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  1. My 2007 Impreza does this as well. As you say, its random! Wouldn't mind knowing how to evict her... Could it be part of the factory headunit?
  2. Haha when I searched SGT it just seemed like they got a bit of flack in a few of the threads. But hey, if that's not the case then I'm stoked 🙂 One day I'll own my dream STI! But the little SGT will do for now.
  3. I wasn't going to post, as it seems the S-GT gets a lot of hate on this forum. But meh. Purchased myself a little 07 S-GT 3 weeks ago. Had a v7 WRX a few years ago, but decided I needed a bigger car as I had plans to have a family... yeah, so, that didn't happen. Decided I was sick of having boring mum car so flicked it and got the S-GT. Unfortunately funds didn't allow for me to buy the STI, maybe next time! Open to suggestions for changes etc as i say, i've only had it 3 weeks.
  4. I'm back after a few years, and I cant see anything. I'm also showing as anonymous...
  5. Had car checked today, turned out to be the O2 sensor.
  6. So, long story short, filled my car last week (2001 GDA) drove it to work without an issue, went to drive home after work only for the engine check light to flick on about a 20/30 seconds after the engine was started. I tried the car off and started it again...no check light. I left it and a similar thing happened the next day, started the car in the morning, check light comes on after about 20/30 seconds. I have also been driving the car for the last few days with no issues, it runs like normal, but my fuel gauge has hardly moved since I filled (I wish it was that economical!) Has anyone had a similar issue? I am waiting for a friend to return from Aus so he can get the fault code for me, but thought i would run it past the forum first. I did start filling the car with the turbo timer still running, but it turned off before it had finished, unsure if this could have caused an issue?
  7. I think I might supply the parts myself, at least then I know they are using the genuine parts. Thanks guys! Your a bunch of smart cookies that for sure!
  8. Right, mechanic had a nosey, he said its the tappet cover gasket on the left hand side, you could see a small oil stain on the exhaust just above. He quoted about $200 to replace.
  9. It went in for a full service. I don't have the invoice with me at the moment, but you would think a full service would mean they would check other things as well as changing oil and filter! They oiled my door hinges (weird and annoying, as I now get 4 oily marks running down my side skirts) will see what happens on the hoist.
  10. Called mechanic, they going chuck it up on the hoist for me this arvo. Hopefully they will find something and it will be an easy fix. Will update after lunch.
  11. Worth calling them and asking? Or returning it there for them to look at? There was no mention of it on the invoice.
  12. Ok great, will take a look tonight. Thanks
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