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  1. Tbf I dont have many new photos since the last calendar 😂 would be cool to be on it 3 years in a row though...
  2. https://www.subaru.co.nz/wrx25#/boards/subaru-wrx/entries/subaru-enrtry-96c11850-b86f-47d2-915c-6bc146671deb
  3. Yeah I just mentioned the thread to my dad who works at head office and he showed the marketing team and they were really impressed and said theyd supply some stuff to giveaway and they followed through!!... I just put a set of re003s on my new wheels and I couldnt be happier. Had re002s on all my vehicles previously.
  4. Because of this thread I have been given some Bridgestone merchandise to giveaway for the club from head office, who should I talk to about distributing it out?
  5. https://shop.namelessperformance.com/2008-2014-sti-wrx-hatchback/ I have their AxleBack Muffler Delete on my 2012 WRX sedan and couldnt be happier with the product and sound. Think the hatchback variant is a little more $$ though cause there is more pipping involved
  6. Some new wheels Just needs a touch more low now I think
  7. Nameless Performance axle back muffler delete is perfect �� well it is for my v11 sedan atleast! But its from america.. Come to a meet if you wanna listen
  8. Go facelift ... my 2012 WRX 2.5 had to be fully rebuilt at 120,000km before I purchased it, but I'm unaware of how the previous owner had treated it as I got it through a dealer. Low down power is great but not sure how comparable the whole thing is to the 2.5 STi.
  9. Was a sick day with sick cars. Little vid if any body cbf...https://www.instagram.com/p/_f08vaTXVf/
  10. Welcome!! I was tossing up a BRZ after selling my v7 but went the with 2012 wrx instead. The BRZ's a good looking car especially your one, just a little too small for me .. I see you're in Auckland, you should try rock up to our last bastion point meet of the year this sunday
  11. From the latest bastion point meet, thanks to caleb (1randomkiwi)
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