar detectors are legal in NZ so not a big deal, but yeah many of the new ones are undetectable. laser jammers are illegal if you have that, it'll be something youw anna keep low key.
  11. speak for yourself, you're a freak of nature mate
  12. i' can record/review HKS exhaust with downpipe in v11 sti hatch next week for ya.
  13. Check out vortex radar for the details reviews. R3nz is kinda best overall at the moment but be aware that r7 is coming out end April and will have better range in redflex (the speed vans) i use waze right now and has saved me multitude of times. Am Not a hoon by any means but I do what’s necessary in passing lanes and quite often there are revenue gatherers waiting there (how is that making no safer??? Would rather they catch speeders where public safety is on the line) , so this kinda thing is big motivator for me to get RD . Plan to use both waze and rd when I get the r7
  14. Spent ages detailing the skyline, in and out gettin it clean as for whoever the new owner ends up being (still for sale btw). No pics cos its not a subie
  15. nah last time i paid by bank transfer , but you've pinched my from me by proxy by means of brainwashing me to get a subi again (not a bad thing)