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  1. Hey guys, Daniel eventually agreed to refund my purchase. Took almost 2 months, but at least he did the right thing. I have this forum and Facebook posts to thank. Just wanted to share my experience to end this thread.
  2. I'm in Tauranga and have an engine crane, let me know if you run into trouble and need it.
  3. $220 (including GST). Couldn't wait for a genuine one to arrive so purchased the alloy (with plastic side tanks) alternative from my local radiator supplier. Looks identical to factory Subaru one and fits perfectly. Came with a warranty, so really hope it lasts. I'll keep an eye on temp and check for leaks regularly for piece of mind, so far so good. Its considerable lighter than the original Subaru one (assume because its alloy).
  4. I e-mailed Daniel from Dansco and gave him almost a week to get back to me regarding the useless radiator he sold me for just over $100 and surprise, surprise no response so I will be warning everyone and sharing my experiences dealing with this mickey mouse outfit. Firstly, the radiator showed up wrapped in a black plastic bag without any protection for the fins! Next was the condition of the radiator, which was nothing like the picture shown on their website where I purchased it. I wanted to send it straight back, but it was a temporary replacement so decided to recondition / paint it. I spend a lot of time sanding, buffing and re-painting it for fitment, but found a leak before even bolting the fans back on...! Word of warning for anyone considering dealing with Dansco, Don't do it!
  5. Third time lucky... Replaced the cheap useless Redline alloy radiator (3rd one that's leaked on me) with an OEM radiator I sourced from Dansco, turns out it had a leak too! Dansco are useless and do not want to know about it, despite ensuring me it was in good condition... so decided to go brand new. Fitted it last night. All 3 Redline radiators leaked at the top and bottom of the side tanks, I'd strongly suggest an alternative brand / supplier.
  6. hunter951 keep reading bad stories / articles about them hence my hesitation. Will be going into my V7 STI converted GC8. Only bought it as it was well priced and tuner reduced my rev limit which throws up a CEL (camshaft position sensor) when limiting so thought I'd throw this in for a bit of fun and to rectify the CEL - should really just get a retune etc but plan on getting rid of the car so not really worth the time or $. Has a brand new camshaft position sensor in it, but still CEL... Stingr no issues while running it?
  7. Hey guys, I bought a Bee*R Rev Limited over the weekend and it arrived today. Was an impulse purchase, but starting to wander whether its a good idea or not... I'm not planning on showing off or hitting the limiter everyday, so not too concerned about the turbo, ignition coil etc. Anyone have one fitted? (not a pic of my actual limiter but identical)
  8. Good pics man! Love the night shots! A few recent pics of mine (still up for sale.........)
  9. Well I'm very disappointed to say the least........ I bought a factory radiator to use temporarily while waiting for the replacement alloy one to arrive. I did a bit of work to it prior to fitting (sanding, buffing and painting) went to fit it this wkend after removing the one that in my car only to find the radiator from Dansco has a leak! I specifically asked Daniel to confirm its in top condition (no leaks) prior to purchasing which he assured me it was! Needless to say I will be letting everyone / anyone I can know about his crap service! I will NEVER buy another thing off this individual!
  10. Not that happy with my purchase, as I have to buff / sand and re-spray it before fitting to get rid of rust etc... Looks like its been sitting outside for years...
  11. Thanks for your responses, appreciate it! Luckily my purchase arrived - literally 10 minutes after I created this post... Rosssub, sorry to hear about your experience! Hopefully its resolved eventually.. I haven't checked the condition of my purchase yet, but it was just wrapped in black plastic (no box) so better be as described! Will update after work.
  12. Hey guys, I contacted Daniel with an enquiry on a part and got a quick response, so bought the part last Wednesday but Daniel will not reply to my e-mails or respond to text messages... The website is down at the moment too! Has anyone dealt with Dansco and did your purchase work-out? It will be a week tomorrow since I paid and am a little frustrated with the lack of communication...! Hopefully the part turns up this week!
  13. Good post man! Great pics too, thanks for sharing
  14. Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a drive over to watch tomorrow (just need to confirm details).
  15. No luck this time either, they can source stock replacements but not alloy. Thanks again anyway. Here's the auction where I asked them: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1082625498
  16. I asked if they had any in stock and they said no, so just asked whether or not they can get them. Thanks
  17. Thanks again guys, really appreciate it. Optical I'm pretty set on a Koyorad, so thanks for sharing your experience. They're not cheap - around $700 landed buy you get what you pay for. Alternatively, Mishimoto who Andy_mac mentioned are similar in price, but have a lifetime warranty. M... Munkvy Thanks, I contacted them via trademe but they don't have anything available for a GC8... Patrickc22 Thanks, definitely worth considering. The only thing that puts me off is they look identical to the Redline versions that have leaked in my cars. I'm sure they must be better quality as they're definitely a popular alternative. I'd like to see one up close before considering at this stage. I haven't sourced a replacement yet so won't be driving the car for a while...
  18. Got it out of the garage for a Saturday night drive.
  19. GC8D4DD is V3 STI RA. Easy to say if its a WRX RA or STI RA. STI RA has DCCD (adjustable center diff) which is operated by a rolling button and indicated by a dial on the dashboard. STI RA's also have a roof vent (WRX RA's don't). A photo would clear it up.
  20. Thanks again for the info. Interesting to hear Redline are lasting in some of your cars... The one in my car has split in two different places now (on either side)...
  21. Andy_Mac Thanks, will look into both. Have heard of Koyorad, but not Mishimoto. Hoping to find something in NZ so I can fit it over the wkend. evowrx I've had a Redline radiator in 3 cars and all 3 leaked (4 in total)! Redline have replaced them, but no point if they don't last... You're lucky so far, just keep an eye on it. Like everything, I guess you get what you pay for.
  22. Hey guys, After 4 Redline alloy radiators I'm on the hunt for one that will actually last and do the job its intended for. Has anyone used Fenix? Please let me know where I can source a good quality alloy radiator... Otherwise will have to go back to an OEM one. Thanks
  23. Did a bit of maintenance on the RA over the weekend.
  24. Thanks, appreciate it. Will have a look tomorrow.
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