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  1. I'm guessing the top left of your screen @Joker 🤣 Ill try to remember to head along, even though I don't have a Subaru currently.
  2. If its a good phone then its ok, but if its a potato, then no.
  3. Photos or it didn't happen! I missed the boat.
  4. hahaha well at this rate, there's not going to me much of a calendar. we need more pictures.
  5. to be quite honest, some of my favourite images in past calendars are not even amazing photos from a photographer's point of view. their of good honest guys and girls cars. as long as it fills an A4 page without being all pixelated, send it in!
  6. first post has been edited, please email images to [email protected] also. Only landscape images will be accepted (turn your phone sideways). images may be substituted if high res image is not supplied. Images may also be used on social media to promote ClubSUB. Credit will be given where possible.
  7. Not much has been happening in Wellington for a long time, but nothing stopping us sorting something. Pick a date and a location and lets get something off ground.
  8. the blue one looks 2 door, but the silver ones looks 4 door... i like the silver one, only issue with the blue one is what looks to be plastic guards, very Ford Ka-esque. Over all, i like it.
  9. Hi guys, as the title states, does anyone in Wellington gave a spare Power Steering pump for a BG Legacy GTB? Or something similar that will fit? Needed asap, found a bloody great hole in the back of the pump, and a nice dent on the pulley bolt... obviously happened before I bought the car... which explains the smoke from the engine bay... so yeah... anyone got something to save my xmas road trip plans? if you do message me or text me on 0276187075, have cash, will pick up.
  10. if you ordered your calendar, its in the post! We still have stock, so get you orders in and we will get them out to you!
  11. all those who wish to recieve their calendar before xmas, the order is being made this friday!
  12. ok submissions are closed, and orders are open! http://bit.ly/CS2020Calendar GO!
  13. Hit the store tab (at top) to order yours now! ~ Joker OP below
  14. Hey team, there is a car show in Shannon on the 16th Feb 2020 Anyone keen to convoy up?
  15. no, but those of us who want to keep our old Subarus going will need engines in the future.
  16. Time to start buying up EJ20 blocks for what will soon become a "retro" engine... then eventually a classic... 😋
  17. I got to the end of this thread and realised there were no answers... but its ok because the Vengaboys are still playing... it was worth it...
  18. dont know how to feel about that.
  19. Below is the OP (Original Post) Submissions for or 2019 ClubSUB Clender are closed and yo ucan order yours here : http://www.clubsub.org.nz/forum/index.php?/store/
  20. Hi All. I the interest of being completely transparent, we want to open a discussion regrading the clubs website maintenance moving forward. We are looking for a web monkey, someone who knows their way around SSH, IPS, SSL, FTP, WWW, HTML, OMG, FML and any other 4 or 3 letter acronyms you can think of. We currently run an IPS system, and require periotic updates, however the way we are set up this needs to be adminstered via some sort of SSH setup. We require someone reliable and experenced. at present we are seeking quotes from web engineers, and below is the best we have recieved to date. We have a budget and will pay for the right sort of person, below is an indication fo the sorts of money we will be paying if we cant find someone from within the club. Option 1: Fully managed, fixed rate, rolling 1 month contract: Server and software management, updates, and configuration: $220/month SSL certificate: $120 setup, plus $10/month for maintenance, auditing and renewal Limits: 4 hours per calendar month and operations during the hours of 08:00 - 23:00 unless otherwise agreed. Option 2: Development of 'helper software' to allow you to perform semi-automated updates of the server and IPS board: Server update software**: $450 IPS update software**: $850 SSL certificate: $120 (setup only, will require self-renewal and maintenance or ad hoc support) **Conditional on Linux distribution and update delivery method. If we cannot complete a working script as described, there will be no charge. Limits: Any software update issues or upstream package faults are not covered. Option 3: Ad hoc support, any issue: $160/hour, weekdays (08:00 - 20:00) $220/hour, weekends or 20:00 - 08:00 Notes: The cost of any software or licences required (if any) is not covered - these will need to be purchased separately if applicable. The quote does not include hosting or backups as you have indicated that these are provided by your hosting provider. Likewise, no minimum service level is agreed due to infrastructure beyond our control. Some server and software changes or updates may require a temporary service outage (such as a reboot). We provide a 3 month warranty to fix for free any issues within any unmodified software that we write. All software written for you belongs to you entirely. Prices are excluding GST. This quote is valid until 18/06/2018.
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