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    Took my car in for its lvta cert inspection today. The certifier was happy with everything and it passed, just need to do some paper work and wait for the plate to turn up. I’m so happy after 5 months of trying to get it looked at!
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    My car is 5EAT too. The new solenoid finally turned up this morning. While waiting to it to arrive, my nexus has shat itself, so I can't reset the ECU with it anymore. And you say the gearbox doesn't like having the ECU reset without also resetting the TCU? So if I disconnect the battery for 10 minutes that will reset the ECU? Not sure where to reset the ECU / TCU from in RomRaider yet, have only used RR the one time above. Anyway, I might try and fit the new solenoid tonight, or first thing tomorrow morning. Then I'll log in it RR and post up the results. Stay tuned.....