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  1. 4kworld

    Forester SH

    talk to SAS or gotasuby https://www.facebook.com/SASworkshop/
  2. sorted thankyou though
  3. Anyone willing to help me tow subie for cash
  4. been having bit problems sorting out vacumn lines on the twin turbo and if anyone was willing to let me look at there car to copy would appreciate
  5. will do a build thread on the 142/400 S401 if you want.
  6. just the last bit to finish of this round of mods so far flipped intake manifold and alternator, powdercoating, 70mm throttlebody, deutchworks 340lph intank bosch 044 external, surge tank full teflon braided lines,alloy radiator and silicone hoses, cobb intake,gfb bov, aeroflow rails, turbosmart fuel filter, aem fuel regulator, aem meth kit, oil catchcan, optima redtop relocated to boot, avs 5 star alarm and reversing camera, hella horns and frontmount.
  7. spent abit of time on the intake manifold powdercoating putting on aeroflow rails and 70mm throttlebody for the s401 https://ibb.co/3rY2w5c
  8. Hi all, wired up a jvc-750bt in a 2002 subaru legacy removing mcintosh headunit soldered all the wires up but getting no sound from the speakers. Have read theres a underseat amp possibly and thats my problem. there is a round plug with pins not used behind headunit is this my problem with no sound from speakers any help is appreciated