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  1. 160k from a careful owner is completely different to 100k from a owner who thrashes his car and doesn't change oils as often as they should so more proof you can get about work done to it over the years the better when you paying that much.. #YMMV having said that, mine is almost at 170,000, bought it at 164000 - i was fine with it because i knew the previous owner since uni days and trusted that he maintained his car baby properly throughout his ownership, and he knew previous owner and also said the same about that guy. when the car is unknown to you and you don't know the person you're buying it off, it's important to only trust that which you've seen evidence for and even then also budget 1-2k of maintenance over the next couple months (if not more depending on whats been done recently) for random things that'll come up as this is both a performance car and getting close to 20 yrs of age. it's a good bonus that is has coilovers fitted and been certed already if you like the car, contact the guy and negotiate on price first along lines of "i'm willing to pay for inspection and pay $XX for car on condition that inspection is all good" . also ask them some questions (example questions below) and see if you can get as much evidence sent back to you for your review as you can. more the merrier. some of the basics to ask via email to seller clutch was done 20k ago which is pretty good. what kind of clutch is it, was flywheel changed at same time, is there evidence of clutch change / what type it is? for example don't think you'll want to daily a 5puk clutch or whatever the really annoying one is. general maintenance changes - mine recently started to have an oil leak from multiple places pretty suddenly, this i didn't expect but it comes with a car this old and driven for this many K's - one of my mates later told me it's common in subies this old / with this many k's. if you don't have proof of recent rocker cover / cam seal changes then maybe budget in to have those replaced when the problem inevitably starts, but do ask if that has already been done. last service was at 160k, so next one is due soon - add price of oil / filter / maybe sparks / labour in to your pool of 'stuff to do soon and have money laying around for' when they say major service every 10k, ask for proof and what exactly did it include. gearbox / sparks etc? brake rotors/pads? if not, when were those last done? when and at how many k's was cambelt done (both mileage and age is important) front tyres recently added, what condition are rear ones in? not 100% sure about subarus but heard other AWD cars can experience differential damage over time if mismatched tyres are run but a few MM of tread might not make that big a difference.. . anyway you might need to replace the rears some point in near future when was wheel alignment last done (if ever). is there guard rub, test drive see how it handles on those big 19" wheels edit : hibiscus coast is a bit out of my way but i wonder if any other forum members closer to the area could go check it out? i'm sure someone will come out of the woodworks, it would save you a bit of time coming up from wellington in the event it was not as good in person as it is on the adverts (happens sometimes). maybe admins will have general idea of who is where
  2. looks pretty good man, and prodrives are sexy as hell!.. plus it's a bugeye so you'll be part of an exclusive group of extra cool CS members looks good from the photos, i say go check it out on the weekend then make an offer. personally i wouldn't pay 16k for it with those k's on the clock. @Prodrivebugeye bought his recently with around 100ks , how much as yours just to give Subru a ballpark figure?
  3. dayum is that the exhaust falling off ?
  4. been through my own long winded experience with the uncerted route. it's equal parts frustrating and satisfying.. if waited for one with same kind of spec as what i got that was all certed etc. probably would have paid much more (and still be waiting). if new car has wof for a while then don't rule it out not having cert, just post up details about it and we will comment about what it might need for cert so you can budget all that in. if it has no wof and no cert, then budget in keeping insurance/maintenance for a secondary 'daily' car so you can get around until you sort this out. if you want a completely mechanically stock one then that makes it a bit easier though. check how many previous owners it's had on carjam, find out about the current owner how long they had it for why they selling, if they are a club member here or not etc. each model has something different to look for but above all else don't forget the usual basic checks like maintenance records, condition of clutch, asking about stuff like oil changes/what oil they use, cambelt change, brakes/brake rotors change, rust, do all the electronics work? are there any weird noises/vibrations etc.
  5. Finally got me some wheels , work xsa 02c .. fitting tomorrow. The tyres were lower profile than advertised but didn't notice it when picking up , 215/35/18 so haven't lost any arch gap moving from the 17s with 215/45/17 , seems a bit of a stretch fit hope I'll be right !
  6. damn dude youre making fast progress on the upgrades... i've got a fair bit in the works too though i've ordered a few parts and should in theory be all good by then, and if it's just $100 entry then i should be sweet nothing holding me back on that.
  7. oh i see you beat me to it haha, just posted it on the cool video thread. i love this ad, fuss free no bs just action and sounds
  8. this ad is like something out of fast and furious
  9. kept 1st car for 3yrs, 2nd for 6yrs, so this one is either gonna be with me for 9 or 12 years haven't quite worked that one out yet the car is my mrs, except without the sexy time. she sure knows how to get her way with me and i've poured in way more cash than i planned for going in to this, all in the name of love lol. i keep my cars for ages and though they're not any kind of investment i'd like to think i spend wisely so as not to be making too much of a loss when i eventually move on.
  10. just spent some time researching this too. its damn cheap and the flow is more than what i'll need which is awesome considering how cheap it is : http://realstreetperformance.com/Fuel-Pump-Comparison-Test.html aeromotives 'application table' suggests this isn't a drop in fitment however, is there an easy solution to this? https://www.aeromotiveinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Aeromotive_Stealth_340_325_Application_guide.pdf
  11. boss ordered us all to work from home, mine staying in the garage today. stay safe friends!
  12. good to catch you guys at the meet today, not a bad turnout considering it was F8 premiere night as well as storm warning. we have however decided to call out @Dairusire for not turning up, shame on you !
  13. gonna test it on the way to the meet today. dunno if it'll help much... and looks super ugly. could it be a fire hazard? edit : it didnt help
  14. these are all things that make a subaru what it is though, adds character! well.. thats what i tell myself anyway, deep down inside it kills me
  15. so my curse of car issues prior to a meet ensues but i'll still make it there since i only live couple mins away lol. somehow managed to leak 1L of oil in a week so driving as little as possible until can get it to Ajays
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