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  1. Bushes are buggered. Common issue on older cars but you can't get the bushes alone. Facelift and prefacelift wiper racks are different so make sure you get the right one for your model.
  2. I have seen 2 different BC/BF legacys with GD model dash and door cards fitted so it can be done its just the wiring that would be a pain. I do know at least one of the cars I have seen with this conversion was running full V7 engine,drive train and wiring loom so that would make it easier to make the dash cluster work.
  3. Every BE/BH I have driven has a really light feel to the steering and I have driven a few now. I dont like it at all and have found a couple pull back on the wheel against you intermittently if you keep it turned for long enough ie going all the way round a round-a-bout.
  4. Totally compatible. Part number differences can also change for stupid reasons like, different color bulbs and LED\'s in something like heater control panels. Plug it in and it should work like a charm.
  5. Back to back testing has shown the best filter you can use is a new factory paper one. K&N are good but the oil has shown to kill AFM\'s really quick if any oil gets on the hot wire inside. same sort of thing with pod filters. We dont warranty any AFM\'s or engines we sell at work if using a pod filter/oiled panel fileter so that shows how easy they can cause issues.
  6. Braxton have quite a few different lights but they are quite expensive. When dealing with brands like Depo and the such make sure they are not for left hand drive cars as you will fail WOF as the beam is set to go the other way.
  7. There are also some plastic welders out there that can polish them up for you too. you do have to be careful as the plastic lenses can melt if you take to them with a polishing/buffing wheel.
  8. Wow......Just...wow....why the fu....wow. Thats some serious kit right there peeps. it always amazes me the language used in ads on tard me when people are selling their crap and want too much for it. I will give the guy $50 just to watch it burn. I think we could all put in a bit and buy it, then have a bomfire party around it. Who\'s with me?
  9. No, I dont think it is. Has Blitzen spoiler, grill and mags but standard front and rear bumpers. unless he has crashed it and has seen what the genuine bumpers cost to replace.
  10. Yeah you can, and its quite quick and easy to do. 1. Separate the hub from the lower control arm at the ball stud. 2. Pull pin from C.V at gearbox end. 3. Get a friend to pull the hub outwards while you pull the inner C.V from the box. 4. repeat on other side of car. You don\'t have to touch any of the bolts that adjust anything and the lower control arm ball stud will only sit in just the right spot so no need for an alignment. I use a short flat head screw driver to force open the split behind the ball stud on the hub, then it will just slide out. You will have to remove the pinch bolt completely to get it to release properly and it is normally easier to push the arm down than try and lift the hub out. Once you have the hub free you should have enough movement to get the inner C.V disconnected from the box. Remember you will have to pull them out of the way when the gearbox goes back in.
  11. Call us up at sub-a-roo parts. we have a couple of brand new genuine orange AFM\'s for around $320
  12. All I can say is I\'m running on potenza RE002\'s and they are awesome.
  13. 752 = 4 bolt housing 754 = 8 bolt housing There is info out there tell us exactly what each number/letter refers to and the first bit is all to do with the actual casing. all the other numbers are to do with ratio and sensor type and when it was designed.
  14. Awesome I will give that a go now other than that I have everything else working mint.
  15. I have taken my control box out and had a look at the circuit board and it seems slightly different and this is the only part I have left to do for my alarm to be fully working. Is it possible to tell me how you found what contacts to solder to or maybe I can post a pic of mine so you can see whats different so I can finish this mission off as this is driving me up the wall and so far this is the most informative thread I have found on the net anywhere. Any help would be awesome.
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