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  1. You must have been in the wrong gear... I used to get 10k/l in town and around 11-11.5k/l on open road in the spec c...
  2. Once the F*CKERS are identified, [insert imaginative disciplinary methods] ..now, i'm not sure if that's justice, but it'll make you feel better! And...don't leave any prints behind... [edited. understand where your coming from but lets try to uphold some standards here]
  3. Don't take it to a SUBARU workshop (unless you have just won lotto), take it to a REAL mechanic.... Try Simon at Automotive design in Grey ST (around 130ish Grey st), he's trained on Subaru's and does excellent work (resonable rates too). If your tyres are slipping, then it's probably your diff (changed any fluids recently?), CV's wouldnt do this, they just make clicking noises...
  4. It's still american...so, it'll still handle like shit, get crap milage and be passed by most japanese vehicles worth 1/10th of it's sticker price...
  5. I think you will find that subaru wanted a better, more ridgid part and decided to make it in alloy so they could 'beef it up' and keep weight down. Obviously, as many of you have stated, Subaru did this (spent sh1tloads of time and money , tooling for production etc...) for no reason at all... :
  6. I would say, your best bet at improving handling would be to make it AWD...
  7. Maybe... Have to be 2001 or 2002 GT-B. Seen a nice one already, JDM rims, coilovers, zorst, all in a mint body with 90,000km's on it for $11,900... White, obviously, even has a set of the STI legacy seats in it... All it'd need is 8 inch wide rims, some 235's and a nice big turbo...
  8. I would have thought it was obvious, really. If it's important, you call; it's faster, more precise and the most accurate form of communication. If you just want to do something annoying, like ask some meaningless question that's not even vaugely important, you text, like all other children... ;D
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