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  1. Actually, I just figured it out. I was squatting down contemplating setting the car on fire and I realised that the power steering cooling sits significantly higher than the res so I unbolted it, dropped it down, sawed the wheel from lock to lock a few times and viola some of the fluid level dropped, topped it up and fired it up and problem solved. No more bubbles or foaming.
  2. So I replaced the power steering pump on my car because of a mistake I made doing the inlet. I followed the instructions to jack it up, fill to cold minimum, leave the cap off and saw the wheel from lock to lock, adding fluid until the level stays stable. However, the system is still letting in air somewhere and bubbling up while running. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  3. Dunno, just thought I should mention the correction.
  4. That’s a 20 percent correct factor btw.
  5. 373 at 18.5 psi, anymore timing or boost and the clutch starts to slip. Guess I know my next step!
  6. Not to res a dead thread, I wish I would have seen this at the time. I deliver 98 to varies Auckland fuel stations pretty much daily. Mobil’s 98 does not contain ethanol. Auckland to New Plymouth, if it’s a mobil station and has 98, it comes from Mount Maunganui and there is no ethanol. I’m not on the terminal side of the business, but it’s my understanding that the major difference between bp and mobil is the additive package.
  7. The last few days I’ve: pulled off the vf30 put in the dw 850s put in the walbro 255 put in the silicon inlet removed the gforce 2 in favor of a mac changed to a step colder plugs replaced various brittle hoses and clamps left to do is reinstall some lines and the coolant res that I pulled to get access to some tricky bolts, properly hang or remove the down pipe and it’s ready to go for its link and ewg tomorrow.
  8. Anybody have a mate that knows how to vinyl wrap? Wife gave me the go ahead finally now that we are moved into the new house.
  9. Never mind, was thinking of the place in Hamilton.
  10. Directed the crappy clear lights for some factory ones. Also replaced the ac compressor since I haven’t had ac since I bought the car. Turns out I’m a moron and should have pressure tested it first because when I went to charge the system I have a leak where the high pressure line bolts onto the compressor.
  11. Totally handles like it’s on rails now.
  12. Got the new alarm installed and squared away today. Also put in a grimmspeed battery tie down that I got from moonlight racing. I have to recommend them so far, got it the next business day after I ordered it.
  13. I’d never even heard of splitting fuel rails until I moved here and I was in the Subaru scene in the states for 5 or so years, tuned multiple times on multiple turbo and injector combos, only thing I touched in regards to my rails was upgrading them to a set of boombas.
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