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  1. So. Did a great thing today. Been hunting and messaging people like crazy over the last 6 months for an RA or type R and finally got the timing / luck right today. Found myself a 2000 v6 STI RA V Limited 757 of 2000 and snatched it in like 2 hours haha. Here she is: Lots of stuff to fix to get her running right, but pretty happy with this one! Will definitely be a keeper
  2. Having owned two blobeyes and one prodrive bug, all tuned to the same power on paper, I can say confidently the blob eye hands down. I was initially like and you and thought single scroll the world, amazing sound etc. But seriously, you cannot beat the response and street fun element of a good twin scroll setup like in the blobs. Holy moly my last one was probably the best car i've ever owned in terms of all round fun. 230kw, but wow when that twin scroll turbo hits, and you keep it in the power band, she's a good time. Honestly with a good exhaust, the t
  3. Quite a nice all round build by @PBMS! 315kw on stock location too! @boon haha
  4. Watched it the other day - the silicon stuff is crazy aye!
  5. For the Win 101 - come to me for driving lessons
  6. Soooo did a thing again. Sold my RS4, and thought I'd try find a cheap but well modded car to drive until the V11 gets finished. Enter the 2002 Prodrive STI. All the right bolt ons including a link ECU, TE37s, semi slicks, new Teins and making 220kw! Only catch is high 220kms. Looks to be well maintained mechanically though! Body requires a bit of TLC. All in all, great car! Building up my photography skills too haha.
  7. Is yours a 2.5 or 2.0? 2.5L engines obviously have more displacement so will make a bit more power/torque. Not having a catback exhaust and intake make a decent difference. I'd say 20-30kw. Here is mine for reference: Invidia DP and Q300 catback 3port solenoid Cold air intake Turbosmart IWG75 internal gate Water meth kit The blue line below is without the cat back, water meth and IWG internal gate They did a run for me with all the mods above and without the meth going - it made 237kw Red line is with all abov
  8. Twin organic and sprung will feel almost like a standard clutch. You won't be able to launch many times without burning the clutch though. The exedy torque ratings are actually at the wheels. I found the catalogue and spoke to Exedy as well and have decided to use my exedy FM022SDL Compe D for around 670hp and 700nm at the wheels
  9. Power is an interesting thing. Once you've experienced more, somehow you get used to it and want even more.. Guess with a GC8, lack of traction would definitely be key deterrent haha
  10. Fair, unless you're Alistair McRae I'll probably wind it down to around 480 after its dyno glory 😅
  11. Probably you hahah But wait. Who's going to hit 500kw first? :P
  12. Haha awesome man. Glad it went to someone in the community
  13. Oh very nice dude! I had my eye on this for ages and was going to try bid on it too! Went for a steal You going to restore the factory interior etc?
  14. Cheers @swamp ! The RS4 is an amazing machine. I mean the crazy thing is, its a $160k car that has depreciated so much, just about the average Joe can buy one now. Albeit hopefully not having to encounter any crazy maintenance costs! In the car with windows down, revving to 8000rpm, hearing the angry v8 sing. Its pretty dam amazing! Still i'm too scared of RS4 maintenance costs, and can't afford both cars, so will be selling it before my 800hp build is done sadly. Glad to have experienced such a cool car though!
  15. Its pretty dam amazing. The Miltek exhaust has built in valve flaps hooked up to the sports button. So cruising on the motorway is pretty quiet! Even with it on and windows up, the euro isolation is very good. Its not anywhere near as loud as my STI was though
  16. Whipped up a little vid of the Rs4 yesterday. Man this thing is something else. Insane
  17. Hahaha na its more that i'm crap scared of having an expensive euro money pit so don't want to own it for long lol.
  18. Sooooooo did another thing.... since selling NARSTI, bought another project. RS4!! Not just any RS4. Its supercharged, full miltek exhaust, lowered on Bilsteins and reasonably tidy. Only catch is ks are high - 229k kms 😯 Different with euros though, high ks are generally ok if well maintained. This was owned by the previous owner for 7 years. Won't be keeping her for long but enough to stop this RS4 itch I've had. Honestly the sound is freaking incredible. Pulls like crazy from 1000rpm all the way through. Pretty amazing c
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