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    One of the nicer photos one of my friends got last week. Underbody needs a bit of a tidy up
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    I'll be keen to cruise down but I ain't chucking her on the track
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    Orange light is rear fog. Subaru's don't have an idiot light for daytime runners. No, Subaru have no option to activate DRL's. +1 for getting a decent aftermarket kit wired in properly. This means the lamps must turn off when the headlamps are on.
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    Yeah it's a pretty easy drive. I've done it in a single tank of gas in a WRX before. It's a wicked weekend too. You don't relise how much fun it is till you get there and experience a MegaMeet first hand
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    It's a bit of distance, but it's an awesome track and not too bad of a drive Imho. Sent from my TA-1012 using Tapatalk