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  1. Engine and transmission mounts are in, bolted up the header as well. Didn’t realize in my infinite wisdom that the header was a 3 bolt instead of the factory two bolt so I walked away for today. I’ll pull the turbo out tomorrow and put the uppipe in. Might as well do the inlet and catch can at the same time. Also I’ll probably just come up and check out one of the Auckland meets.
  2. I have a v7 sti intercooler I’ll sell. I’m in Hamilton. It does have the piping and brackets. No bov.
  3. How often are these club sub meets and where are they? I’d bring out my car once the 20g and tune happen.
  4. Did a clean/polish/buff/rain x today.
  5. The price and how popular they are here is insane to me, back in the states people tend to look down on rotas for being s****y, cheap knock offs.
  6. Finished the install on my front mount. Since the photo I’ve trimmed and got my fender liners sorted out.
  7. I appreciate it, the shop that is welding it together took a print of the flange on my bov and off my factory intercooler and were laser cutting it they just didn’t have time to finish it up before heading home.
  8. Not going to be done until Monday.
  9. Yeah gonna have to so I can continue recirculating.
  10. No screws on this one, there looks to be a couple divets inside for a special tool to take it apart but I don’t have anything that’ll fit. I think I’m going to have to get a flange welded on.
  11. Also figured out some asshole used silicon instead of a gasket so that’ll be fun. I’ll clean it up.
  12. Piping for my front mount is here but I have an issue. My gfb response won’t fit the piping. does anyone have one that’ll fit? I’m happy to work something out for straight trade for the response that I have off the car or purchasing. Beer on me if you can deliver since I have the car ripped apart.
  13. My intercooler finally shipped and I bought the nzkw header last night. Car is coming together, waiting on my injectors to get back from servicing/spray patterns done and for the Cusco engine mounts to get back in stock at North shore Toyota.