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  2. Dropped RS in today to fix noisy tappets/lifters. While engine is out, upgrading to vf30, hyperflow topmount, 850cc injectors and link install (after sitting in my room for 1 and a half years). When in Rome i guess...🙄
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  4. when it starts talking follow these steps: 1: Take preferred foot 2: Raise foot to dash height 3: Kick the s#*t out of the dash till it stops. 4: Repeat as often as needed until it stops permanently 🤣🤣🤣 But seriously Some readers are fitted by drivers right knee where the coin box is, subaru do a replacement pocket for the coin box
  5. Does it have little aerials on either side of the windscreen? Also fold down the drivers sun shade. Is there another unit mounted in to the roof?
  6. Oops card reader gone from glovebox after yard auto electrician's work...obviously didn't work...🤣
  7. I think you are making the right call to go to the link. My conversions have been on a be5a with a wrx a7 ecu and my current be5d with a v3/4 plugin link, and although the wrx ecu went well, the link is a lot more flexible. This is particularly so compared to the early jecs ECU's. If you go to pick a part you could probably find a 4 plug ecu and a set of '3 plugs' and make an adapter on your bench which makes it heaps easier than trying to work in the footwell, this can help if you find a bargain on a plugin for a different model. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  8. There are USB connectors in the glove box and a card reader that looks integrated and original. I took a card out but the notices stayed. And it does talk when I first get in and start but it's random. Sometimes it does and others not.
  9. Hi Im new to this forum but I have had a BG5a Legacy GT for a while now and am contemplating a tingle turbo swap. Im all good with the mechanical stuff but the wiring sounds like the hardest part, particularly because i have the four plug ECU and it sounds like I should change to a three plug. Given the the four plug to four plug swap sounds a lot easier would it be possible or advisable to go for something like a Link G4 WRX V1/2 plug in ecu? It says it plugs straight into the four plug loom and then I wouldn't be limited by the factory ecu. I know it would be dearer but it it might save me a lot of time and heart ache in the end. Has anyone on here gone that way? Cheers Josh
  10. Automated toll road payment thingy, my bet is on it Rip it out!
  11. Does it do it on startup too? does it have a etc or bcas card reader?
  12. Neat! Just for interest here's some international SVX's From Facebook
  13. Old 101 the strand I crashed a car meet for this, was pretty awkward snapped 3 fast pics then left quickly New Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I've just bought a 2011 legacy and, despite two trips to the dealers auto electrician I have a Japanese notification randomly vacalising. Has anyone solved or experienced this in their jap import.
  15. Did stage 1 of the big legacy clean today. Hasn’t had a proper clean for about 1 year as I was living in Wellington CBD and they have nothing decent in welly to wash cars. Love my snow foam Looks like I killed something with my wheels [emoji23]
  16. alright, ordered an aliexpress tactrix special, lets see how it goes in a week or 2
  17. As to the being a bit s**t, yes. To the rest, I can neither confirm nor deny until resolution
  18. For reading you could probably get away with it, could still do some damage if something isn't internally wired correctly, but I definitely wouldn't trust one for flashing the ECU.
  19. Last week
  20. Finally bit the bullet and got myself some flares coming from the UK, it was that or wide-body...been 10 years going back and forwards on the two. Also ordered a origin-labo gt wing and grabbed a turbosmart BOV to replace my very old/crappy greddy bov... Now just gotta send it off for a re-tune in the mean time and get the last of the gremlins sorted. Then lastly figure out what wheels will fit...
  21. I'm going to wildly speculate and ask if this is yet another case of a pseudo-"performance" workshop being a bit s***?
  22. You guys tried the aliexpress tactrix cable? Not super keen to spend $300 from the tactrix site for a fancy OBD
  23. Picked up a new clutch fork as my one was TOAST. Lasted 300,000 km so I guess it's done well. More delays, getting beyond steamed, further action pending. Im annoyed now.
  24. Not meaning to point fingers or be rude, but my reaction in that situation would throttle off, trail brake and gently steer back into the lane. Either way speed (I HATE using that word in relation for accidents) seems like the main cause. Reminds me of the weekend, and watching a good friend ride his motorbike - he's trying too hard to be fast on it, vs being smooth. I think learning to be smooth before you learn to be fast is the best, cos being fast (on sealed roads) is being smooth in my opinion. Plus also this bike is a 650cc twin Hyosung, that is de-restricted, and the dude is on his Learners...was a sharp price for the bike, but it's waaaay out of his league for a learner. Edit: I suppose I could throw up a build thread of the Mazda @1randomkiwi. Do have some Quality of Life things (for me anyway) that I'll be doing to it.
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