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  1. Front inner CV popped pulling out of my driveway. New complete driveshaft from Repco and about ten minutes, sorted.
  2. New front pads and a wheel alignment. I'm sure it'll break in a semi significant way a week out like it does every other time I try to take it to the track though
  3. Fitted a Hardrace mount set. Massive improvement,
  4. Not worth the hassle, you probably won't notice the difference
  5. Ryco Z79X are good. Never use store brand ones - can tell the difference with them in your hand. factory recommends 5-30, that's what I'd be putting in unless it's burning it. I run 10-40 but it's forged with loose tolerances.
  6. A scratch built race car is remotely relevant to this how? 8===D
  7. Stupid. All that work putting that drivetrain in, and they don't bother making a proper exhaust, fitting a filter or even a bonnet? Two thumbs down.
  8. I had a glass fibre one on a car I used to own, didn't seem to have as drastic an effect on NVH as Gripless has said. Have a solid alloy Whiteline one floating around, might biff it on when I fit a front mount next week and chime in.
  9. Oh weeeird. Modern day Commer TS3
  10. Probably just ordered you some eBay stuff and ripped you a premium on top I'd say. Sprayed some aerosol underseal inside one of my doors the other day whilst tidying wiring and it made a noticeable difference.
  11. I think I've had maybe five turbo Subies now, all bought at the bottom of their depreciation cycle due to various degrees of F***edness. Theyve taken twenty years of abuse and neglect better than any of the other shitboxes I've owned - Hondas, Volvos, Toyotas, Fords - all the interior switches still worked for example, no catastrophic body rust, still had all their vents, no failing VSS or blocked PCV system you have to retain which costs 300 for a kit from the States etc etc. They do have a bit of a rep but you take any other turbo car with twenty plus years and 250 k on the clock driven by a series of owners that thought they were Colin McRae whilst running on 91 octane and mineral 20/50 and see how they hold up..
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