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  1. his redline is like 6k rpm, wouldn't the power band be suuuper short based on the turbo you selling for cars of that gen?
  2. sgt on 98 should easily average 13l/100km..could probably nana drive and do close to or better than 10L/100km too but would advsie against running any turbo car on 91, or even 95 if 98 is available.
  3. yeah it would be more efficient , atleast that's what you can tell your mrs lol. the truth is that even though it might be more efficient off boost, you're gonna spend as much time as humanly possible ON boost, becuase it's just do darn addictive like everyone else, i feel life is too short to not enjoy boost atleast for a while.. do it mate. the s-gt in stock form is not particularly thirsty either and still has a mode to control that lead foots effects a bit (think its that eco or s-drive or whatever) so you'll be fine.
  4. is the rear really sitting lower if you measure from ground to jack points? my front and back are equal height from ground to chassis but arch gap is quite a lot greater up front than in the rear, though this might just be a bugeye design issue (or intential, dunno)
  5. noo whats the point of paying all that dough to get a plate that just serves to advertise the cars make/model etc. not very original imo . i say keep thinking about it till ya find something worthy and just stick with standard plate until then
  6. guild as charged lol. where was that addiction link again, maybe we can go together? trying to avoid buying any more this year, but nothing harmful came from doing a bit of window shopping right? nek minit...
  7. sorry this isn't on topic but what car are you running the gtx3071r on , what engine (and is it stock?) , how much boost pressure, what's the boost curve and power output like (happen to have dyno sheets)? just been pretty curious about this one for a while but skewed results all over online forums
  8. well it did leak some oil but i dont' think i can blame the motul oil. after changing cam seals / rocker gasket it's all good doesn't seem to be burning oil or leaking anymore. i have nothing against it and nothing particularly swaying towards it either. if you got a good history with the one you're already using and you get it at a decent price i wouldn't bother changing to something else unless cars use case was going to change significantly
  9. calebs probably on the money there, but just looking at it from simplistic point of view, could it be aged springs on throttle body or sticky throttle cable?
  10. well since you asked about any experiences, i do have Motul 8100 5w40 in mine and have neither had bad nor anything i could describe as good experience in that respect specific to oil. but honestly not sure how i would judge it as an end user. there are some guys here who have posted up very indepth info on oils and understand more of the science behind them. for the next service i'll probably go back to using what previous owner used as it's still reputable, available cheaper and engine seems to have been healthy to this point running on that. was Penrite enviro+ fully synthetic 5w40 FWIW.
  11. td05 no way, maybe closer to 230kw atw which is still good given how responsive they are, but what we're saying is with the amount that's being spent already it would be a shame not to go just a little further and hit 260/270.. anyway there's always gonna be that element of 'just a little more and will have this much more power' so fair enough of you to draw the line somewhere, someones gotta be sensible around here
  12. yep exactly, reputable shop has a lot more to lose therefore as a consumer your $$$ are safer spent there, it is after all their reputation on the line. some guy operating out of a home office other side of the world just has to change his company name and he has a clean slate if things go sour. just saying tbh if you don't do your homework then the same risks apply local vs internet tuning, you could just as easily be given a crap or unsafe tune by some unscrupulous company it just doesn't happen as much in nz as it does in other countries but the scene could entirely change in 5 years.
  13. similar risks apply both ways but who holds the liability is the biggest difference right? i flash an etune, damages my engine.. where do i stand? it takes time to know what you're looking at to determine if you've been given a crap tune or not, i wouldn't want to be in a relationship with my tuner where i have to check all this. and on that note, if it's a reputable tuner and i trust them, i'll go through this process. i get a tune from a local professional tuning shop that offers warranties on their workmanship, something goes wrong, i take it back to them and they sort me out. might take time, might need to escalate but we have many consumer rights that can be exercised in NZ. might not always win this battle but at least the person/company isn't in another country either. just because you do go to a local dyno/street tuner doesn't mean you'll get a good tune either, they could just as easily give you an off the shelf one so that risk still applies. again i depend here on finding someone reputable and establishing trust before forking out the hard earned $$
  14. boon is kinda right from that view... tunes and labour associated with turbo change is all expensive. i imagine a little bit more on the turbo now will get you something that'll really help you juice the most power out of your buck especialy if you do end up getting the injectors and front mount... make sure to get upgraded fuel pump at same time and maybe sort out a fuel pressure regulator
  15. @Furze and @Dairusire have been through the 5 speed to 6 speed conversion maybe they can chime in about that part.. i say go for it if you got the funds and thats what your cars for (to 6 speed). nek minit youre getting a full v10 gdb conversion