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  1. we have shitloads of cows and sheep in nz, cant we just extract ethanol from all their poop?
  2. that's disgusting bro just ride your motorbikes everywhere lol. does the fuel prices have anything to do with emissions targets and all that? zero emissiosn by 2050? ie. we have about 32 years left to YOLO the crap out of our car enthusiast lifestyles before we settle down in to electric wheel chairs?
  3. @sobanoodle guts bro how about you and your passengars (if any)?
  4. yep most likely, however we don't have all the facts in front of us so there is another possibility. the alternative answer would be that the previous intercooler was so inefficient that the tune it self was compromised and now that the temps are in the range of 20-30c they're able to add in more timing / fuel as there is now more denser air (more oxygen in the cooler air helps a bit with this too) = better combusion = cooler engine = safer engine = more power with same boost level. in my own example that i provided from my car, when switching from top mount to front mount i didnt make extra more power just from this as tune was already at limits and the power runs/tune was done at PBMS where they have proper top mount cooling setup, however my tune was setup to compensate for IAT so as i drove it hard during the hotter months, the ECU was pulling timing while driving to keep engine temps down hence i'd be driving around with fair bit less power on road than what i had on dyno which would have made that setup a bad choice for track use. not only is my IAT cooler but my coolant and oil temps have also been cooler since switching over which was weird because in theory this big object in front of radiator i would have thought would make it less efficient in that respect. goes without saying though that a good quality intercooler core definitely plays a big role in all this.
  5. i reckon think of it more like something that enables you to enjoy more consistency with your power delivery because ecu is not having to adjust for keeping things safe. outside a certain efficiency range a turbo will just turn in to a hair dryer and there is not really anything that will help, but yeh if intake temps are what is holding you back then go ahead by all means, otherwise dont have super high expectations
  6. its all kinda irrelevant because the so called advantage which one might insinuate to make it an unfair comparison is very much the whole point of moving to the superior cooling design. the true function of intercooler is not directly a power upgrade item, it is all about improving efficiency of the turbocharger system. better intercooler will provide benefits of lower pressure drop and better at transferring heat away from the charged air. from first post it was already stated that same boost level was retained but it netted more power. the reason for this would have been the ECU did not have to trigger the intake temp safety adjustments with front mount hence without even any tuning differences, the power run would have shown higher power. i know in my car with the twisted turbo setup, it was like 0.5cm from touching the top mount hence heat soak was always evident and not something i could avoid with any kind of top mount within space i got in my engine bay. intake temps not long after cold start quickly rose to 30-35, peak boost at 55 celcius which would put it at 30+ degrees above ambient temps.. with my front mount i've never seen IAT rise higher than 28 degrees even in summer
  7. thats pretty cool, which turbo and more importantly how was the power curve? getting more and more curious about what is the best bang for buck on the v7. i've learned in fairly expensive way that chasing top power is pointless and should be more concerned about the distribution of that power through the rev range.
  8. on a high level, doesn't it just increase the area to pressurize, which directly affects your throttle response? in theory allows you to reserve a higher volume of pressurized air for a larger turbocharger application? why would better velocity in the pipe matter when your throttle body / intake manifold would take care of all that where it's really important? is that a bottle neck anyway?
  9. hmm this assumes there is a linear relationship between injector duty cycle and wheel power output. i would have assumed the higher up you go in the power range, the richer you need to run the fuelling so you get less and less returns per injector dc% ?
  10. yeh when i was trying ot research it, saw heaps of examples of otherwise stock car with just headers and exhaust changed. all sorts in the car community i guess,
  11. wow, if you upped the fuel pressure would you reckon theres room for e85 and bit more boost pressure to push that thing further? or around there is the limit of id1000s?
  12. well we all want power in different places also don't we. their cars being rwd i imagine they (for the most part) don't want turbos which are quite as peaky low down as ours from stock, think the original configurations with engine/turbo/drivetrain setups were to prioritise top speed on nissan vs pure acceleration on subaru
  13. ooooomg that sounds thrilling haha. @Dairusire you reckon its worth changing now or just wait and do a bit more at once (bottom end refresh, turbo, flex fuel retune etc.) ? part of me wants to get as much out of car in current state as possible before i take it to the next level next year. my launch is currently with fuel cut @5500rpm but was contemplating playing around with ign%cut instead true but i don't like that feeling at all of the brake pedal when i have anti lag switched on hence i'm kinda willing to forgo that for street driving (i thought the one way valve in my booster hose was meant to help with that but doesn't seem to be). ive got it so when off throttle it can maintain around 0-2psi and start building boost as soon as i put foot down, which is better than the normal situation with this one as you know from having driven it, so i do get a 'snap' like response in low rpm but while i'm driving spirited way i'm always in high rpm anyway and responsiveness of turbo at high rpm is no problem at all, i switch gear put foot down and its right on target. is actually really good except for off the line / casual driving where i may get smoked by a nana car hence i wanna improve on that area first.
  14. true, but to be honest i'm not really after proper rally style anti lag, perhaps what i'm after is not necessarily fitting within definition of anti lag since i'm less worried about what happens when foot is off throttle and more about enabling what i can to gain response when i flick switch and foot is on throttle failing that, i am pretty much happy to just switch anti lag off entirely and just wait it out until i get my new turbo next year and do a bit of refresh work including changing the springs over which i guess would be necessary anyways since would be running higher boost levels with something like efr 7163 and e85. would definitely still like to nail launch control though, not entirely sure where to / how to start. at present i seem to get to something like 2 psi at 5500 rpm with launch control on, i guess that's not how it should be, happy to experiment but would have been great to see some examples of it working on others setups then slowly upping my own numbers towards those points. never have had tire slip on launch , i must be doing it wrong yep hunting for pops on decel lol. i have overrun fuel cut disabled atm on the ol link but not getting any of them pops. my new found interest is very expensive
  15. not an expert but couple obvious things going down here. this is very much an apples to oranges comparison rwd vs awd.. our awd subies have greater drivetrain loss, the dyno numbers being compared are at the wheels , hence we generally have to do a little more to squeeze more power not really fair to compare psi between different turbos (atleast from my limited understanding, not an engineer!) . different turbos will flow different rates of air (cfm) at same pressure level like boon said already, if you apply same turbo to both 2l engines then you're coming closer to a better comparison not familiar with the nissan community, but you mentioned they tend to get more power with less mods. we in subie community (atleast members of this forum) seem to care about longevity of our cars and do a lot of supporting mods for safety following turbo upgrades. for example one thing we pretty much have to do for street cars chasing higher power is switching to a front mount intercooler whereas many other cars get this from stock.