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Found 9 results

  1. In lieu of a new Technical board structure being implemented soon, here are the workings for the new FAQ posts to replace all technical stickies, and hopefully most of your searches. This is a temporary post because it isn't helping anyone locked away while I'm too busy to finish it. Please post additional useful links as a new post for a Mod to add to the list. Mods, I've tried to categorise things logically and keep double-ups to a minimum. PM me any questions. Cheers, kamineko INFORMATIONAL Documents Every JDM brochure - chappell943 SUBARU PARTS CATALOGUE - B4 2000 Workshop Manuals Workshop Service Manuals - Stoffa Gen 1 Legacy workshop manual - slystiguy Gen 3 and 4 workshop manuals - paulngui Legacy 1998-2003 Service Manual (GEN III incl RSK/GT) - suubyduuby Workshop manual BE/BH 2003MY. Covers TT 4442 pages by Fuji Heavy Industries - Rosssub FORESTER 1999-2002 Workshop Manual - luvmaforzzy pdf Engine manual for a Ej20t Dohc - subaru-mania Vacuum Diagrams and Solenoid Placements for WRX - Swindog Gadget Manuals Programming Keyless Entry Info All Legacy GT/b's Installation manuals (Timers/Controllers etc) - Joker Zero Sports Sequential Controller DIY translation - nncoolg G4 pdf manual - evowrx GFB G-Force 2 Boost Controller Manual Gizzmo Ibc Manual Model Codes & Specifications Impreza WRX Classic Model Codes - kamineko JDM WRX ECUS - kamineko JDM WRX Brake setups - kamineko Factory Power/Torque/Kerb Weights for all GC/GF Models. - thorpy How to decipher model/chassis codes (JDM vehicles) - boostin Legacy JDM Legacy applied model codes - readosnr Legacy BL BP info - subieboy Forester JDM Forester applied model codes -readosnr Engine ECU basics from ScoobyMods including reset & CEL Reading procedures V3/4 Sti Shim under aftermarket valves Part Numbers - thorpy Intercooler and Other Related FAQ's - Swindog Turbo Subaru Turbo System explained - Stoffa Turbo FAQ's - Swindog More IHI Turbo specs - Shale Drivetrain Manual Transmission Ratios - By Johnnynz Subaru Gearbox Chart V2 - GC8E2DD Subaru Gearbox Code Chart Electrical Full list of fault codes - Boostin Check Engine Light CEL Codes - kamineko Subaru ABS Fault Codes Power Light Fault Codes (Automatic Transmission) - arsenal69 Wiring guides and pinouts - ReubenH ECU Pinouts BC5 BG5a WRX (4 plug) pinouts V7 STI ECU Diagram ECU pinouts
  2. So I bought an old 1994 impreza hx 4wd last year and the shifter bushings have completely worn out. The play in gear feels just like neutral. I have been searching high and low for new bushings or even the whole replacement assembly but have had no luck. Does anyone know where I can locate some, aftermarket or OEM I'm not fussed, Cheers
  3. Hey guys so recently my newly-bought WRX refused to start and the garage I got it towed back to who installed my alarm - have diagnosed it as a fuel pump issue. I'll need a new fuel pump put in. I just want to know if a quote of $550 is a fair price or am I getting ripped off? At the time of the fault I would have had the car for less than a month and I would have done less than 1000kms in it lol. So I'm preparing for a motor vehicle disputes tribunal case.. as a former employee of mvdt I think it could get to that stage.
  4. Hi Team, I am after some roof racks for my 2002 Impreza which is proving to be an absolute nightmare!! I have been to a few placed to see what my options are, turns out there pretty much aren't any. The only solution that has been offered is having perm fixed Thule racks installed at a cost of $900.... Something about this doesn't seem right to me as Subaru's are well known for they're durability and sporty outdoors identity. I cant be the only one that is having this issue so just appealing for some advice, tips, options or hacks to help get some racks on my car! Any feedback will be greatly received!! Thanks in advance
  5. So I recently bought a 1994 Impreza 1.8l for my first car and I've been having a couple small issues with it. Occasionally it just won't start, the engine turns over but won't fire. This doesn't happen very frequently, maybe three or four times over the last couple months I've owned it, and seems to happen when I am restarting the car after just turning it off. Cheers in advance for any help given
  6. Hi there, sorry for the noob questions but my wrx with an ej205 has a hose in the engine bay that goes no where, just wondering if anyone has any ideas, cheers. The picture was too big for the forum so here's a link to my question on facebook.
  7. Subaru of New Zealand has issued a recall of some 2004 - 2007 Impreza and WRX: Source:
  8. Hey guys looking for some advice here. yesterday i parked my un-warranted Sub on a public road in wellington, and got absolutely destroyed with fines. $200 for: Operated an unlicensed motor vehicle-parked vehicle and another one issued at the same time for: No evidence of vehicle inspection also $200. now i have heard that i could write a letter saying that i am a poor student and provide evidence that i have now got a warrant and possibly get the fine waived or i could go to court but i am not sure what the costs or risks are involved with doing that. any help would be greatly appreciated cheers.
  9. New to the forum and unsure if there's a 'Spotted' thread, tried to search, but saw this motor on Tory St a couple of months ago and thought it looked hell mean. The owner is probably on here somewhere Subaru Impreza STI Wagon by AlexDenvorB, on Flickr