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  1. Took it for her for a wee balance and alignment, front end-links are a touch worn. Needs a windscreen, that's a friday job. aaand a wheel has a sliiiiight buckle, I don't even drive it that often, cheers auckland roads.
  2. I vote an earthing rod bashed into the ground on a 1320 ft lead. It's all he needs.
  3. But then we checked voltage to the pin and it was allgeezy. so it's basically just because it's a link.
  4. My car has this real cool feature, where I fill up the tank, and it makes the petrol disappear almost instantly. Quite remarkable actually
  5. This is severe shrinking of the car lmao 6k*4k res picture down to whatever yours was haha. But also:
  6. I know where this is; but I'm too lazy to head out anywhere especially considering I just put the car on hold. (From when current rego expires)
  7. They are a legacy though- at least they are/were up until BH
  8. Noticed smell of fuel in oil, so I changed it, inspected and changed spark plugs. Now we wait.
  9. but for how long.... Sent from my Baked potato using Telekinesis
  10. It is what one does when they are young, dumb and full of cum. also with more money than sense... Sent from my Baked potato using Telekinesis
  11. sounds like a tractor lmao. Like my legacy did when I ran it with no exhaust after the turbo [emoji23] except the legacy sounded good. Sent from my Baked potato using Telekinesis
  12. The best bits are always down south [emoji57] Sent from my Baked potato using Telekinesis
  13. hahaha. Nah just ordered mine now. Gotta support the club. (even if it is just with photography skills) Sent from my Baked potato using Telekinesis