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  1. Ah gotcha, I’ll just wait and see. According to the customs calculator I’d be on the hook for about 160 bucks if it gets flagged. how was the install for you on the hdi unit? I’ve done a few in the passed, essentially line everything up before you tighten it down and get ready to do some bumper trimming.
  2. Yeah man can do. I also have a code for 15 percent off their customer service department gave me if you want it.
  3. It is coming from Australia but I didn’t get hit with tax, just 55 bucks shipping. Bought one this morning. If customs wants to tax it do I get a notice or something?
  4. So I’ve decided against the redline kit, my biggest issues are the loss of fog lights and they don’t supply a piping with a flange for a bov. That being said, after talking to nzkw I don’t think that’s the right kit either. Its cheaper than redline actually but I didn’t get an answer for which brand they are so I’m thinking it’s some sort of knock off. Enter Hdi, there are some great reviews and some mediocre reviews depending on the platform. I like that they retain headlights, decent sized core and everything needed to install and go comes with the kit. The routing for the piping is also a bit interesting. now, before I order it, does anyone have first hand experience?
  5. Headers will be off anyways, I’m planning on doing all the mounts at the same time I install the nzkw uelh and turbo. Also haven’t had upgraded engine mounts before so it’ll be comparison to stock. So lots of vibration im sure. After the turbo and various parts get installed the next big thing will end up being pretty much the entire white line suspension bushing upgrade for diffs and the like. also, when I do that I’ll have a standard set of sti headers with external gate flange and grimmspeed cross pipe up for sale.
  6. I’ve just about got everything together to install the 20g. Injectors, turbo inlet and injectors on the shelf. Ordered a pitch stop, engine mounts, fuel pump, catch can and replacement coolant hoses. Only thing left to order is the front mount but I’m still weighing my options there. Hows the install? I’ve ordered the full Cusco set including the trans mount.
  7. I had to trim quite a bit on my 05 back in the day even though I was using a turboxs kit so that’s nothing new. There was a high hp sti on here that was using a redline kit.
  8. Dyno timing and performance in Avalon have done some work on my Sti and I have no complaints. Owner/tuner used to race and tune Subaru rally cars so that’s who I’m going to when I get the rest of my stuff to support the 20g sitting in my garage.
  9. So I’ve done some searching and all I find is second and third hand accounts about their fitment and quality. Is there anyone here that’s recently owned one of their front mount kits that can share info? My biggest complaint from the description is that the fog lights have to go but some first hand fitment and quality info would be awesome.
  10. Hamilton. Sadly utecs aren’t compatable with jdm cars so open source it is. I’m waiting on the rest of my stuff to get here to install everything but I’m hoping to get tuned in the next month or so.
  11. Ive built a few Subaru’s in america but this is my first 207. And I also ran a utec instead of open source. I forgot to mention it’ll be an external gate as well.
  12. Does it depend on supoorting mods? I’ll have the full deal for the 20g including fuel, intercooler, aos, etc. for gauges I have a boost, wideband and egt. I have no idea how to log with the wideband though. I’m also running a gforce 2 electronic boost controller.
  13. Who does it? I’m about ready to install my 20g/750s/front mount/fuel pump/etc etc. who tunes open source? There is dyno and tuning in Hamilton that does it but im unsure on the guy. If there is somebody the Subaru community more or less endorses is like to talk to them. Thanks!
  14. Good question, I ended up getting a pump from subaroo spares here in Hamilton for 100 bucks. Between installing, bleeding the brakes, etc it took me about 3.5 hours including a complete brake fluid flush. Pulled it out of the garage and let it idle a few minutes and the light stayed on. Took it for a drive and it shut off before I hit the end of the block. Have checked it a few times since and it has stayed off so hopefully that solved the problem. Ended up costing me 100 for the pump and 32 something for 1,000ml of dot 4 and a brake bleeder tool that was essentially some hose and a bottle with a magnet so I could put it on the fender above the bleeder.