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  1. Wow, I'm amazed it's still available, this is great 🤣
  2. Different I know, but just some random info. My partner's Mazda 3 has this feature, and it's very hit and miss when it works, I think there's a ton of conditions around when it'll turn the engine off etc, sometimes under harder braking it'll turn off, sometimes not on hills etc. But we always just disable it as soon as we get in the car. It's the most frustrating thing ever. Pull up to a stop sign, find a gap in traffic and go... wait no, engine has to start now! And now it's too late to pull into traffic and the gap has gone....
  3. It wouldn't get as much e-fame if it was stock looking though. It's all about the publicity.
  4. I have previously, I ran it just to the left of the throttle body outlet if I recall correctly. Not sure if I have any photos though sorry!
  5. Mate has a Outlander PHEV with similar features. It helped him avoid a crash on an off ramp when there was sunstrike, and a car directly in front of him slowed down very very quickly. It's definitely a feature where if I had the choice, I'd definitely go for it.
  6. Lost the windshield washer cover on the STI a wee while ago, found a part number online for a replacement, but wasn't sure whether it'd come unpainted, or painted. Received it today, and thankfully it's painted, and even the correct colour! The car goes in for paint in a few weeks, a brand new front bumper going on, a few scratches/dents repaired, and some paint fade being sorted.
  7. For noise, here's a few sound clips from our 2011 STI, it's a 2L, but the noise volume should be about the same for a 2.5L. We started with just an R400, cat-back. Then later on went with a cat-less down pipe, we never did get a CEL from that. We had it tuned, as we also did an after-market intake system. Tuned at SAS as recommended by PBMS and CroweSport, think it was around $700 for the tune. Just the R400 exhaust: R400 + cat-less downpipe:
  8. If you can, I'd try go back to the correct turbos, as it's most likely still on the original tune, so best to run the original turbos etc. And yup, you can swap to the 20G CDB no problems at all.
  9. Pretty bloody sad TBH! Such an iconic Subaru, and being culled after 32 years Although I've heard the outback is likely to stay, so at least that's some of it continuing on, kind of...
  10. Not the best, but about all I can find from the last year:
  11. Ah nice, if it happens to be the passenger's side, it might be this one, which is what I bought for my 96, depends which shape mirror you've got
  12. For which car? I purchased brand new glass from Amayama for my GF8, $45 I think it was per mirror. I then wasn't careful enough and broke it while installing...
  13. Got the long block assembled finally, and half-mounted the bull bar, just need to make some new brackets to hold it up at the top:
  14. Ahh, my Leaf is similar, and for that reason we just disconnected the GPS antennae so that it wouldn't re-sync.
  15. Damn, turned out pretty bloody good!
  16. Hey! We had our STI done at SAS last week, they were absolutely fantastic to deal with!
  17. Yup this was done in 4th, just confirmed that now
  18. Pretty decent gain for just breathing mods really. I'm not 100% certain on that, I'll ask and find out. I wasn't there for the tune, but my father was, so he may know.
  19. Tune is now done on the STI, 309.3HP, so bang on 230KW, the limitation being the injectors unsurprisingly at 95%. Graph is annoyingly in HP not KW, but close enough. DynoPak hub dyno at SAS in Christchurch Details: Jap import 2L STI 100 octane fuel Process West intake PBMS catless downpipe Invidia R400 exhaust Secondary air injection system removed Raceworks EFP-501 265Lph fuel pump 3 port BCS Facebook messenger quality video:
  20. Got it running last night, it's definitely loud, our mechanic that does our WOFs said he'll allow it, as in the particular rev range that it's tested at, it's surprisingly quiet. Oddly enough, it didn't throw any CEL's either for the air injection pump being removed, or the lack of any Cat's. I've removed the codes anyway. It's not happy by any means, under any load it appears to be cutting spark, and back-firing around 3500 RPM in 2nd, but am told something along these lines is expected with the free'er flowing exhaust and intake.
  21. We don't find it all too bad to be honest, not sure how it'll be with the cat-less down pipe though, we'll find that out tonight. And yeah, sorry but we don't know you, so don't know what you do and don't know, safer for me to assume nothing, and then it might help others of less knowledge later down the track that may read this thread Great to have someone here who knows their stuff though, so welcome!
  22. PBMS recommended we get a meth kit for ours to make the most benefit of the tune, we're not going to this time around, but interesting to see it made that much of a difference!
  23. This past weekend was work on the STI before its tune next week. I ran out of time to clean my workshop beforehand sadly! Up on the hoist, down pipe off, engine mounts unbolted and disconnected from the gearbox. Engine out! (this is the only way to do spark plugs, right? 😛 ) Clutch was roasted, no surprises it was slipping, the plate was right down to the rivets, and there was material everywhere. New flywheel and clutch: New fuel pump: Complete secondary air injection pump removal, a pain having to remove the up pipe! Wrecked engine mount, thankfully I had spares from my rally car, thanks Subaru for not changing the design in many many years!
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