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  1. Only reason to Turbo an N/A, for turbo with hi/lo ratio goodness.
  2. 50k and I'll sell you my V9, tastefully modified, 220kwatw. never been thrashed......cold. I mean like yeah it's not worth 50k, but I would love to have that kind of cash floating around.
  3. If you've ever driven an old Toyota you have redlined every gear just trying to keep up with traffic hahah @Furze hit the track again mate
  4. lose a car, gain a smoke machine. To be fair, that's an expensive smoke machine.
  5. yeah garmin virb xe with standard software for it. collects gps and yaw/accel information as you shoot. a whole bunch cheaper than a gopro and is natively waterproof too.
  6. in cab footage of a later run where I try to not cook my brakes. watch me try wake up duane, then skip to about 3:20 unless you like waiting in line
  7. 10/10 Subaru 12 hour le mans bender Squad. 3 hours sleep and a day of tracking. Would recommend. May or may not have got my brakes hot, but they were great by the time I got home. Cheers to everyone for making it such a great weekend, and everyone was smiling. Perfect track conditions. Unfortunate about the kill count of the weekend, Will have to wait until anzac day to get a final Tally I imagine.. oh special shoutout to @Kiwi_Fozze for getting me set up with launch control. It's too much fun, probably why there are laws that 'technically' prohibit its use on public roads. Hearts for all
  8. 18056521_10154613136961139_3471928167290

    1. 94 Leone

      94 Leone

      Pretty, you know that STi badge in the grille isn't level right?
      Some days I miss her, other days I enjoy my 6 speed and DCCD.

  9. even with washers the lateral forces on the bolt would still cause it to pop the bushing out under hard cornering. It is the wrong kind of link for these arms.
  10. I'd check the dash itself, or test the earths to the dash plugs. Could be dry/cracked solder too.
  11. why for so obsequious friend?
  12. Definition of fawn intransitive verb 1 : to show affection —used especially of a dog The dog was fawning on its master. 2 : to court favor by a cringing or flattering manner courtiers fawning on the king
  13. yeah, I realised. But had to juggle monies at the time. so to ensure the trackday happened. Paid for that.
  14. I don't believe anyone's received anything as of yet. Don't panic. Just make sure you have cotton Overalls, and a motorsports orientated helmet, no jandals. most importantly; bring a smile. For the form, usually (atleast with the NZDRA events ive been in) The indemnity form is signed at the time of scrutineering. may differ with playday.