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  1. Engine pitch stop install, rear subframe inserts and about to tackle spark plugs... Fun day really
  2. Bronze, was thinking of matte black to go with the pearl white but haven’t seen any others in the 5x100 stud pattern for sale
  3. p.s can't bring myself to peel off the blue protective plastic
  4. Yes - My11 Facelift - Premium (leather + sunroof) Tyres are decent - definitely something I won't cheap out on again (makes car useless the moment you try go a little bit fast) The raised lower ball joint / tie rod ends are supposed to help with bump steer but doing it more as the factory ones are starting to disintegrate and I'm preempting issues with the drop when I put the coil overs in. Will look at getting the Whiteline bump stop bushing kit once I've got everything installed and see how the car drives. Work Kiwami wheels were second hand but like new, actually the second pair I've had and on my second Subaru haha (V11 STI with chrome blue Kiwami). I'm guessing I might have to roll my guards, any places you guys would recommend? Will upload pics if I get home before dark For now here's a teaser of the rear strut bar install:
  5. Just bought a 2011 WRX Sedan Fitted some 18x9.5 Work Emotion Kiwami wheels last night and have just ordered: -Blitz Coil overs with front camber plates -Sti front and Cusco rear strut bar -Whiteline front and rear sway bar kit -Whiteline control arm brace -Cusco pitch stop arm -Whiteline Sub-frame/steering column/rear diff bushings -Kartboy shortshifter with bushings -Whiteline Raised front roll center ball joints with new tie rod ends What would you guys recommend to help get the alignment to decent spec and improve handling? Rear camber arms? Toe arms for front or back? Trailing arms? In terms of reinforcement, I'm looking at a lower control arm brace that links both sides but so far haven't due to shipping cost It's my daily driver, not a track car but I like having a good solid feel through corners. In terms of performance it has an upgraded larger top mount intercooler and intake with a tune for 98 gas, I have looked at a larger silicone turbo inlet and a full exhaust but can't justify the expense. Might just do a cat back (will I need to re-tune?) and call it a day as I'm ok with how it sounds now (the original exhaust is a little rusted however so theres an excuse to replace it ) Any ideas or experiences with what you guys have done that's made a good improvement? I'll be looking at upgraded brake pads and rotors in the next few months too P.s even a decent place to buy parts from, importing from the USA isn't my favorite choice